A New Year

Quite a few years ago I made a resolution not to make a New Year’s resolution. So far it’s the only resolution I’ve ever kept. Then Lion suggested it would be fun for me to write a post about my resolutions for the upcoming year. Fun, he says. I have no resolutions. That was quick. End of post. Talk to you tomorrow.

OK. I don’t really have any resolutions. I just always try to do a little better that I did yesterday. It doesn’t always work, but I try. My spanking could be better. Edging Lion could go better. Apparently, if you ask some of the people who comment on our blog, I could give Lion fewer orgasms and less edging. I could make more decisions. Yeah. These aren’t resolutions.

Want to ask us a question? Leave a comment. We’ll answer in our 2000th post next week.

But since we’re on the subject of a new year, what say we talk about edging and orgasms. As I said, we get comments that I give Lion way too many orgasms. Some say he should get as few as two a year. Others are a little more lenient and suggest once a month. A few days ago, Lion asked me what my optimal shortest time between orgasms would be. I have no idea. A while ago, he said his was four so I said four. I was thinking the longest I want him to wait is fourteen days. He has made it through a twenty-one day wait, but that seemed too long to me.

So where does that leave us? If he only had four day waits, he’d have approximately 91 orgasms a year. A fourteen day wait would yield twenty-six. For 2016, Lion has had 57 orgasms. What do you know? (91+26)/2=58 That’s fancy math talk for Lion having the average of both wait times this year. (It’s also algebra) By varying Lion’s wait times, I actually hit right smack dab in the middle of two without even trying. [Lion — My average wait time in 2016 was 6.2 days. My longest wait was 15 days and the shortest was 1 day. I had an average of 4.7 orgasms a month]

I know. I know. It’s still too many for the purists out there who think a wait time should keep extending into infinity. That doesn’t work for me. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work for Lion either. That’s like life without the possibility of parole. I’d be wishing for death to come quickly. Lion needs orgasms. Eventually, he wouldn’t be horny anymore even if I did tease him every night. And that brings me to my other subject: edging.

We’ve had comments about how often Lion is edged. When the threads crapped out on the Jail Bird, Mature Metal said they assume the cage will be removed every week or two. Daily removal lessens the effectiveness of the threads. Some comments echo this time frame. Lion wouldn’t be interested anymore if I only edged him every week or two. I might as well castrate him now.

I’m not trying to tell anyone their method is wrong. Who am I? Nobody. I don’t know what works best in your relationship. For Lion and I, a long wait is not necessary; a long time span between edgings wouldn’t work. What works for us is nearly nightly edging and a wait of somewhere between four and fourteen days. Could there be longer waits thrown in there? Yes. And there has to be to keep the average down. If I only gave him fourteen day waits and then threw in a four day wait, there goes the average. I’m not going to do the math because I don’t really care if a train leaves Chicago going 35 miles per hour and a train leaves Boston going 45 miles per hour, when they’ll meet. I’m just going to give Lion orgasms when I feel like it and we’ll have a math exam again this time next year.

Have a Happy New Year! Be safe.


  1. Author

    You are in charge and you know lion best .So it is up to you .I didn’t think chasterty was a punishment . It’s ment to be fun Have a happy new year from England and keep up the blogging it’s really good to read .see you next year

  2. Author

    Happy New Year,

    Please listen to your own bodies and minds. There is no handbook or manual or bible regarding FLR or chastity.
    Keep it safe, sane and consensual.

    Greetings from the Netherlands.

  3. Author

    Whatever works. In our relationship I wait much longer. That works for us. I would love to be edged every day. I would be going through the roof with horniness! lol I am not edged that often though as we still have kids living in the house and my Queen is unable to relax unless they are sleeping or out. Still I’m enjoying the lifestyle as is my Queen. Have a wonderful New Year and I’ll look forward to reading you throughout 2017!

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