heart paddle on lion's butt

Our blog is Mrs. Lion’s main way of communicating with me about our domestic discipline. In her post “An Old, Married Couple,” she let me know that I was going to be spanked for pissing her off. It’s true that she snarled at me a few times but never suggested I would be punished, that is, until her post. I asked her if she planned to spank me. She gave me that you’re-a-silly-lion look and said yes.

Other times, when I broke a rule, she limited her comment to a reminder that I missed something. She almost (maybe always) never said she would be punishing me. I can’t remember any time she told me that she was going to spank me. I’m not sure that means anything. She spanks me when she decides I need it. But maybe there is a reason she never tells me what she is going to do.

She is even less outgoing about interrupting or annoying her. I understand that and I’m glad she can use the blog to inform me of offenses. Mrs. Lion has made a lot of changes to support my need for spanking/punishment. It’s not easy to integrate becoming a disciplinarian into an otherwise-vanilla marriage. She isn’t sexually interested in dominating me. She isn’t turned on by spanking me. It took her a long time to learn how to spank me without feeling bad about hurting me.

She works hard to assume her role, but it’s not easy. I’m glad that she’s willing to discipline me. I’m also happy she can use the blog to communicate her intentions. Some couples use emails for this purpose. It’s a lot easier to discuss sensitive subjects like this in writing. When Mrs. Lion worked away from home, she would also use email to let me know when I was in trouble. I would also use it to let her know when I was horny.

I don’t mind this at all. I would prefer being told I earned punishment, but how I find out isn’t really important. What counts is that Mrs. Lion consistently punishes me when I do something she doesn’t like. That’s what I need.

spanked butt
This is Lion after just ten minutes of spanking.

I guess I’m spanking Lion tonight for sure. He technically already had an offense on the books. Last night he forgot his pills again. I don’t think he reminded me today is punishment day, and I just realized he hasn’t been sending me emails. In his defense, I always forgot about the emails. In fact, the last one he sent was March 1. Does that mean I can whomp him for many, many, many days of missing it?

He will have to be content with a ten, maybe fifteen, -minute spanking tonight. Whatever hurt feelings he may have over the missing punishment pales in comparison to the hurt buns he’d have if I were to give him an hour long spanking. (I didn’t actually calculate how long the spanking would be, but I’m sure neither of us could stand an hour.)

I don’t know if I’ll stick to leather or if I’ll throw in some swats with a wood paddle. It stands to reason that leather would allow me to hit longer than wood and still maintain a non-bloody butt. Maybe I’ll save wood until the very end so I can go for some lasting memories.

spanked husband

Here it is Sunday afternoon, and two punishment days have passed with my bottom pristine. I know that Mrs. Lion didn’t forget her decision to spank me on punishment days. I’m sure she remembers that I interrupted her.   I’m pretty sure that her shoulders are too sore to face spanking me. That makes me feel bad, not because I’m not being spanked, but because she’s hurting. Mrs. Lion doesn’t like to admit she hurts or is sick. I wish she would. I may not be able to help, but I can still sympathize and look for ways to make things easier for her.

There’s another issue: we need to find a new house. Yesterday, we looked at one that was just what we wanted. A big real estate company owns it. It had been on the market for three months. We toured the house and spent about a half hour going through very carefully. I wondered why it remained unrented for so long. Houses in this area rent within days of being listed. It turned out that the house had a tiny backyard. That was probably the issue. The house was perfect for us. I started the application to lease it before we left for home. When we got home, the house was no longer listed. I called the management company and they said the house was rented. Huh? It had been vacant for three months. Suddenly it’s gone at the exact time we applied? I’m going to follow up tomorrow and try to find out what happened.

punishment delayed

It’s been over a week since I interrupted Mrs. Lion. Is the upcoming spanking still going to be punishment for that? In the past, we had an informal rule: if too much time went by before a punishment, it would be forgiven. It’s hard to stay focused on an old offense. However, we both realize that discipline and spanking, in general, are important for us. Maybe we need to cancel that old rule.

It’s been ten days since my last spanking. I know that I’m long overdue for a ride on the spanking bench. It’s been a week since my last orgasm. Maybe it’s time for one of them too.  I ordered a new can of IcyHot Max Strength spray for Mrs. Lion. It arrived today. Perhaps I’ll have a burning bottom and burning balls.

One of the biggest problems I face as a blogger is that my posts not only inform you of what’s happening, but they serve as a reminder to Mrs. Lion of what I notice she is missing. In this case, a punishment spanking (“Getting Back On Track…Again“). She read my post and realized she didn’t spank me on Monday. I was relieved that she had forgotten.

In her post, she mentioned that I was due to be punished for interrupting her. I’m sure I did, but I can’t remember when. Perhaps she’ll remind me at punishment time. I like the idea that she would tell me why I’m being spanked when she has me strapped down, but like the spanking itself, I don’t like her reminder of my sins.

That probably means it’s a good thing for her to do. Everything I’ve read about disciplinary spanking always includes verbal reinforcement of the punishment. Hear it and feel it is better than just feeling it. Maybe the reason I dislike the idea of this conversation is that it underlines the fact that I am being spanked as a punishment, not because I want/need spankings. It’s also humiliating to be reminded so graphically of my mistakes.

The established punishment ritual of lecture followed by spanking must be nearly universal for good reason. I’m starting to understand why. I suspect that Mrs. Lion is uncomfortable with the verbal phase of the punishment. She seems to want to get right to the beating without any preliminaries. I think the verbal part may be as much for her as it is for me.

When she articulates why she is spanking me, she is reinforcing her role and the legitimacy of her actions. It provides context for both of us. It also might help motivate her to make her point more forcefully. We both know that “Just Because” spankings are almost never as forceful as punishments. Now that I’m getting punishment day spankings, whether or not I’ve earned them, I think it is particularly important to let me know that I’ve actually done something this time.

Neither of us wants to complicate the process. We both like just to get things done. Even so, we’ve struggled a bit with differentiating between earned and unearned spankings. This may be the way. It’s something disciplinary spankers all advocate. It will be uncomfortable for us, but it probably makes sense.