Getting Me Impossibly Close Again And Again

Ever since I wrote about adding broken (ruined) orgasms to our lives, there’s been a change in Mrs. Lion’s sexual play. I’m not sure she planned it, but the change is very noticeable to me. Since my broken orgasm last week, Mrs. Lion has been pushing me within inches of ejaculation when she edges me. She gets me so close, at the time I’m positive she’s going to let me ejaculate. Alas, she doesn’t.

She does this over and over. Just when I’m sure that she’s finally going to give me a broken orgasm, she stops. It’s been a very long time since I’ve been pushed this hard. She starts as she always has, teasing the underside of my penis until it start to grow. Then she masturbates me at a steady pace. It usually takes a while for me to get excited enough to start feeling those little twinges of oncoming orgasm. She knows just when I reach that point. She then varies her speed, pushing me closer. She slows down, stopping entirely and just gently rubbing my “spot”. My excitement grows near the point of no return. Then she starts jerking me again, moving fast, just the way she does when she wants me to come. I’m ready! Then she stops.

After that first buildup, she is more teasing. She gives me five or ten strokes and stops. She rubs my spot and stops. She masturbates me very slowly. I’m ready again in no time. I’m almost there. It’s too late! I’m sure of it. She stops. It wasn’t too late. I’m breathing hard and oh, so ready! She keeps this up over and over. I have no idea how many times she does it. My mind is focused on just one thing: an orgasm. She expertly plays me like a musical instrument.

I think the reason she is pushing me this hard is that she no longer worries that she will give me a broken orgasm. She confirmed this in her post yesterday. After my post about this subject (Link), she agreed to give me broken orgasms instead of full ones. I will get a few full orgasms, but the majority of my ejaculations will be from broken ones. This agreement removes pressure from her to either edge me or give me a full orgasm. We had previously agreed that broken orgasms are unpleasant and should be avoided. Now, they are my standard release.

That means if Mrs. Lion pushes me too far and I end up oozing semen, it’s no problem. It’s just an unscheduled release. I have no expectation of a full orgasm. I’m not going to be disappointed. The broken orgasm is now just a more intense form of edging. So, if I ooze, no harm, no foul.  We haven’t tested it yet, but after a broken orgasm I will remain as horny as I was before it occurred. That means the next night, edging, or even another broken orgasm is possible.

It’s easy for Mrs. Lion to avoid giving me a full orgasm. So there is never a risk she will go too far and accidentally give me one. Since a broken orgasm is part of her edging repertoire, she can refine her edging skills with absolutely no risk of disappointment. I suspect that after a broken orgasm, she can probably keep going and edge me again or give me another.

When I suggested this change, my intention was to offer a way to add ejaculation without full orgasm. I hadn’t realized that by making broken orgasms a regular part of sexual play that edging could become much more intense. The idea that giving me a broken orgasm disappointed me and made me unhappy, apparently made Mrs. Lion more cautious about how close to the edge she pushed me. Now all bets are off and she goes as far as she wants. If I get one, a broken orgasm feels like a reward. I never consider it an accident. Only Mrs. Lion knows if she meant it or not.


  1. How do you feel right after the ruined orgasm, physically and mentally? I have experienced it before too and want to know how others have felt

    1. Author

      I feel pretty good. I don’t feel let down, just that I want more. That goes away quickly. It doesn’t feel like I had an orgasm, but it also doesn’t feel bad either.

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