Lion wasn’t feeling very well yesterday. Between being tired and having a stomach issue, he didn’t want to stray too far from bed.

Before noon, I started the wax. It takes time for the warmer to melt it all. Lion wanted to wait. It’s not a problem. The wax is there when we need it. Eventually, around 4 I think, he begged off. He’d been snoozing and staying under the blankets. We turned the wax off and decided to do it today.

We realized the NFL draft was either over or they decided anything beyond the second round is a snoozefest not worthy of being broadcast. Jeopardy! was on last night. It was reruns from a few years ago, but we don’t need a new one to do Zapardy! Unfortunately, Lion was asleep through most of Wheel of Fortune and the beginning of Jeopardy! Knowing he’d been under the weather, I didn’t see the need to wake him. We can play Monday night. There’s no rush.

About an hour ago, I turned on the wax again. I’ll check it in a little while to see if we’re ready to roll. There’s no rush. I know Lion wants to get rid of fur, but it really doesn’t matter if we do it at 2 or 4 or 6. From past experience, it will take anywhere from an hour to two to get done with the front side. The back is quicker because there’s less fur. If I add in the legs with the back, it will obviously increase the time. Legs are a pain in the butt. Too many angles, I guess.

While I’ve been home, I’ve done a few good things. One of them was clearing space in the pantry for the waxing table and supplies. I still have work to do but the fact that I don’t have to drag the table into the bedroom to wax Lion is a win. Lion says the table doesn’t have to stay up. We can fold it so it’s out of the way, but I say he shouldn’t mess with my win. Yes, the table may wind up being folded, but for now, don’t mess with my win. Besides, when I was sewing face masks the other day, it made a fairly nice sewing table.

Tomorrow, I’m supposed to start work. In the original schedule, I was doing a few webinars from home on Monday and then going back to my regular hours from then on. I was not happy about that situation. With some negotiations, I managed to get the okay to work from home temporarily. I don’t know how long that is in my boss’s boss’s mind but I’m thinking it’s until the governor says more people can go back to work. Even then, I’m nervous. I wonder when we’ll feel safe again.

For months I’ve wanted to get a good supply of soups. With Lion working from home, even before social distancing, having something easy for lunch was important. He can’t just run out to Burger King like I can while I’m working. Peanut butter only gets you so far. Frozen dinners add some variety. Soup is easy for both of us.

People have been stocking up and hoarding toilet paper. They’ve also been stocking up on long-term food supplies like soup. Most of it was sold out on Amazon Fresh and even if they had soup, there were no delivery times available. Lion went on a local supermarket site, added bunches of soup and then found out there were no delivery times available. I went on a different local grocery store site, added bunches of soups and because they use Insta-cart for delivery, we were able to get our order delivered. We should be good for quite a while.

This is Lion before his waxing. That patch of hair above my weenie refuses to die. It’s all gone now as you can see at the top of this post.

I gave Lion his Lion-zilian yesterday. He is fur-free in his bikini area and from belly button to butt crack, plus a little way down his thighs. For whatever reason, the hair at the base of his penis was the most overgrown. His balls were furry, but the base of his penis looked like a forest. It’s always that way. He had many laser treatments and that spot just does not want to give up fur production.

I did not go beyond the Lion-zilian. I’ve been achy enough lately and I wanted to reserve some energy for play later on. I also like him with hair on the rest of his body. I’m just now thinking maybe we can compromise, with one month all off and one month only a Lion-zilian. It’s the best of both worlds, although I wouldn’t mind if it was all off or all on in alternating months. [Lion — All on doesn’t really work anymore. Regrowth is spotty and very fine hair that to me just looks strange.]

Lion snoozed a bit last night while we watched TV. He’d taken a name brand boner pill around dinner time. Somewhere around 10, we tested that pill. I’m not willing to call it a failure. Lion wasn’t able to get very hard but I bet I could have gotten him harder if I’d used my mouth. I also think he might be putting more pressure on himself to have a stronger erection. Sometimes if you try too hard, you can sabotage yourself. He’s concerned he really is broken. I doubt he is. And now I’m sorry I ever brought up the fact that he seemed softer at all. [Lion — This morning I had a pretty normal erection. I bet if Mrs. Lion wants to play earlier in the day, her weenie might get up to full mast.]

There are a lot of things to worry about right now. The economy isn’t doing all that well. Businesses are asking employees to work from home. Some businesses and schools are closing for the duration. Lion is worried about me bringing the virus home with me. Everything seems up in the air. Any or all of that can weigh heavily on your mind. I’m surprised anything is working the way it should in any capacity.

Lion is not broken. There’s no reason to worry about that. We’ll keep trying and eventually, my weenie will be standing as tall as ever. I won’t give up. Neither should Lion.

As you may have gathered from Mrs. Lion’s post yesterday, I appear to be back to normal. I had a very good time with Mrs. Lion’s hands and vibrator. Her observations about my leg muscles are interesting. For a while, whenever I had an orgasm, a muscle in my right thigh would cramp. It doesn’t do it anymore but apparently there’s some involuntary tensing up going on.

Orgasms have become much more intense in recent years. I find myself making a lot of noise. I was always quiet in the past. It also takes longer for me to come. I don’t mean the buildup to get there, but once it starts it takes quite a while for it to finish. I’m not complaining. I love it! What’s going on and perhaps, what changed is mysterious to me. I have absolutely no clue what it means. All I know is the experience is different and in many ways better.

Another kind of strange change is how a certain piece of my real estate feels. I happened to touch my butt this morning and it felt extremely soft; different from my stomach or leg skin. Apparently the intensive care skin cream I have been applying to my rear end has made the skin much softer to the touch. I assume this will cure the problem of Mrs. Lion drawing blood when she spanks me. I wonder if it doesn’t also make me more sensitive to pain there. How ironic. I will keep the treatments going. It’s obviously safer for me and more pleasant for Mrs. Lion if I don’t bleed when I am punished.

I realize that it’s no big deal to apply some skin cream to my butt. However, doing it brings up some feelings. I feel that I am now preparing myself with a routine that is designed to make spanking me more pleasant for my spanker, definitely not for me. In a way it feels like I’m now an accomplice to my own suffering. My attitude toward being punished was always some titillation at being spanked, some dread knowing what’s coming, and feel I am controlled to the point of submitting myself to be hurt by my lioness. Now I find myself preparing my hindquarters in anticipation of inevitable spanking.

You would think that after all this time, there would be nothing new in terms of how I feel about my position in our marriage. Both sex and discipline are firmly established as part of our day-to-day routine. There is nothing particularly exotic about being naked at home, teased but not allowed to ejaculate, and spanked when necessary. My reactions to each of these things are predictable and you could say, routine. Yet, simply by adding a small change designed to support the health of my epidermis adds additional titillation and dread.

Apparently, my emotional balance while stable, can be disturbed by relatively minor things like moisturizing my butt after a shower. It seems silly to me when I think about it. It takes a few seconds, doesn’t feel a bit erotic, and just plain makes sense to do. Yet, whether it’s true or not it has a deeper meaning to me. I think it’s a transfer of responsibility from Mrs. Lion to me. Until this recent discovery about dry skin, she drew blood when she spanked me. It was an action of hers that caused it to happen. Now we know this isn’t true. I bled because my skin was to dry. It wasn’t the severity of her punishment at all. It was my lack of self-awareness and reasonable maintenance. In other words, if there is blood it’s my fault, not hers.

I have the day off today. My company celebrates Martin Luther King Day. Unfortunately, Mrs. Lion’s doesn’t. I would’ve really enjoyed another day with her at home. I plan to spend the day doing nothing special. I might bake some bread or perhaps, make some corn muffins. I might do both. I need to look for my apron. I have a nice black apron that’s very utilitarian and important when I bake. It’s entirely too easy for my sensitive, dangling bits to inadvertently touch a hot oven door, muffin pan, or baking sheet. I feel much safer with some cloth between me and blistered genitals. In truth, I’ve never actually burned myself that way. Even when the apron was in the kitchen right in front of me I’ve often forgotten to put it on. So far there have been no accidents.

I’m also wondering if something is changed inside me. It feels right that I wait longer between orgasms. The one on Saturday night came after a wait of nine days. The one before that was 20 days. Of course, I was in a slump then so it probably shouldn’t count. This doesn’t bother me particularly because I’ve always thought that I could happily live with ejaculating every 7 to 10 days. I prefer more frequent releases. Apparently Mrs. Lion prefers that too. I’m happy to go along with any rhythm she would like to establish. Increasing my frequency probably takes more work, but I believe it’s possible. Reducing it is very easy and takes no work for her at all. I’m glad she’s a hard worker.

Lion wonders what today will bring. Well, we talked about diapers. Lion has a problem with keeping his pants up. You see, he has no butt. None. So his pants try to slide right on down. No matter how tight he pulls his belt, his pants do not cooperate. This is sometimes amusing, but generally he needs to keep one hand free to grab them if they start to go. I thought a diaper would escalate this problem. They have a somewhat slippery exterior. I turns out, the bulkiness may actually help the pants situation. So Lion will be wearing a diaper today.

As soon as we get ready to go out on our errands, Lion will put his diaper on. When we get home, he will continue to wear diapers. He will have to wear one for two pees and change just before the third pee so he’s always in a wet diaper. I know they don’t necessarily feel wet, but they sag when wet and that’s what I’m going for. Because he’ll be wearing diapers, he does not need to wear his training collar. He forgot it yesterday anyway. I’ll punish him at some point today for that transgression.

We continue to learn/talk/plan for his shoulder surgery. Last night, after he said he was horny all day and I decided to give him an orgasm because it’s been a few days and he needed something good to happen, (how’s this for a run-on sentence) I hit upon the idea of the Lion show. I didn’t call it that last night, but it fits. I presented Lion with the idea of asking for play, edging and/or orgasms while we wait for surgery and during his recovery period. He’s the only one who knows how much pain he’s in. Rather than having me pester him with unwanted advances, he can decide what he wants and when he wants it.

This idea may fly in the face of female led marriage, male chastity, and domestic discipline, but we’re all about experimenting and deciding what works for us. Other people may have had shoulder surgery or other surgeries, but people are different. Lion may be able to take more or less pain than someone else. It may depend on the type of pain. He may be able to endure a punishment spanking, but the shoulder is killing him. Perhaps a broken toe wouldn’t be much of a problem, but a tendon tear is excruciating. My mother once said that a cracked kneecap was the worst pain she’d ever experienced. This woman has had more broken bones and other pains than anyone I know.

So, from last night until I decide he’s out of pain sufficiently, Lion will ask for play, edging and/or orgasms. That doesn’t mean I necessarily have to grant them. It also doesn’t mean that I can’t offer to do them. My job is to take good care of Lion any way I can. Right now, he’s scared and worried. I’ll do anything I can to help.