I am so glad Lion can still have orgasms. Somehow, I knew he’d be able to. Even though he has gut feelings about things, he didn’t trust my gut feeling about that. Live and learn. However, I have no explanation for the single-boner juice working better than the tri or quad-boner juice.


Regarding the restraints, I swear we got cheap-ish ones with Velcro to use until I found the leather ones. Why I only have two and where the other two came from is a mystery. They worked fine, so I’m not worried about it. Nor am I worried about looking for the leather ones. They’re around here somewhere.

When I was done torturing him with the IcyHot, I untied him so he could move across the bed for oral sex. I was going to leave him untied, figuring that play was over, but he wanted me to keep him locked up. I really should have done it across the bed the first time so I didn’t have to interrupt things. The only issue with having him tied again was I still had less room to “work,” and he wasn’t able to buck toward the end. He sort of squished me with his thighs, which I don’t mind, but I love when he bucks.

I don’t have a specific timeline for playing again. I still have to make my butternut squash soup, and now we’re making chicken soup, too. There are always things to do on the weekend. Our football team won’t have another chance to lose until Monday night so that won’t stand in our way. I bet we’ll find time. How we’ll feel is the only barrier. Lion spent a good portion of yesterday in bed, feeling yucky. Somewhere along the line, I annoyed my shoulder. It’s nothing some Tylenol can’t fix if it acts up again. We’re just old farts. What can I say?


Yesterday after work, I changed the bed. I didn’t realize the comforter was still damp until I had it on the bed. I offered to put a towel down as a barrier between the dampness and the Lion. He said we didn’t need to play. Well, yeah. We don’t need to play, but I thought he wanted to. Maybe he thought I didn’t want to.

I’m unsure if I should take no for an answer tonight. Unless he’s sick, I should tie him to the bed and go from there. If he resists (why would he?), I could even tie him down and then give him the boner shot. I don’t think I’ll have any issues with him. He wants this, after all, right? I mean, he may not want IcyHot on his balls while it’s burning, but he likes the idea of it. Well, he likes the idea of me doing things to him even if he doesn’t like it at the time. I don’t know why. [Lion — Me either.]

It still does not make any sense to me why he wants me to be in charge of him even for a minute. I would never stop a cop, tell him I’d been speeding a few miles back, and beg him to give me a ticket. I know eating my veggies is good for me, but I never think fondly of eating them. If I’m lusting after food, it’s probably a hamburger or pizza. I can’t wrap my head around why Lion craves a spanking or being helplessly bound to the bed. He finds nothing appealing about being stuck in traffic. To me, that’s sort of the same thing. I can’t go anywhere. I’m trapped between the car in front of me and the car behind me. Maybe there are even cars on both sides. I’m in traffic bondage. No, thank you. Thank you, but no.

Can someone explain to me what the appeal is? So far, Lion hasn’t been able to. On the other hand, maybe I do understand it to some extent. We love our football team even though they torture us by losing more often than not. Why do we do that?

I had to go pick up my new glasses after work yesterday. I asked Lion if he wanted me to bring back dinner or if he wanted to come with me and eat out. He decided to come with me because the new COVID vaccines are available. We’re travelling east in a few weeks, and it makes sense to get the latest and greatest version before then. We went for dinner afterwards.

When we got home, I don’t know if he was waiting for me to tell him to do a boner shot or if he just wasn’t interested at that point. We’ve been having a hard time getting things going again. I’d like if he’d tell/ask me about doing a shot. He’d like me to be the initiator. Why am I always the initiator? Because that’s the way Lion likes it. Fine. I’ll be the initiator. However, it’s up to him to tell me if it’s not a good time (for him) to do a shot. He has to take some responsibility.

We’re heading out to find some cider. One of the things we miss about New York, is the ability to get good food. For some reason, all apples around here are derived from red delicious. It doesn’t seem to make the best cider. And the cider we can find is usually pasteurized. I found a place that has a 117-year-old cider press and, supposedly, fresh cider. It’s worth a try. At the very least, we’ve gone on an adventure.

Later on, I’ll find the damn restraints and have him do a boner shot. At this point, I’m willing to tie him up with zip ties if I can’t find the restraints. Socks. Anything. Many years ago, I locked him to a chain on the bed with just enough lead to make it to the bathroom. Do I need to do that again? I’d have to find the chain. It’s probably with the other restraints.

Lion wasn’t feeling well yesterday. He was tired and just generally yucky. We talked about the possibility of his having COVID. I took a test at some point last week and it was negative. When I had COVID, it was nearly impossible for me to finish mowing the lawn. I was tired, achy and generally yucky. Perhaps because I was negative last week and we haven’t been anywhere in over a week, we decided he didn’t need to take a test. He feels better today.

I think our summer is officially over. We’re back to “sun breaks,” which is what most of the country calls mostly cloudy. Apparently with so little sun around here for nine months, they had to come up with a more optimistic term. The temperature is hovering around the 60-degree mark during the day and in the 40s at night. It’s time to pull the A/Cs out of the windows.

I still haven’t looked for the restraints. If the dog would leave things alone, I wouldn’t have to hide them so well. Once I change the bed, I’ll see if I can find them. I’m sure Lion wants to do a boner shot, and he’s been hinting about the restraints for a long time. I guess he really wants to be tied up. When doesn’t he? He may change his mind once I have him tied up, especially if I break out the IcyHot or tiny clothespins. [Lion — Uh oh.]