The Cost Of Forgetting What Day It Is

Mrs. Lion often accuses me of generalizing her actions. This time I think I’m justified. She’s definitely turned a corner when it comes to punishing me. Two significant things have changed: The first is that she is giving me much more severe spankings. The last five have left me with a sore bottom for days afterward. The second is that she is resolved to do what she decides. By that I mean I can’t talk her out of a punishment.

On Thursday night at about 9:30 PM, Mrs. Lion told me that I didn’t remind her that it was punishment day. She’s right, I didn’t. It had completely slipped my mind. I was excited about receiving a new, sophisticated control system for our TV, satellite, DVD, and online entertainment system. I was working hard to get it to do what we needed. Reminding Mrs. Lion a punishment day completely slipped my mind. When she told me that I had forgotten, I was a little surprised. She was right. I asked her what my punishment would be. She told me it would be four spankings. I said,

“Since your spankings have gotten so much more painful, don’t you think that’s a lot?”

“This isn’t the first time you forgot. You need to be reminded.”

“But, don’t you think you one spanking would be enough since it’s so severe?”

“No. You’ve forgotten this before. Four spankings might teach you to remember despite distractions”

That was the end of the conversation. Four bottom-blistering spankings is pretty severe. Mrs. Lion sent me an email yesterday on the subject of bleeding. Strong spankings tend to open the skin here and there on my bottom. I’ve checked with other men who are disciplined and learned that this is common. Apparently, after time passes, the bleeding reduces or stops completely. That must mean a lot of painful spankings are needed to make that happen.

Anyway, Mrs. Lion commented that she could immediately put a Band-Aid over any spot that was bleeding. She went on to say that would prevent blood from getting on her paddle. It’s good that she cares about her equipment. Clearly, blood and bruises are not a deterrent when she is punishing me.

Before the usual comments about how horrifically abusive that is come in, let me say that no real injury is suffered and, while I hate getting me spankings, this is a consensual activity. It’s essential in domestic discipline that the spankings are sufficiently severe that they send a strong message.

She commented that apparently my spankings don’t send a strong enough message. She expected me to ask her why she wasn’t giving me more days of spanking since this is a repeat offense. She was a little surprised that I kept my mouth shut. The fact that I did is a good sign that her punishments are not welcome at all and I’m not going to do anything to make them worse. She went on to answer the question that I didn’t ask and told me that since her spankings have gotten more severe, she didn’t think increasing the number would be necessary this time.

Just as there are ways to work out how long a man should wait between orgasms (that was in my post yesterday), there is a very simple method to determine how much punishment is needed to effect a change in behavior. The last time I forgot to remind Mrs. Lion of a punishment day, she sentenced me to four spankings. That was the last series of spankings I received. I got one more for spilling a little barbecue sauce on my shirt.

I think she’s not increasing the number this time because she’s seen firsthand the effects of her stronger spankings. I also suspect that the intensity of this series of spankings might be greater than the last series. She’s gotten past worrying about bleeding, bruises,and whining. I think that was a tough hurdle for her to get over. Some people think it’s wrong to get over it. It isn’t. Adult punishment spankings have to be very intense to send the right message. After all, pver the years I’ve enjoyed being spanked almost as intensely as part of a BDSM play session. In order for a disciplinary spanking to be effective, it has to go well past the most severe spanking I received as part of a play session.

Determining my particular spanking level isn’t all that different from how different men need different wait times between orgasms. My wait times are quite short but still effective. Others can go months on end between orgasms. The same is true of spankings. It all has to do with the effect it has on the spankee. Mrs. Lion has been dialing up intensity for quite a while. I’m sure she’s not done turning up the volume. Her objective is to make me take my punishment seriously and be sufficiently frightened of it to work very hard to avoid committing another spankable offense.

I’m sorry to say that apparently I didn’t get the message as well as I thought I did. There is no way I would’ve forgotten to remind her that yesterday was punishment day if I was truly deterred by my last spankings. Don’t get me wrong, they were really painful. Apparently, they weren’t painful enough. I hate saying this because things have gotten sufficiently intense to make me not want to provide feedback to my lioness. I have to be honest. She is really getting there but I think I need a bit more.

How big that “bit more” is worries me. It has to mean that spankings will go on longer and the swats will be harder. The women in the disciplinary wives club would be proud of Mrs. Lion. I’m proud of her. She’s doing something very difficult and not expected when she and I got together. Lioness 3.0 is on her way!

There’s one more area 3.0 needs to achieve. We’ve talked about it and she’s agreed she’s going to work hard to succeed. That area is expressing her feelings, particularly negative feelings, in a way that will teach me not to repeat the behavior that upset her. This is the most difficult hurdle of all.

If you think about it, this is hard for anybody. We don’t want to take the risk of telling somebody we don’t like what they did. That’s exactly what Mrs. Lion needs to do. She needs to let me know and then punish me appropriately. I think this next step will be extremely good for our relationship. I hope she will be able to take the first step soon.


  1. i think its great that you both have open communication and are consensual in what you do.
    You better start remembering to do has you are told. My butt hurts thinking about what you are going to get.
    btw glad its you and not me.
    i do so enjoy your blogging

    1. Author

      Well, each of us is different of course. That’s why I think we have to make it easy for our keyholders to feel good about coming up with a wait time. I think that it’s natural that they have anxiety about it and it’s important for us to help them overcome that. I guess the easiest way to do this is to let them know that anyway time is fine — yes I know you wanted to be a long wait — and let them discover for themselves what works for you.

  2. At some point, won’t these blood-drawing. bruising beatings impact your time together negatively, at least in the short term? I can’t imagine that you would look forward to coming home by day 3, and after she finally stops on a given night, I would think you would be out of commission due to the pain. Doesn’t it take you time to recover? I would need to be alone for a few hours at least. I couldn’t handle the thought that my wife was so upset she felt the need to leave me bruised and bleeding, but even if you can, don’t you need sone sort of recovery time to calm down and process what you have endured? Even if it is “consensual” it is still traumatic.

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