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Since January 1, 2016, I’ve had 374 orgasms. I started keeping track when Mrs. Lion forgot how long I had been locked in my male chastity device. I began a spreadsheet detailing each ejaculation. Geeky, right? Anyway, that’s about 425 weeks. about 2,950 days. That means Mrs. Lion has given me an orgasm about once every eight days. She never bothers herself about how long it’s been between orgasms. Nevertheless, her average is about right for a man in a male chastity relationship. Pretty much all of the women who write about male chastity say that an orgasm every seven to ten days is enough for a man. More frequent orgasms are considered excessive.

I started thinking about this when I entered last night’s orgasm into my spreadsheet. We used our dice to determine what we would do. We also solved the problem of which die was for BDSM and which was for sex very simply. Mrs. Lion rolled the BDSM die, and I rolled the sex die. Problem solved. Mrs. Lion rolled tied balls. I rolled blow job. That’s what we did and it was big fun.

There was an unplanned twist. In addition to the sex, we decided to go to a new Chinese restaurant for dinner. Mrs. Lion assumed the Edex shot would wear off soon after my orgasm. It doesn’t. I maintain a 75 percent erection for at least an hour after the shot. That meant I had a boner when we went out to dinner. It didn’t fully subside until an hour after we got home. It was an odd feeling. I was reminded of my teenage years when unwelcome boners haunted me. It wasn’t a big problem, just a feeling I hadn’t experienced in many years.

Speaking of orgasms, I think that sometimes male chastity can push people apart. Giving and receiving orgasms are primal bonding activities for primates. Sex is much more than reproductive for humans. It’s a kind of social glue that keeps us bonded to our mates. That doesn’t mean relationships fail when sex disappears. We are far too complex for any single factor to destroy that bond. It does mean that sex is a positive force to reinforce love.

Male chastity is a power game that resonates strongly with some men. It does in me. I don’t know why, but it does. Surrendering control of my orgasms is both an act of trust and a very exciting gamble. The problem is that there is a chance that the game will extinguish the bonding that orgasms provide. For a long time, I believed that the power exchange and the excitement of being kept aroused without relief would replace the orgasms I wasn’t getting. I was wrong.

Male chastity, like any other game, needs rules. I realize that there are guys who do better by going extended amounts of time without orgasms. They and their partners have found other ways to replace his orgasms. Some women are happy with receiving orgasms without their partner having them, too. Many are not. I’m not trying to dictate how anyone should play the male chastity game. I am saying, as someone who has successfully played for over a decade, that receiving orgasms on a regular basis, combined with Mrs. Lion’s control of exactly when I get them, has proven to provide a stable base for our sexual kink.

While I average an orgasm every eight days, I don’t get them that regularly. There have been times when I’ve waited 28 days and others when I had an orgasm every other day. However, most of my orgasms come about a week to ten days apart. That’s long enough to make me horny and very anxious to ejaculate but short enough to allow orgasms to help glue us together. The average wait might be very different for you, but that’s what works for us.

Male chastity has always been hidden in a dark corner of sexual activities. Before the worldwide web, it was something practiced by a tiny group of men. Sites like ours have made the practice more accessible. Last night, Mrs. Lion and I started watching season three of “Hacks” on Max. If you haven’t discovered this show, it’s worth subscribing to Max just to see it.

It’s a comedy about a young comedy writer who works for an older, established female comic. Think Joan Rivers. There are a lot of laughs in every episode. It’s an adult show including topics not suitable for kiddies. I don’t want to give away the story. It’s too good to spoil. In the second episode of season three the older comedian has a chance to host a late night show. She says that the show is one guest short and brings up a member of the audience to sit on the couch.

He says that he works for the TSA. The comedian asks if he has seen anything unusual in people’s luggage. He answers by telling her that a man went through the metal detector and had a cage on his… This triggers a few jokes. The TSA agent says that the cage has a lock on it. The comedian acts surprised. He replies by saying, “Yes. His wife has the key and she’s in Miami.”

Big laugh from the audience. How about that? It is not only a joke about male chastity but also a punchline that correctly talks about how a chastity device is used. It also happens to be the worst nightmare of anyone who is locked in a male chastity device. Whoever wrote that joke had a correct understanding of male chastity. The producer and actors also had to understand the gag. Hollywood is kinkier than I thought!

I think that this joke is significant. The fact that it was on a popular TV show is one thing. It also means that the people behind the show believed that viewers would get the joke. Something totally out of left field wouldn’t be funny. It would either shock or go over the heads of the audience. This joke was probably included to tickle the hip viewers. The folks in Utah wouldn’t get it. Of course, they probably wouldn’t watfch an adult comedy like this.

It’s impossible to know how the writers and cast learned about male chastity. The writer had to know a lot to create the joke. He had to know how chastity devices work; not hard to learn online. He also had to know about men wearing male chastity devices worry about going through airport security. That isn’t common knowledge. I don’t want to overanalyze it, but it is obvious that at least one person on that show has a working knowledge of male chastity. It’s also obvious that the other writers, producers, and actors got the joke.

Males are always in heat. It’s nature’s way of ensuring species reproduce. Most mammal females are only interested in sex when they are fertile and ready to conceive. Males have to be ready when the female goes into heat. This is less true of humans and some other primates. Females are receptive even when not able to conceive. They can be convinced to fuck at any time in their fertility cycle. Sex, for us, is a way to bond. It’s also a way to keep males close to home.

Women who understand this can use our constant heat to control us. Vanilla women use sex as a reward for obedience. It’s not always obvious; do this, and you can have sex. It’s usually a passive-aggressive action where sex is withheld if he pisses her off. No wonder so many men cheat.

Sex as a reward can be a very positive part of a relationship. I think the key is to be upfront about it. I’m a little surprised that Mrs. Lion is comfortable punishing me when I need correction, but very reluctant to provide rewards when I’m good. She never withholds sex for any reason other than she feels ill or I’m not due for an orgasm. I don’t need to deserve an orgasm in order to get one. I just have to wait until Mrs. Lion decides I should have one

A lot of male chastity fiction is focused on delaying orgasms as a punishment. Not much suggests an orgasm as a reward. It seems that a lot of guys are more turned on by the punishment than the reward. Domestic discipline doesn’t include rewards, either. It’s all about punishment. I haven’t seen any posts or comments from men wanting rewards as well as spankings. Maybe adding rewards makes the power exchange too real.

Mrs. Lion says that she spanks me because I want it. Yes, I do. We both like spankings more if they are connected to me failing to do something I should. “Just Because” spankings tend to be milder and shorter. We never agreed to this. It’s just what happens. Obviously, Mrs. Lion is more motivated when I break a rule. Speaking of which, I’m long overdue for punishments for interrupting and forgetting to get my pill packets. Mrs. Lion hasn’t been feeling well and has had to put off all punishments and sex.

I suppose you could say that doing my chores and being respectful is expected of me. Why should I get a reward for doing what I should? If that’s true, are we saying that positive reinforcement isn’t useful in domestic discipline? Even in male chastity, we don’t hear of earning orgasms sooner than expected. We always hear about delaying them as a punishment.

It’s also harder to set up a system of rewards, at least for existing rules. What if Mrs. Lion makes a new rule? Should she reward me if I follow it? She punishes me if I don’t. I can’t answer that. The question doesn’t compute. All the behavioral psychology books tell us that positive reinforcement works better than negative to change behavior. Yet, we never use it.

The reason may have nothing to do with power exchange. I want to be spanked. I need it. In the past, I left relationships because it wasn’t something my partner would do. I also need sex. All of my partners provided that. I think that both male chastity and domestic discipline are adult games. Sure, they both have real value in a relationship, but they are consensual activities a couple practices. Maybe the reward is the game itself. That’s why the idea of adding rewards for good behavior makes no sense in our context. What do you think?

micro watchful mistress male chastity device
Mature Metal Micro Watchful Mistress.

We spent Saturday making the 300-mile roundtrip to Portland and Voodoo Doughnuts. I had preordered nine dozen assorted flavors. Mrs. Lion was exhausted after driving nearly six hours. We were both happy to get home. We each ate one in the Voodoo parking lot and froze the rest when we got home. Mrs. Lion was way too tired to do anything by way of sex or spanking.

We got up today (Sunday) at 7. There was no reason to do this; we just woke up. Mrs. Lion went outside and mowed the lawn before lunch. She said that there was a good chance that sex was in the cards for me today. How nice!

I’ve been trying the Mature Metal base ring with chain waist belt. It’s an interesting innovation. The idea is that the base ring for the male chastity device is held tightly to the body by the chain belt. The only way you can pull out of a male chastity device is by forcing your penis out from behind the base ring. If the base ring is chained tightly to your body, there is no escape. This feature is useful when wearing a very short male chastity device.

The waist chain is a security feature. I’ve never been a big fan of security over comfort. The chain tightly locked (by a numbered seal) around my waist constantly makes itself known. It doesn’t exactly get in the way of my daily activities, but I can’t forget that it’s there.

Since the chained base ring is tight against my body, the cage of the chastity device sticks straight out. If you look very hard,  you can see the outline of the device under my jeans. My Jail Bird device fits on this new ring as well as the micro device (Micro Watchful Mistress) that was supplied with the chain base ring.

I’m pretty famous for advocating short male chastity devices. My Jail Bird is only one-inch long. The Micro Watchful Mistress is half that length, only 1/2-inch long. With or without the chain base ring, it’s a comfortable fit. The head of my penis stays in very firm contact with the bars at the head of the device. I have experienced a  bit of “wandering” while wearing it. This is when my urethra straddles a bar in the device instead of staying properly in position between them. When this happens, pee sprays everywhere. This isn’t a problem with the Micro device. You have to sit to pee when wearing it.

I found the only way I could pee without needing a shower afterward was to hold the device down so the head of my penis was clear of my balls. That way I was able to safely spray the toilet without giving my balls a urine shower.

I know that a lot of guys want high security. They are willing to sacrifice some comfort for inability to escape. I think that the Mature Metal base ring with waist chain represents a very significant improvement. Even with a very short device like the Micro Watchful MIstress, pullout is impossible. Like all Maature Metal products, these items are made to your specific specifications. Measure carefully!