Happy 4000th Post!

Since this is our 4000th post I guess I can do some reminiscing.  I never thought we’d still be at it this long. As I remember, I didn’t even know about the blog in the beginning. I think Lion got a comment that needed a woman’s touch so that’s when he invited me to post. 

[Lion — Actually, I started the blog with a female writer who turned out to be not what we needed. I asked Mrs. Lion if she would take over. I was very happy when she agreed. This would make our blog able to show both sides of our power exchange.]

As with most things, over the past few years, it’s become second nature to write a post. Sometimes I have nothing to say. I tend to do the play by play about our play. Lion did this. I did that. I should have done this. I forgot to do that. Sometimes my play by play is just venting about things that went wrong. It’s not always fair to Lion. When he writes something that he thinks might cast me in an unfavorable light he offers not to publish it. I always tell him if it’s how he feels, he should. Whether it makes me feel bad or not, it might help someone else dealing with a similar issue.

I wonder if our sex life has continued and developed the way it has because of the blog. Or, it’s possible the blog has continued because of the way our sex life has developed. In either case, they seem intertwined.

We have gone far beyond male chastity. Whether Lion is caged or not, we still practice enforced chastity. We’ve just branched out into other areas as well. If nothing else, it keeps our readers on their toes. Who knows what we’ll come up with next? That’s a question I ask myself too! What will Lion come up with next? He’s very fond of searching the web for new things.

Six years ago was the last time Lion jerked off. He isn’t allowed to ever do it again.

When Lion approached me with the idea of enforced male chastity, I really thought it was something that would last a week or two. Things we’ve tried in the past, and some even since then, tend to have short lifespans. Once I realized how neglected Lion felt, I knew we had to keep going. Even when I no longer cared about sex for myself, I still wanted to continue. Male chastity definitely brought us closer together.

If enforced male chastity doesn’t float your boat, it could be any type of play to jump-start your sex life. Lion could easily have started with rules and punishment. Anything that opens the lines of communication can work. However, I think it was the finality of locking the chastity device on him that did it for us. I would have (and do) forgotten to catch him breaking rules. If I did catch him, I would have (and do) forgotten to punish him. After a while, it would have fallen by the wayside.

Having something tangible locked on his cock meant that I had to do something. I needed to act. He was dependent on me to free him at least every other day. Of course, freeing him didn’t mean he’d get any relief. I might just tease him, slap the cage back on and go about my merry business. That’s all part of the game.

The blog has become a means of communication between Lion and me. Sometimes there are things that are just more easily written than said face to face. We are, by no means, the king and queen of communication. We have many, many misunderstandings. However, I really think we communicate better through our posts. Of course, the written word does not capture nuances. Some misunderstandings come from the inability to hear sarcasm or other tones. When that happens, we have our daily emails to help when we’re at work and, obviously, actually talking when we’re home.

In the beginning, I threw Lion a few curves. First, I asked him to masturbate for me. I wanted to see how he turned himself on. It was also sort of a good-bye for him. He’d no longer be able to make himself come. I was taking away his favorite toy. The second curve was when I gave him an orgasm every night for a while. Several years earlier, he got sex every night and every night ended in an orgasm, as it should have in the “normal” world. Was I making up for all those orgasms he’d missed while I ignored him? I prefer to think of it as following orders. Lion said I had the power to give him an orgasm any time I wanted. Well, I wanted to do it every night. Problem? Eventually, Lion had had too much of a good thing. He said he couldn’t go on any longer. It may have been the first time I told him to be careful what he wished for.

On the flip side, he once had a 28 day wait for an orgasm. Some chaste males see it as a badge of honor to be made to wait extremely long times between orgasms. Neither Lion nor I care too much about long waits. I don’t think I’ll ever make him wait that long again. At a certain point, he loses interest in sex. It becomes almost impossible to arouse him. The bigger problem (because I’m the boss, that’s why) is that I love making Lion come. Making him wait makes me wait. We can’t have that!

Now the longest I make him wait is about ten days. Right now I think he’s been waiting longer but that’s because I’ve been playing with him differently. [Lion — Today is the tenth day] I don’t make it my life’s work to get him to the edge. If he can get there before I get tired then he gets his orgasm. If not, we try again the next night or the one after that. I’m not sure how long I’ll do this. It may just depend on when I want to take an orgasm from him. If I want the cream filling then I’m going to get the cream filling. Dammit!

The one thing I’m sure about is that we’re happier since we started enforced male chastity and all the rest that’s followed. I hope the blog reveals that. We’ll continue sharing our weirdness as long as you’ll have us. Thank you for following our journey!


  1. Happy 4000th post!! In many ways you two are an inspiration to many of us. I wish you continued happiness and good health. It’s time for you guys to be/get healthy!! May 2020 be an awesome year for you.

    1. Thanks Michael. I appreciate your kind words. I think 20/20 will be a good year for us healthwise. I hope you and your queen have a wonderful new year.

  2. Congratulations to the both of you on the extraordinary achievement of reaching 4000 posts. I’ve been a regular reader and very occasional commenter for several years now.

    Your blog has maintained its appeal to me because it’s so real. It’s a small yet significant piece of social history, showing how one couple deals with the challenges posed by sex and life in a long term relationship.

    The willingness of both of you to share your intimate thoughts and experiences has been the foundation of the success of your blog.

    The occasional drifts off topic caused by life have always felt totally germane to your themes. Indeed, the blog would be much the poorer had you not chosen to record those and how they impact your sexual journey together.

    An extra special thanks to Mrs Lion, getting the perspective of the person who isn’t the main kinkster in the partnership has given a particularly special edge to this blog.

    I hope that your journey together continues for a long time yet. Your blog and what you have done with it is a special accomplishment, but it’s the loving relationship between you both that has enabled that.

    It kills me sometimes that I can’t say to people “Fuck buddies can have long, enduring, relationships – and here’s the proof!”

    1. Thank you for the very kind words. I don’t think Mrs. Lion or I have ever thought about each other as fuck buddies. We’re a lot more than that. While we focus on our sexual activities here, we have a very full emotional life together. We are in love and the only thing that can separate us is death.

      In a lot of ways sharing through this blog has given us insight into each other. I’m really glad that you find value in our off-topic wanderings. Occasionally, I think I misnamed this blog. I can’t think of a better one though and I’m certainly not going to change the name at this point.

      Thanks for being a loyal reader. That means a lot to us.

  3. Congratulations on an amazing milestone! I’ve been following your blog for several years now and im envious of your relationship. You are truly blessed to have found each other. We should all be so lucky.

  4. Author

    Thank you for the kind words!

  5. Congratulations on your “achievement”. The greater achievement is that you have used this blog to greatly enhance the communication within your relationship.
    It certainly is a unique way for a couple who live together to communicate, but it works and your readers receive the benefit. So many times I have read something and said “I can relate”. Of course there have been others that I have said “I wish”.
    So many blogs that I have read since discovering male chastity and orgasm control, along with femdom in general, have faded away and you certainly are to be commended for keeping going. Particularly so with the challenges you have gone through in the past year.
    I continue to enjoy and find value in reading your postings, especially in hearing both sides of the story!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. We plan to keep writing every day!

  6. Congrats like the others i am very fond and envious of your ever growing loving relationship and your willingness to share both the good times and bad times
    Cheers to a great 2020 and your next 4000 entries

    1. Thanks for your good wishes. We are no slowing down yet.

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