erect spanking
Lion obviously doesn’t exactly hate being spanked. He often has a nice erection when I get started. It’s true that it doesn’t last very long. Oh well.

Lion showed me an email this morning in which the writer thanked us for our blog, told us a little about herself, and said I should teach a spanking course. When I got to the very end, I laughed. Lion wondered why I was laughing. Me? Teach a spanking course? No one wants that; least of all, me. I don’t do well with public speaking. And I am, by no means, any sort of expert on spanking.

[Lion — Mrs. Lion is far too modest. She is an excellent spanker as well as an excellent disciplining wife. She really should teach a workshop.]

A little while later, Lion said he was curious how I know when to end punishment. He also wondered how I’d progressed to the point that I can administer such harsh spankings. I don’t really know how I know punishment is over. The best I can say is that I go until I think I’ve done enough and then I continue a little more. The reason for continuing is that a long time ago, Lion told me I wasn’t going far enough. Now I go farther than I think I need to. And, of course, now he tells me I can go farther. I don’t think it will ever be far enough to satisfy him.

The second question is a little easier to answer. As you’ve no doubt read, my beginning spankings quite literally wouldn’t have hurt a fly. I don’t think Lion even registered them hitting. They were absolutely pathetic. Every time, Lion told me I couldn’t hurt him and that I could hit him harder. Every time, I would hit a little harder. At some point I realized I really couldn’t hurt him. I mean, I was hurting him. But I wasn’t injuring him. Eventually I made it to some serious spanking.

I’m not really a fan of punishment spanking. Despite the comment we had the other day, I am not a sadist. I do not rule my workplace with an iron fist. I’m not the boss and, even if I was, I couldn’t rule with an iron fist if I wanted to keep my job for very long. The way I look at it is that Lioness whatever.0 is role playing. There’s me and then there’s Mrs. Lion. When Lion asks me a question and I answer as me, he’ll get one answer. If I answer as Mrs. Lion, he’ll get an answer much closer to what he’s looking for.

For example, if he asks if I enjoy punishing him, he’ll get this answer from me: It’s ok. If you broke a rule, you should get punished. However, Mrs. Lion might say: Are you kidding? I love making your cheeks red. The redder the better. I have to teach you a lesson.

The trick is to answer the way Lion wants me to answer. And sometimes I have to ask which persona he’s looking for because he tends to get upset if I answer as me and he was looking for Mrs. Lion.

In answer to the email we got this morning, I applaud you for jumping in with both feet. It does take time to build up to harsh punishment spankings. I don’t think anybody should tell you to just throw caution to the wind and whack away. You have to get there at your own pace. If I had gone too fast, I think I would have done more emotional damage to myself than any physical damage I would have done to Lion’s butt. You’ll get there.