This is the anal probe I use for my “male kegel” EMS treatments.

I am happy to say that my EMS “kegel” treatments are working. It’s been just one week since I started. I bought an iStim EMS device. It comes with a vaginal probe for female kegel exercise. It is not suitable for male use. I bought an anal probe designed for males. It’s quite small and very easy and comfortable to insert. I also bought some conductive gel (works as lube and helps the probe)—all of this cost less than $200. You can buy cheaper versions of these items, but quality counts, and I wanted the most reliable help I could get.

Part of me was skeptical about this treatment. I was trying to help with two new problems. No fluid came out when I had an orgasm. At the same time, when I had to pee, the sensation was very urgent, and some urine leaked out. I hated both conditions. I did some Web research and learned that dry orgasms are not normal. The Mayo Clinic says that a dry orgasm isn’t harmful.

There are many possible causes. It’s a very good idea to see a doctor if you have them. One of the most common is retrograde orgasm. This is when the fluid goes into the bladder instead of the penis. A common cause of this is an overactive bladder. Surprise, surprise, this is also a cause for leaking pee.

I have an appointment with a urologist to confirm that I have my diagnosis right. However, it looks like my research is paying off. I’ve been using the EMS machine with the anal probe for just a week. I no longer have the urgency to pee, and I don’t leak! On Tuesday night, Mrs. Lion gave me an oral orgasm, and a small quantity of semen came out when I ejaculated. Over the next hour, semen dripped out of my penis. It looks like the retrograde orgasms are cured.

I expect that my ejaculations will return to normal with continued daily treatments. Male kegel exercise is very important for me. It is possible to do this without an EMS machine. You can contract your pelvic floor muscles by squeezing down the same way you do to stop the flow of urine when you are peeing. Hold that for ten seconds, pause ten seconds, and repeat. I did this years ago when I felt an urgent need to pee, and it helped. You do the ten-second exercise for five to ten minutes a couple of times a day.

The EMS session lasts 30 minutes. It’s not painful, and it worked very well for me. I do it every morning after breakfast. The same treatment works for women. They use the vaginal probe that comes with the EMS unit. Female kegel strengthening reduces or eliminates peeing when laughing and other “leaks.”  Some say that it also tightens the vagina and makes sex more fun. I don’t know if that is true.

I’m a happy camper. EMS is doing exactly what I read it can do. This post is about my experience with EMS. It may not work the same way for others. There are cautions about using it. Read them. Do some research. Mrs. Lion is happy she’s getting my cream filling again.

I decided to stay home with Lion yesterday and nurse him back to health. Aside from dropping things off at work, I needed to get our prescriptions. I don’t think Lion has COVID, but I still feel like I need a HAZMAT suit to go out into the world and be safe from Omicron. We do, however, have a good supply of N95 masks, so I should be fine when I go today.

Based on the shouting match we just had, I’d say Lion is feeling mostly better. He gets frustrated when he can’t find things, and since I moved something and expressed my frustration at something he did, we snapped at each other. I won’t punish him for it this time because I know he’s still a little sick, but he does need to watch himself. He put the coffee pot together yesterday even though he wasn’t feeling well, which earned him some goodwill.

We had a quiet dinner, and Lion managed to eat a bit of it. We just watched TV and vegetated. I’m fairly sure we’ll be back to snuggling tonight, with normal activities resuming tomorrow. I was a little worried I’d get sick after he did, but so far, so good. I’m not going to wax him this weekend, though. I think that would be too much right now. It can wait until next weekend. The main thing is to get things back to normal. I can handle having my nose tickled for a little longer, and he just agreed with my plan. It’s always nice to be on the same page about some things.

I know he hasn’t been out of the house in weeks, but I don’t think today is the day to do it. Aside from putting himself at greater risk of catching COVID, he doesn’t need to waste energy to get in the car just to sit in it while I run in the store. If he insists, of course, he can go. But I don’t see him insisting.

As of midnight tonight, we will be under lockdown again. COVID-19 cases in our area, in addition to most of the country, have spiked and things need to be reeled in again. It’s probably no surprise that it doesn’t affect us much. I may only go into the office one day a week if I can convince my boss I need to.

I went out yesterday to get our prescriptions. Since I was in the store, I got a few other things I could grab on the way to the pharmacy. I managed to get a turkey breast. Now we can have our Thanksgiving feast. Today, I’m stopping by another store to pick up more groceries I ordered online. I’m sure people will make use of that feature more now that the virus is worse.

Lion and I are content to stay in our little bubble with the dog. The UPS, Fedex and mail people are very familiar with our address by now. We’ve always had a lot delivered. Everyone else is just catching up with us.

Lion was snoozing last night. His tummy was yucky. It was the day after an orgasm so having a day off from play was not unusual. I’m sure we’ll at least snuggle tonight. It depends what he feels like. We always play things by ear anyway. If he’s distracted by other things, how can I expect him to be n the mood. Of course, if the idea is to get his mind off of other things, then I can usually persuade him to get in the mood.

When I gave him his orgasm on Saturday night, I really thought I’d gone too far. It took a little while to get him to the edge and when I stopped, he made noises like he was going over the edge so I kept going. Later he said he wasn’t that close. I could have stopped. Damn. Oh well. Next time.

Lion wasn’t feeling very well yesterday. Between being tired and having a stomach issue, he didn’t want to stray too far from bed.

Before noon, I started the wax. It takes time for the warmer to melt it all. Lion wanted to wait. It’s not a problem. The wax is there when we need it. Eventually, around 4 I think, he begged off. He’d been snoozing and staying under the blankets. We turned the wax off and decided to do it today.

We realized the NFL draft was either over or they decided anything beyond the second round is a snoozefest not worthy of being broadcast. Jeopardy! was on last night. It was reruns from a few years ago, but we don’t need a new one to do Zapardy! Unfortunately, Lion was asleep through most of Wheel of Fortune and the beginning of Jeopardy! Knowing he’d been under the weather, I didn’t see the need to wake him. We can play Monday night. There’s no rush.

About an hour ago, I turned on the wax again. I’ll check it in a little while to see if we’re ready to roll. There’s no rush. I know Lion wants to get rid of fur, but it really doesn’t matter if we do it at 2 or 4 or 6. From past experience, it will take anywhere from an hour to two to get done with the front side. The back is quicker because there’s less fur. If I add in the legs with the back, it will obviously increase the time. Legs are a pain in the butt. Too many angles, I guess.

While I’ve been home, I’ve done a few good things. One of them was clearing space in the pantry for the waxing table and supplies. I still have work to do but the fact that I don’t have to drag the table into the bedroom to wax Lion is a win. Lion says the table doesn’t have to stay up. We can fold it so it’s out of the way, but I say he shouldn’t mess with my win. Yes, the table may wind up being folded, but for now, don’t mess with my win. Besides, when I was sewing face masks the other day, it made a fairly nice sewing table.

Tomorrow, I’m supposed to start work. In the original schedule, I was doing a few webinars from home on Monday and then going back to my regular hours from then on. I was not happy about that situation. With some negotiations, I managed to get the okay to work from home temporarily. I don’t know how long that is in my boss’s boss’s mind but I’m thinking it’s until the governor says more people can go back to work. Even then, I’m nervous. I wonder when we’ll feel safe again.