A short time ago, I reviewed the Holy Trainer Nano V5 (Link). This used to be the shortest model Holy Trainer offered. As I pointed out in my review, the Nano was too long. My penis didn’t remain in firm contact with the front of the device. That meant my urine stream didn’t flow neatly out of the front hole provided for that purpose. It made a mess.

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Fortunately, Holy Trainer makes a shorter model, the Nub. This device has a shorter tube than all of their other models (see size chart above). Please note that there are two length measurements provided for each tube. The “A” measurement is the length from the top to the tip, including some of the ring. The “B” measurement is less useful. It’s the protruding part of the tube.

The Nano’s “A” measurement is 3.1 inches. My penis, at its most flaccid, is about 2.5 inches. You can see that there is a good reason I don’t touch the end most of the time. The Nub’s “A” measurement is 2.2 inches. Perfect! For years people, including me, have stressed measuring penis length at average softness. I learned through experience that my cock didn’t need a cage the same length as my soft penis.  In fact, some compression turns out to be a good thing. The head needs to be in firm contact with the front of the tube to assure accurate, neat peeing.

When it first came out, many considered the Nub too confining. They were fooled by the “B” measurement and the natural male inclination to overestimate cock length. Sooner or later, even the most diehard long-cage fans had to acknowledge the benefits of a shorter, properly-fitting penis tube or cage. It turns out that the Nub is more than a chastity novelty. It’s the go-to size for a lot of us.

wearing the Nub

It was a little more difficult getting into the nub. The more compact tube left a bit more excess skin to get in the way while putting it on. I can’t complain about the effort. It was only slightly more than I needed with the Nano. Once on, the Nub was supremely comfortable. I think the bio-sourced plastic used by Holy Trainer provides a “softer” feel. The plastic is hard but feels good on my skin.

The V4 and V5 base rings are wider than earlier versions. I find that more comfortable. For guys used to narrower rings, it might take some getting used to. The Nub’s shorter tube makes it invisible, even under tight clothes or bathing suits. The penis nestles between the balls and stays out of sight.

I love the new lock. Unlike any other male chastity device, the Holy Trainer V5 models have a built-in lock. There are no parts or pieces to insert or lose. The device can be put on without a key. That makes travel and long-distance wear more secure. The device goes on, and a simple click of the lock does the job. No key is required. The lock is high-quality stainless steel.

The Nub is very lightweight. I don’t feel that I’m wearing a male chastity device. I remember it when my cock tries to get hard. The Nub makes sure that doesn’t happen.

If you are wondering about what size Holy Trainer to buy, my suggestion is to measure from your body along the top of your MOST flaccid penis. You want to measure when you come out of a cold pool. The trick is to buy a device that will hold the head of your penis against the front of the device. Don’t get carried away. If your most flaccid length is four inches, then get the size designed for that length.

A word of caution is important here. As of now, the cheap Chinese knock-off male chastity device makers can’t duplicate the Holy Trainer V5s because of the integrated locks. At some point, they might be able to do it. Stay away from them. They are made of cheap plastic and don’t fit as well as the Swiss-made Holy Trainers. Aside from the moral reason to avoid knock-offs, the imitators are not as good.

Holy Trainer ships quickly and uses an express service that gets you your device in a few days. I am very happy wearing my new Nub.

The device I tested was provided to me free of charge for the purpose of this review. We do not receive any commissions or other payments in return for reviews or sales of products we link to our posts.


Holy Trainer has been making male chastity devices for many years. Their products are knocked off by cheap Chinese imitators. These cheesy products flood the Internet and Amazon. The authentic Holy Trainer devices are worth the cost. The current price for a V5 device is $165. It’s worth it!

The latest version (v5) features a novel lock. It’s fully integrated into the device. Prior versions used the standard “hitch lock” that required inserting a locking pin using the key. The new, integrated lock doesn’t require a key to lock it. You put the device on and press the lock down. It clicks and you are securely locked in. Very cool. This new lock will slow down the Chinese copycats.

About the nano

I tested the v5 Nano. This is the second smallest version. The Nub is the shortest. I used that one in the past. The Nano has a bit more room than I need but seemed like a good choice for this review. My base ring size is 45mm (1-3/4 inches). This is also the most popular base ring size. Remember that the base ring should fit snugly (you should be able to insert one finger between your skin and the ring), but not too tight. If you need to lube in order to wear the base ring comfortably, it’s too small.

The authentic Holy Trainer is made from a special plastic that is derived from plants, not petroleum. It has a fairly low melting point. The manufacturer claims this improves comfort and safety. I believe them. The ring is anatomically shaped. Over the years, this shape has been refined. The current version is very comfortable.

The penis tube has one opening at the end. It’s generously sized but not big enough to encourage mischief. The entire device is sturdy while being very lightweight. Manufacturing quality is excellent. This device is molded, not 3D-printed. That’s important. The molded product has a much smoother finish and is much stronger than the printed products.

The device comes in a strong plastic pouch. Prior versions were packed in a fancy box intended to provide storage when not in use. I never kept it. I keep devices in zip-lock bags. Apparently, a lot of other people do too. The Holy Trainer is made in Switzerland. Shipping is free and very fast. I received mine in just a few days.

Wearing the v5

The first thing I noticed was how easy it was to put on. Every other device I’ve tried is difficult to put on. Attaching the tube to the base ring of most male chastity devices is a struggle, including pinched skin and badly aligned locking mechanisms. The v5 base ring has a wide top that protects tender skin during assembly. The tube slides over the base ring with no fuss or pain. Once the tube is firmly in place, press the lock. It clicks, and you’re locked in. No key is required. I had no problem putting it on.

The first thing I noticed was that I was completely comfortable. The fit is perfect. There was no pinching, and it’s so light I forgot I was wearing it. It’s invisible under clothing. My problem came when I had to pee.

The biggest issue with tube-type cages is that urine gets trapped in them. If you are lucky and the tip of your penis is firmly touching the end of the tube, almost all of the urine will go where you want it. I’m not that lucky. My penis can shrink and find the head halfway down the tube, even with the Nano.

That means my urine stream isn’t going straight out the hole in the tip. It went everywhere. I had to sit on the toilet. After I finished, I had to stay seated to allow the tube to drain. After I got up, I needed to rinse above the device where some urine escaped. It didn’t take long for the device to smell. If I had the Nub (maybe I need to try one), there would have been no mess or bad smell. Even in that situation, an odor will develop over time. That’s the nature of closed tubes. A flexible shower head and liquid soap can let you clean up every day. Even so, the device needs to come off at least every week or two for a more thorough cleaning. This isn’t an issue just with this device. It’s true of all closed tube male chastity devices.

If you prefer a tube rather than a cage, I think the Holy Trainer V5 is the best off-the-shelf choice. There are enough options for most guys to get a very good fit without the time and expense of ordering a custom device. Service is excellent, and the quality of this device is amazing. Best of all, the integrated lock offers the keyholder the ability to give the device to her male and have him lock himself in without ever going near the key. The new click-and-lock system is convenient and secure.

I know it is tempting to buy a cheap knockoff. Don’t do it. Aside from it being unethical, the knockoffs are made from cheap plastic and don’t feel as good as the real thing. I can’t explain it, but the authentic Holy Trainer (This website) feels soft against my skin. It doesn’t feel like plastic. It feels good.

I got the Nano because it is the most popular size. I should think about trying the V5 nub too. That may solve my shrinking penis problem. No matter what size you get, the Holy Trainer is the most comfortable male chastity device I’ve ever tried.

The device I tested was provided to me free of charge for the purpose of this review. We do not receive any commissions or other payments in return for reviews or sales of products we link to our posts.

Mrs. Lion tested negative for COVID on Thursday night. She still feels tired and achy. I was still positive. I feel like I have a mild cold with a stuffy nose and am sort of tired. If it doesn’t get any worse, I’ll be happy. I’m fully functional, just a bit slower than usual.

Despite asking readers to avoid getting political about my post yesterday (“Answering Some COVID Questions“), one Republican with poor reading skills posted a long diatribe. I just don’t understand why a discussion of medical information can inflame some people. For the record, I don’t care if you get vaccinated or not. I do care that if you get sick, vaccinated or not, you isolate yourself until you are no longer positive for COVID. The tests are free. Use them.

We’re isolating. It isn’t very different from what we usually do. I’m glad that Mrs. Lion is better. I’m going to be reviewing the Holy Trainer v5 as soon as I have more energy. I wore it for a while before I got sick, and it was amazingly comfortable.

I’ve been following my rules faithfully. It’s been 30 days since my last spanking. I know I’m due for a “just because” spanking as soon as I get better. The new massage table is still in its shipping box. We’ll use it when we both feel better.

Everything is on hold here. It has to be. Politics aside, we are very lucky so far. I’m grateful to medical science.

Guess what? I’m interested in sex again. I’ve put Mrs. Lion off for the last few days. I just couldn’t get into the mood. Now, my natural horniness is returning. I ran across an interesting post this morning, “Blow Job Tips.” A woman shared her techniques for oral sex. I’m not suggesting that Mrs. Lion needs to improve her technique. It was just interesting to me as a male, to learn some of the techniques women use. Just thought I would pass it on.

I’ve been wearing my locking cock ring the same way I wore my male chastity device. It’s gone from an on-again-off-again toy to something that is on almost all the time. It only comes off when Mrs. Lion wants fuller access. I know she is having me wear it because I asked, but it’s exciting anyway. There’s something about 24/7 symbols of ownership that turn me on. Locking genital jewelry is easier for me to wear than a collar. It absolutely serves the same purpose.

A male chastity device has two basic functions. It prevents unauthorized masturbation and erections. It also marks the male as belonging to the keyholder. The locking cock ring permits erection and masturbation. However, it clearly marks the male as owned. A collar can be considered a fashion item and might even attract female attention. A standard cock ring might also be considered sexually attractive. However, one that is securely locked in place unmistakably signals hands-off.

If a woman happened to see a new male friend’s penis locked in a ring like mine, she would have to ask what it was. It wouldn’t take long to learn that the male can’t remove it. The obvious next question is, “Who can?” There you go. Ownership. I’m not going to be in that position. But I like the idea that even if I wanted to try, it wouldn’t work.

Mrs. Lion is always free to trade the ring for a male chastity device if she thinks it would be helpful. What I wear down there and when it comes off is totally up to her. For now, she is happy letting me get hard when I want. She knows I won’t jerk off. At some point, she may decide that she wants more control and doesn’t want unauthorized erections. All she has to do is trade the cock ring for a male chastity device. It’s that simple (for her!). I don’t get a vote.

I’m not sure that she thinks about it this way. She may not consider marking her territory particularly important. I hope she does. Regardless, it’s how I think about it.