As much as I think that we communicate with one another via our posts, invariably, the messages get mixed. For example, Mrs. Lion wrote in her post yesterday, Based on Lion’s post from this morning, I’m not sure if he wants an orgasm or not. ”

I wrote in my post yesterday, ” Mrs. Lion announced that she is making me ejaculate today (Sunday). It’s also been ten days since my last orgasm… We have a king-sized bed. It’s big enough to restrain me across it. In that position, she can easily jerk me off or give me oral sex. Yum!”  I also wrote that if she wanted to tie me up, she could. I suggested a new way for her to try.

I also wrote about a couple of different approaches she could use when she does decide to stimulate me sexually. I didn’t editorialize about my preference for any particular method. I did write about edging and how nice that is, especially when tied to the bed. I think that Mrs. Lion thought I was referring to Sunday’s activity. I wasn’t.

I also wrote a lot about spanking and also included a link to a video that illustrated the spanking technique I found very effective. She didn’t discuss that in her post or in-person with me. She also didn’t mention self-reporting. I expected her to weigh in on that. I wasn’t just referring to the single coffee pot incident. I wondered if it spoiled her game if I inform her when I break a rule.

This communication issue isn’t just limited to us. I learned that if I sent an email to my boss covering a number of subjects, invariably, only the first bullet would be addressed. Sometimes, like Mrs. Lion, a single item lower in my email would be answered. The rest of the information was ignored. I learned to write separate emails for each item I wanted to be addressed. That worked.

If I want to use a blog post to make suggestions to Mrs. Lion, perhaps I need to restrict the post to one item. Yesterday’s post covered several spanking thoughts and several sexual and BDSM ideas. Maybe I am less clear than I think when I talk about things that Mrs. Lion might want to consider. I don’t expect her to do what I write about immediately. That’s never my point. I want to discuss the ideas with her. That almost never happens. I am happy to write about my ideas, but my real goal is to start discussions with my lioness.

clothespins 2020 6 1

Lion does not need to be waxed. He’s a little scruffy. but not bad yet. He could easily wait a few weeks, but I can do it next Sunday if necessary. My whirlwind trip to my daughter’s graduation is Thursday to Saturday. The oddity of flying to the east coast is that I leave very early in the morning and arrive in the evening. Between the time change and the six-hour flight, I lose a whole day. Conversely, on the way home, I leave in the evening and get home only three hours later. Ironically, these very short trips don’t seem to create jet lag. By the time my body realizes I’ve changed time zones, I’m already home. Anyway, Lion will be without me for less than three days.

I was very nice last night. Probably too nice. I allowed him to set up the coffee pot even though it was well after the five o’clock cutoff. I probably should have swatted him. Apparently, his spanking from the night before was too lenient. I only made his buns rosy. I didn’t attempt to make him feel it long afterward. Maybe I learned a lesson too. No more Mrs. Nice Lion. I need to spank until both my arm and his butt are falling off for it to be effective. It seems ridiculous that I have to suffer, but if it’s the only way he’ll learn then so be it.

It’s been a long time since I’ve applied IcyHot to Lion. Maybe it’s a reaction to being too nice, but I think I need to step up my game again. I threaten to do IcyHot and Lion whines and I let it go. I need to follow through. From time to time he reminds me that I’m in charge and I should do what I want. I know he regrets that as soon as I bring out a paddle, the IcyHot or those nasty little clothespins. However, he asked for it. Whose fault is it if I give him what he asked for?


As Mrs. Lion wrote yesterday (“Zapped and Spanked“), the puppy and working from home have been a strain. We hired a very expensive professional dog trainer to help us train the savage (just kidding!) beast. I’m the only savage beast here. The dog is a very sweet golden retriever puppy. She has her wild moments. They are happening less and less often. If we follow the directions of the trainer, the pup will turn out to be wonderfully trained. She’s smart and not stubborn. We need the training, not so much the dog.

I think that ultimately the dog training will benefit Mrs. Lion in her handling of me. The trainer is reinforcing the need for consistency and frequent demonstrations of domiance. Dogs and lions aren’t that different. It’s been suggested that training me is an added stressor for Mrs. Lion. I initially agreed with that and considered suggesting that she discontinue her lion management until things settled down here.

After thinking carefully about making that suggestion I realized that might make things worse. We are in a very good place right now. Mrs. Lion is getting satisfaction out of spanking me. She likes catching me breaking rules. The remaining problem for her is deciding what rules she should make. It’s hard for her to growl at me if I interrupt her. She realizes that conversational annoyances are not as simple to diagnose as other rules. That doesn’t mean things aren’t getting better. It took her a while to consider, but she decided that I had interrupted her twice last weekend. My Tuesday spanking was punishment for those offenses.

At the same time, I realized that being spanked increased my libido (“Wood Viagra“). That gives Mrs. Lion further incentive to use her paddles more frequently. In the past this might have caused her more stress. It’s taken her quite a while to decide that spanking me isn’t a bad thing for her to do. Once the taboo-breaking worry was gone, she focused on her technique and has become a world-class spanker. Lucky me. She prides herself on her ability to effectively punish me. That reduces her stress. She is successful in her role as disciplinary wife. We both agree that domestic discipline is valuable in our marriage.

Now that the puppy is settling down and Mrs. Lion gets accustomed to our dog training routine, her stress level will go down. I’m less dependent on her for day-to-day help. We’ve begun to adapt to my limitations. I think that helps too.

travel spanking paddle

Stanley Steemer didn’t get the dog pee smell out of my office. They are trying again today (Monday). I hope they can get rid of it. I can only stay in it if we have an exhaust fan blasting air outside. Unsurprisingly, the dog isn’t bothered by it at all. Mrs. Lion was busy on Sunday. She installed the replacement water filters and gave me a Brazillian. I’m nicely waxed. She also took time to take advantage of the oil she used to remove excess wax to play with my penis. It felt very good.

I need to get back to writing my book. The smell in my office is too much for me to stay long. I’ve been writing on my laptop, but I don’t like the keyboard as much as the one I have for my desktop. Hopefully, the smell will be gone today. I’ve been thinking about a completely different approach to my latest book. It may be too difficult to rewrite completely. I’m over 40,000 words in. Oh well.

Mrs. Lion said that she plans to ride me for my next orgasm. That’s exciting! That would be the cherry on top of our currently-vanilla lifestyle. Well, not entirely vanilla. She still decides when I get to ejaculate. Let’s just say vanilla for us. This happens when Mrs. Lion has a lot to do and isn’t feeling her best. Her shoulder has been bothering her. I’m fine with the hiatus. She’s entitled to time off from lion taming. I’m pretty well trained, and I’ve kept out of serious trouble. I haven’t been spanked in over three weeks. I’m sure that when she feels better, I will get a “just because” spanking.

I’ve been trying to watch my behavior. I’m not sure that Mrs. Lion has been noting times that I’ve annoyed her. I want her to resume being vigilant. I’m convinced that when she punishes me for upsetting her, we are both happier. Meanwhile, I will continue doing my best to make her happy.