lion being spanked
It’s official! I’m a real lion! I did a Bing image search for “lion being spanked”. This is the second image displayed. It’s me. How about that?
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Let me wish a happy Independence Day to all of our US readers. I don’t usually address you as part of a collective, but this holiday is one where all Americans should look for ways to feel united. I realize this is very challenging for most of us, but we all share a hope for a better tomorrow for our country.

I’ve never been much of a fan of pornography. Watching other people have sex doesn’t get my motor running. But there is one kind of porn that will turn me on if I’m in the right mood. I’ll bet you can guess what it is: the man being spanked by a woman. Generally speaking, a casual search of the web yields pretty uninteresting spanking porn. Of the few I’ve watched, each one begins with a guy who has an already-spanked rear. Is that because some sort of warm-up has taken place before the camera rolled?

I’ve pretty much given up looking for spanking videos. It’s been a long time since I got an erection watching one. The short video above feels authentic and I would love to experience that spanking. It’s sort of ironic that I would gravitate toward an obviously painful spanking as my take on porn. I’m sure you’re not surprised by my choice.

The only nudity in this video is the guy being spanked exposing his butt to his wife. I think the fact that his wife is fully dressed adds to the experience. She’s making no attempt to look or act sexy. It’s clearly a scene of pure discipline. When Mrs. Lion spanks me, she is generally naked. She usually does it after she gets out of the shower. Having us both naked adds a little bit too much of a sense of equality for me. But then, most important is that Mrs. Lion is comfortable and I’m not.

I wonder about scenes like the one in the video. It doesn’t look like a professional production. It looks like the couple themselves put a camera on a tripod and went to it. Now that’s my kind of home movie! Maybe Mrs. Lion and I could try one over the long weekend. I have the equipment and the editing software. I’ll ask her.

I sent Mrs. Lion an email yesterday (July 3) letting her know I’ve been thinking about getting spanked. She wrote back that we have a four day weekend to take care of spanking. She replied that she didn’t say four days of spanking. However, she said I would be getting plenty of spanking including one tonight (July 3). Oh boy!

It may seem confusing that spanking is something we do “just because” and as a punishment for me. I admit that in the beginning of our Female Led Relationship with Discipline (FLRD), it seemed to me that it would be confusing to use the same activity for “fun” and punishment. After all, both kinds of spankings should be identical in both strength and ferocity.

Mrs. Lion initially tried making the “play” spankings a little different by building up intensity more slowly. She also used her hand as well as an implement. From my perspective it was a difference without meaning. The ultimate objective was to give me a sore bottom I would feel for some time after the swatting ended. I finally suggested that from the perspective of administration, a spanking is a spanking. I didn’t think there was any particular value in trying to differentiate a punishment from a scene.

In the beginning I tried to suggest that a play spanking would be different because it would end when I felt I had enough. A punishment would end only when Mrs. Lion decided she had made her point. Then, Mrs. Lion decided to do “experiment” spankings. These were, if anything, more severe than her punishments. The objective was to train both of us to manage more ferocious beatings. The outcome of the experiments was frequently bruises on my backside and lots of squirming and yelping. I liked the intensity.

Punishments continued to be less intense than the experiments. I’m still unsure why this was the case. More recent spankings, while producing some spots of blood (just because I have capillaries very close to the surface, not because the beating is particularly severe), are milder than either the old experiments or earlier punishments. Maybe this is why I’ve asked for a spanking or two or three…

It may be that spankings that are given for a reason, like a punishment, are in some sense not as consensual as spankings I request or are offered just for fun. That could put a little bit of guilt on Mrs. Lion and perhaps make her back off a bit when she punishes me. I think this is something we should work on changing. If anything, a punishment spanking should be much more like her experiments than recent punishments. I think requested spankings should rise to exactly the same intensity as experiments and punishments.

A spanking is a spanking. I don’t think I’d ever be confused between a punishment spanking and one given for maintenance or just the hell of it. For one thing, the non-punishment spanking is very likely to be given only if I am in the mood to get one. The punishment spanking is delivered without any concern about whether or not I want it. The biggest difference is that Mrs. Lion makes it very clear that I’m being punished for doing something wrong. She usually makes me tell her what I did to deserve it. The pain that follows is firmly associated in my mind with my sin.

I think that the two of us over thought the significance of an activity that I like recreationally and that also doubles as serious punishment. As it turns out, there is no need to change how I’m punished in order to let me know what kind of spanking I am getting. When I’m being punished, I’m not confused about getting a recreational spanking. There is no need for Mrs. Lion to change her technique in any way based on the reason she is paddling me.

Okay Mrs. Lion?

[Mrs. Lion – I disagree. During play spankings I sometimes massage Lion’s buns or kiss them. This certainly wouldn’t happen during punishment spankings.]