Don’t Think About It

We were considering dinner out last night but neither of us were very hungry. By the time we decided to eat something in, it was pretty late. As a result, play time was late.

I tied Lion’s balls to see if that would help with his slump. I’m sorry to say it did not. Tight, stretched out balls were not the answer. Of course, it was late. But Lion is more convinced than ever that he’s broken. He’s afraid he’s permanently broken. I’m not so sure. He’s still horny. I’m wondering if it has something to do with medications. He’s making a doctor appointment to check things out.

This morning, Lion isn’t feeling well. He’s not sure if it’s kidney stones again or what. He’s in a lot of pain and I’m not sure how to help him. I’m in the helpless position of waiting for him to tell me if he needs to go to the hospital. Health issues are not the way we wanted to start 2020. I’m hoping he has whatever I had the other day. It wasn’t fun but it didn’t last too long.

With him in a lot of pain, I’m not really thinking about causing him more pain. However, I know he probably needs pain to get over his slump. Barring any organic issues, it must be a play problem. He isn’t getting what he needs to fully turn him on. It’s possible that a change of venue would help. We spend all our time in the bedroom and I’ve argued in the past that there should be some separation. Aside from my moving over to snuggle, there’s no real signal that sex is beginning. You know, in the movies and on TV someone usually says “let’s take this to the bedroom” or words to that effect. I don’t know for a fact that that would work. I just know something has to change.

I guess I could start putting clothespins or Icy Hot on the bed to foreshadow the night’s happenings. But I sort of like surprising Lion. It’s fun to get him all riled up and then bring out those evil tiny clothespins and watch his face contort. Even if I don’t use them. Even if I just bring one out and run it over the tip of his cock like I might use it. I have no idea if that would break his slump. I don’t know what will or I would have done it by now. I’m grasping at straws here.

Lion feels bad that he can’t get hard for me like he’s wasting my time. I feel bad that I can’t get him hard like I’m wasting his time. Maybe I really did do a number on him when I stopped when I was tired. Maybe that sent a message that I won’t go the extra yard to get him to the edge. I have. And I will. We’ll figure this out. Maybe we just need to stop dwelling on it. Thinking is the enemy of an erection, after all.