Not too much is going on here. Yeah, I know; every time I say that, Mrs. Lion gets out the spanking bench and paddles my bottom. I suppose I’m due. I keep forgetting to get my pill packs after my shower. It is a rule that I get them each night. I don’t know why she isn’t enforcing that rule. We’re going on a doughnut run on Saturday. Voodoo Doughnuts is a small chain of amazing doughnut stores. We placed a huge online order for about eight dozen assorted doughnuts. We probably won’t eat them all on the way home (about a two-hour drive). The leftovers will be frozen.

cock and balls doughnut
Voodoo doughnuts offers some “special” flavors too!

We did a little research and learned that almost all sorts of doughnuts can be successfully frozen for a long time. VooDoo makes wonderful and sometimes unusual doughnuts. They are so good that there is usually a long line out the door waiting to get treats. By preordering online we can just pick up our treasure without waiting. If all of this sounds weird, it isn’t that we are crazy doughnut fans. We like them, and good doughnuts, like good pizza and good bagels, are nearly impossible to find in the Pacific Northwest.

While I’m on a food rant, I have to mention delis too. Believe it or not, there was only one “real” New York-style deli in the entire Seattle metro area. It closed a couple of years ago. It’s hard to believe that the biggest city north of Los Angeles has no real delicatessens. None. Nada. Holy crap! You can’t get a good corned beef on rye or other deli delights. Mrs. Lion and I have to import them from Katz’s Delicatessen in New York City. Shipping is free on orders over $100; not an insurmountable amount for us once or twice a year. Their corned beef and matzoh ball soup are to die for.

Pizza is a staple food in New York. That’s where I come from; well, I mean New York City. Mrs. Lion is from upstate New York. Anyway. in my New York, it is nearly impossible to get a bad slice of pizza. In Seattle and its surrounding area,  it’s impossible to get a good one. What the hell! Pizza isn’t that hard to make. Seattle pizza is overdone to the point that the tomato sauce is turned into a solid. The crust is too thick and flavorless. There is one small chain of pizza restaurants that serves true Neopolitan pizza. It’s very good and expensive. It isn’t the same as New York pizza, but is the same as the delicious original I ate in Naples.

Bagels and Kaiser rolls are basic breads in New York. There is only one bagel bakery in the Pacific Northwest that bakes true New York-style bagels. It’s Blazing Bagels. Unfortunately, like Voodoo Doughnuts, they don’t ship. Their product isn’t very popular up here. The locals prefer soft, bread-like bagels in weird flavors that range from blueberry to chocolate. Yuck! Blazing Bagels makes the traditional favorites. I love onion bagels, and Mrs. Lion is fond of “everything” bagels. We can get Philadelphia cream cheese here, and if we search, we can get good smoked salmon–that’s what they call lox up here.

Usually, different areas of the country have specialty foods that the natives love, and us foreigners learn to enjoy. San Francisco has abalone and sourdough bread. I love both. The Pacific Northwest has several species of salmon that are more difficult to find in the East. Other than that, I haven’t found anything special. There’s on “treat” that is the absolute hit of the Washington State Fair. Are you ready for this? Scones! Holy shit, scones! I’ve been eating them for breakfast forever. Folks, scones are not exotic. That doesn’t matter. The locals line up for freshly baked scones at the fair.

There is a good reason we live here: the climate. Western Washington has its own special climate. It’s very much like the climate in Italy. We have mild winters. The average temperature from fall through spring is between 40 and 50 degrees F. Our summers have warm (85 degrees F) days and cool (50-60) nights. It’s the best summer climate in the world. Due to our unique location, we have clouds for nine months of the year. Total rainfall is about the same as New York City. According to climate scientists, we will be relatively unaffected by climate change for the next hundred years. If we could just get a decent bakery, pizza joint, and deli, it would be perfect!

I think I’ve mentioned that I’m trying to become a published novelist. No, the book isn’t about anything this blog covers. It’s a vanilla mystery. Since the last English class I took was in high school, my degree didn’t include any writing classes. Writing fiction has been a challenge.

I’ve written two novels. The first had many problems in my writing and the subject matter, but it was good practice. The second book seems to have commercial potential. Last year, I sent query letters and sample pages to about 75 agents. None were interested in representing me. I put the book aside and just picked it up again. I’m using all I’ve read to sharpen the writing. I’ll try agents again.

The odds are very much against me. The average agent gets about fifty queries a week and requests a full manuscript from about four authors monthly. Of those authors, maybe one gets an offer of representation every three months. Sure, there are hundreds of agents, but tens of thousands of wannabe authors are querying them.

Self-publishing is largely a waste of time. It’s easy to publish a manuscript on Amazon but very expensive to promote. It’s all very discouraging.  I’ve decided to revise my draft and try agents again.  It may be futile, but I don’t believe in giving up. Work on the project is one reason I’ve blogged less frequently.

Another reason is that Mrs. Lion has been too busy with important things that need to be done around the house. She hasn’t had the time or energy for spanking or sex. That means there is nothing to write about here. Of course, things can change quickly when Mrs. Lion decides I need attention. Stay tuned.

I have noticed that writing posts in a blog is sometimes a sort of confessional. It’s anonymous and, therefore, safe to use to express our secrets. I wouldn’t be a sex blogger writing about all of my most intimate experiences if people I know could identify me. I don’t think it’s a matter of shame at the disgusting things I like–they aren’t disgusting at all. I feel that removing the cloak of secrecy crosses some sort of line that might shock them.

When I think about it, I realize that if someone finds my blog and reads it, they are expressing an interest in the sexual things I write about. They are unlikely to recoil in shock when they discover I get spanked. They may envy me instead.

Still, there is the matter of context. Years ago I ran for a position of leadership in a large BDSM organization. I was well-known to hundreds of members. We all understood the need for discretion. I was working as a management consultant and visited a client’s office. A member of the BDSM group worked there and recognized me. “Hi,” she said, “I voted for you.”

I was taken aback. I managed to thank her and get away as fast as I could. Later, when I thought about it, I realized my reaction was unnecessary. She didn’t out me. She simply acknowledged that we had some connection outside of work. It was the wrong place. It wasn’t, of course. It was my fear that revealing the BDSM side of my life would impact my professional standing.

I wasn’t doing anything illegal or immoral. I realized that wasn’t the point. In our society we hide our sexual behavior. It’s not polite to discuss what you do in bed. If the clothes come off, you don’t talk about what happens with casual friends or people in the office. At least, that’s true here in the US. Sure, everyone knows I have sex with my wife. They don’t know what we do.

In a way, that’s too bad. As those of us who have the ability to discuss intimate things here on the Net, have learned, sharing and learning from each other enriches our lives. I realize that most of our readers probably don’t practice male chastity or domestic discipline, but they are interested in it nonetheless. Mrs. Lion and I share thoughts here and profit from the feedback we give one another about our posts. It turns out that blogs have opend the door to many unusual sexual practices. I’ve learned a lot from fellow bloggers.

I’m not advocating revealing our identities. We are safer being anonymous. I am suggesting that blogs like ours are useful resources for people who may think they are alone with what they like. Isn’t that wonderful?

Blogs may be less popular than they once were. This seems particularly true in the kinky sex corner of the blogosphere. Our readership is up a little, but I’m finding it very hard to find new posts to read. That’s too bad. One of the best features of the Internet is that anyone who wants to put in the work can publish a blog.

Before public networking, most people could not discover new ways to do things. Sex and its many variants were the sole purview of pornographers. With the advent of news groups, forums, and blogs, taboo topics were brought out into the daylight and regular people could learn about them.

This is particularly true of spanking. Before the Internet, you needed to live in a city large enough to support a BDSM club. I was lucky. I lived in New York City, where BDSM organizations and clubs were easily found. Newspapers like The Village Voice published meeting notices and ads for the clubs. That’s how I found other people who shared my interests.

Now, anyone anywhere can read about pretty much any kink they can come up with. Toys of all types, from paddles to dildos, are for sale on mainstream webstores. Google “spanking paddles” and see the amazing variety available for sale. In the old days, I had to wait for big events or flea markets to find new toys. Now, anything I want is just a few clicks away.

Our blog is in its eleventh year. We’ve written over 6,500 posts. All of them are available to read. They represent a journal of our experiences in male chastity, spanking, and domestic discipline. Looking back at my earliest posts, I am amazed at how much Mrs. Lion and I have changed. In our house, a spanking is as routine as doing the laundry or making dinner. It’s become part of our lives.

The reason I decided to write about this is that I’m concerned that we are losing more and more interesting friends whose writings inspired and educated us. I suppose that’s natural. People change and lose interest in things. I wish I could find the new people who have decided to write about their experiences.