Spanking Technique Review

There’s more than one way to spank a lion. Over the years, we, well, I should say, Mrs. Lion, has tried different techniques. Most of these styles have been at my suggestion. This may seem odd since she is the spanker and very much in charge. Let’s say that she isn’t inclined to research the subject, and I am. She is currently using a technique developed when she was experimenting to see how much force she should use during a spanking. The idea was to train me to hold still for the full duration of a painful spanking. Her experiment was to see just how hard she could hit initially and how best to increase the force to maximize my discomfort.

Well, she learned a lot and applied it well. Out of idle curiosity, I decided to take a look on the web to see what other styles female spankers might be using. I don’t think there is a right or wrong way to do it. As long as a result is a thoroughly unhappy male with a very sore bottom, the spanking is successful. The art, if you can call it that, is how to build the spanking up so that the male accepts very strong swats that he will feel for days.

When Mrs. Lion takes the time to perform a thorough spanking, it hurts to sit for at least three days. Usually, she stops short of this point. What interested me when I did my “research” was that I didn’t see anyone use the technique she’s developed. That doesn’t mean the technique is incorrect. It just means that apparently, the professional and amateur spankers in the videos haven’t discovered it.

Mrs. Lion delivers 10 swats to a single spot on one cheek. Then she does the same on the other cheek. She returns to the first cheek and delivers 10 more at a slightly different location. She repeats this pattern for most of the spanking. She has recently been moving on to hitting a very hard swat on each cheek with about two or three seconds pause between each. That gives me time to absorb it and settle back. It’s an effective technique.

A traditional spanking technique. Mrs. Lion hasn’t used this one.

The video I put on this post uses a different technique. It’s fairly popular. The spanker delivers one swat to each cheek and repeats. She increases the force of the swats as the male grows able to accept harder blows. She also increases the speed she delivers the swats as the spanking progresses. This looks like a promising variation. It seems to adhere more closely to the technique advocated by the Disciplinary Wives Club. The advantage is that it allows the spanker to cover a lot of real estate right from the start. It also lets her build up more rapidly since the grouped swats tend to amplify the sensation even when they’re not very hard.

No matter what technique is used, there is one common denominator: the force of the blows starts relatively gentle and increases in velocity and force as the male builds up a tolerance. This may seem counterintuitive. After all, spankings are punishment, and they are supposed to hurt. Unless he is tied down, he will not remain in position unless he is given a chance to grow accustomed to being spanked.

Mrs. Lion tried the new technique/ length last night.

This isn’t a bad thing. Even the more gentle opening swats hurt. From my experience, the value of a spanking has more to do with how long it continues than how hard any particular swats are. Once the force and speed increase, all I want is for the spanking to end. When it goes past when I think it should end, that is probably when the real punishment begins. Once Mrs. Lion gets going, I am very sorry I put myself into this position. All I can think about is how I want to avoid this in the future and how badly I wanted to end.

If there is one thing that I think Mrs. Lion could improve, it is to extend her punishment length. Time is my enemy when I am being spanked. In fact, I think time is much more of an issue than the actual paddling. From what I’ve read, other people who get spanked feel the same way. All they can think about is when it will end. When it fails to end, and I’m sure I can’t take any more, that’s when the real message begins to be sent.

I think it’s difficult for Mrs. Lion to manage spanking time. The last spanking I got was delivered while a five-minute timer was set. That was a very effective spanking. I couldn’t help but wonder when that beep would sound. Afterward, I realized that if Mrs. Lion simply stopped the timer and kept up the spanking, it would have a greater impact on me.

We’ve decided that any spanking, whether as punishment or because Mrs. Lion decides I should just get one, should always be the same intensity. I know she plans to give me a “just because” spanking soon. It might allow her to experiment with time as well as force. There is a practical limit when it comes to time. If the spanking goes on long enough, my endorphins will build up, and I won’t feel the pain matter how hard Mrs. Lion swats. Fortunately for her, that takes a long time for me to reach that point. If she keeps increasing the force and speed, it’s unlikely my endorphins will catch up.

As I write this, I realize that it’s odd that we need to discuss spanking technique. In past generations, corporal punishment technique was passed on from parent to child. Children were spanked by their parents and grandparents. They learned the techniques of affective punishment by being on the receiving end. Nobody had to discuss how to do it. Mrs. Lion’s parents did not spank her. I was never spanked either. We didn’t spank our children. We didn’t use any physical punishments with them. That means we have to discover and learn on our own. Mrs. Lion has been doing an excellent job learning.