Tightening Things Up

Saturday night featured a very long and frustrating edging session. It took a long time to warm me up. I began to worry that I was stuck again. I wasn’t. Mrs. Lion kept stroking until I started humping her hand. She then went on to bringing me closer and closer to the edge. Time after time I felt myself humping air trying to get over the cliff. It’s been a long time since we’ve come this close.

At one point she started making the moves she uses when she wants me to have a ruined orgasm: She masturbates me quickly for five or ten seconds and then takes her hand away. She waits about 10 seconds and repeats. If she keeps this up I will most certainly have a ruined orgasm. This time, she followed that pattern until I was almost positive it was too late. It turned out it wasn’t I was left once more humping air and breathing loudly.

When she finally finished teasing me, she kissed the tip of my penis and moved away. I begged her to keep teasing me even though I knew she wouldn’t let me ejaculate. She steadfastly refused. In a sweet voice she reminded me that it had only been a few days (five, to be exact) since my last orgasm. She said that I was silly to imagine I would ejaculate so close to my last orgasm.

Oh well.

Sometimes I forget how far Mrs. Lion has come in her role as keyholder and disciplining wife. After all, it takes both skill and determination to tease me with the intensity she used on Saturday night. I’m pretty sure that as recently as a year ago, she would have seen my desperation, felt sorry for me, and made me ejaculate. I’m sure she considered that option on Saturday and then rejected it. In fact, I think she’s learning to enjoy my frustration.

I know the Mrs. Lion doesn’t enjoy punishing me. I doubt she ever will. Nonetheless, her spankings have become more and more severe and at the same time she’s learned to disregard my yelps and protests. I asked her about what was behind her increased ability to hurt me more and be less concerned about my sexual frustration.

Referring to spanking, she said that she’s learned that she can’t injure me. Apparently, in the past she had worried that a severe paddling would do lasting damage. She now knows it won’t. As a result, she’s much more willing to hit harder and longer and disregard my protests. For my part, I’ve learned how to hold still through much stronger spankings.

I don’t think we’ve reached some sort of goal, either in punishment or teasing. I think instead, we’ve both learned that a great deal more is possible. Surprisingly, I’m glad. The stronger spankings definitely have a positive effect on me. I have a feeling that Mrs. Lion will be upping the punishment intensity now that lioness 3.0 is coming to town. Similarly, I fully expect more days of relentless edging before being allowed to ejaculate. I’m going to have to work for my orgasms.

Some people might interpret 3.0 as a signal that Mrs. Lion is hardening her feelings and is becoming less sensitive to me. I don’t think that’s the case. I think 3.0 is becoming more aware of her own feelings and is becoming more willing to express them. She’s also understanding that I’m not nearly as fragile as she once imagined. She’s also discovered that I learn much more effectively if she dials up the intensity.

At some point, this new intensity will almost certainly draw some objections from me. After all, day after day of intense teasing might leave me a little grumpy and frustrated. Lioness 3.0 will just smile and tell me that’s how it’s supposed to be. Similarly, at times I will hate the punishment I am given. 3.0 will see that as a sign that she’s effective as a disciplinarian.

Ultimately, these temporary, negative reactions are good signs. They signal that I’m feeling fulfilled in my role as a disciplined husband. It’s taken us a long time to move from something that might seem like a BDSM game into part of the fabric of our relationship. I guess what’s happening now is that we’re tightening up the weave.

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  1. I think Mrs. Lion gets pleasure out of demonstrating her skill and firmness of resolve. Enjoy reading your blog.

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