Unintended Consequence

When I suggested that Mrs. Lion give me broken orgasms (ruined orgasms) instead of full ones, my thought was that I could maintain my rather frequent ejaculations while reserving the big “O” for special occasions. In my mind it was a way to accommodate what Mrs. Lion likes with a way to give me something to look forward to over a long period of time. So far, I’ve had two broken orgasms: one over a five-day wait and the other after six days.

The adoption of broken orgasms hasn’t changed the rhythm of ejaculations that Mrs. Lion has established over the last three years. I imagined that I would get more opportunities to ejaculate. I haven’t. I’m fine with that. Something else changed. Mrs. Lion always disliked giving me broken orgasms because she knew I didn’t like how they felt. To her, a broken orgasm was a mistake. Now that we have adopted broken orgasms as our standard for semen release, she doesn’t have to worry about giving me one.

Aside from additional peace of mind, Mrs. Lion also knows that if she pushes me too far when she edges me, it’s no longer a big deal. It’s just an unplanned ruined orgasm. Good for me. It certainly isn’t a mistake or anything to feel badly about. This has liberated her to push me much more when she edges me. Instead of stopping to let me recover when she sees I am close, she keeps going. It feels to me like she wants to see just how close to a broken orgasm she can get. She can get extremely close!

It’s a little surprising to me that pushing me that much further has a lasting effect. Aside from the expected frustration of being oh so close, I’m also much hornier all night and the next day as well. I find myself having erections (like now, as I write this) just thinking about how close she gets me. On Saturday night (last night, since I’m writing this on Sunday) she got me extremely close to ejaculating more than once.  I’ve had frequent, spontaneous erections since.  I don’t usually get hard while writing a post.

I like this turn of events. I suspect that the cause isn’t simply that I’m being frustrated more acutely when edged. I think it also relates to the broken orgasms as well.  I’m not sure of the physiology, but I suspect that my semen production increases when I’m only partially drained. A broken orgasm doesn’t permit my body to expel its full load of semen. During the male arousal cycle, semen is moved into a space created when the penis becomes erect. This semen is what ejaculates when the male orgasm begins. More semen moves into that space and is ejected as the orgasm continues. This goes on until the supply is exhausted.

In a broken orgasm, only that first supply of semen is ejaculated. Since the stimulation is stopped so early in the process, the muscles that propel semen out don’t get fully triggered. That’s why it oozes instead of squirts. In my case, once I have stopped oozing, Mrs. Lion milks the rest of the semen from my penis, squeezing it out like toothpaste from a tube. This action is not arousing to me at all.

I suspect that the semen-producing mechanisms in my body are stimulated to go into higher gear. I think it is because my ability to become aroused and ejaculate remains since I still have a supply of semen. Apparently, we males, are capable of erection and ejaculation as long as we have a supply, no matter how small, of semen. It seems to me that the broken orgasm cycle combined with daily edging keeps my sexual systems in higher gear. The normal refractory period during which a male can’t get aroused and ejaculate, doesn’t occur. I’m ready to go almost immediately after the broken orgasm.

Some Eastern religions practice semen retention. Male orgasm is discouraged except for reproduction, but sex is fine. He is supposed to stop just short of ejaculation. I suspect that most of the time there is some ejaculate; a broken orgasm. In my experience, edging alone doesn’t seem to stimulate semen production the way our broken orgasm appear to. Actually, it’s too soon to know if the increase of semen is just a hormonal coincidence. Since Mrs. Lion appears to have no intention of going back to regular full orgasms, the extreme edging and broken orgasms will continue. It will be interesting to see if my ejaculate continues at a higher-than-normal volume.