Happy New Year’s Eve

It’s New Year’s Eve. This is when we make resolutions and then promptly forgot them. This year, it’s not the same here in the lions’ den. Failing to keep my resolutions results in painful reminders to get on track. After all, resolutions are rules. At least for me.

I usually don’t make any resolutions. That’s not because I don’t want punishment. It’s because I’ve always questioned the value of such promises. By converting them into rules, they have teeth and will literally bite me in the butt if I don’t do them. The problem is that any behavioral issues that need correction are rules that Mrs. Lion enforces. The only resolution I can think of that she hasn’t covered is that I want to lose more weight. Perhaps I can make a resolution to lose 4 pounds a month and Mrs. Lion can enforce it.

For those of us in disciplinary relationships, New Year’s resolutions can be considerably more significant than they are for people without the disciplinary component. I don’t think that the majority of guys who are in this type of relationship have much flexibility in terms of the reasons they get punished. I wonder if they ask their disciplining wives to punish them if they failed to honor a resolution, they would agree.

In my case, other than weight loss, I think Mrs. Lion continuously sets rules for me that makes me a better lion. There’s been a hiatus in rulemaking over the last few months. I’m encouraging Mrs. Lion to become more active again.

Mrs. Lion jerking lion off
Mrs. Lion tries with both her hand and mouth. So far I haven’t been able to get to the edge.

Sexually, there’s been a recent development that puzzles both of us. I don’t appear to be able to have an orgasm when Mrs. Lion decides I should. This could be one of my slumps. We aren’t too worried yet. Well, I’m a little worried. Even the magic of Mrs. Lion giving me oral stimulation isn’t doing the trick. She threatened to bring out the heavy artillery: the Magic Wand vibrator. I’m not too happy about this idea. I don’t think I’ve been waiting long enough to justify such drastic means. Of course, Mrs. Lion is the ultimate authority on this. As of yesterday (Monday), it’s been 10 days since my last ejaculation. That’s a little longer than usual, but not enough to be concerned. I know that’s a bit of a switch for me, but I would prefer to continue getting horny until Mrs. Lion can get me off without mechanical help.

I’m not saying she shouldn’t use the Magic Wand to edge me. I would strongly prefer to finally have my orgasm in Mrs. Lion’s mouth or by her hand. Of course, she decides and it could well be the Magic Wand.

Mrs. Lion and I had an interesting email conversation yesterday. She’s had to stop a spanking before she reaches the point she thinks I’ve learned my lesson because I bleed and get blood on her paddle. She wondered if I wore a pair of underpants, if I would still feel the spanking but would prevent my skin from breaking. I suppose it’s worth a try. I suspect that if the underwear is very thin, like a pair of panties, I will feel the spanking and I will still bleed. Thicker underwear will cushion the blow and Mrs. Lion will have to hit much harder to make an impression. Maybe she should experiment. My vote is staying with the bare bottom. I sent her an email suggesting she spank me more frequently to toughen up my hide.

This may be the first practical reason for maintenance spankings. I’ve generally been against them since they reduce the significance of disciplinary spanking. However, it may be a spanking offense to force her to stop before she is ready. I suggested it to her in an email and she agreed. I may have gotten myself into a world of pain.

We are both wrestling with my current problem with edging and orgasm. I like Mrs. Lion’s current approach. It’s likely to mean that I will get a lot fewer orgasms if she stops playing with me when she gets tired of it. On the other hand, it’s my fault after all, so I should be prepared to pay the consequence. Naturally, I’m not happy that this has become such a problem but there is nothing that either of us can do about it other than to ride it out.