Sex Injury

As far as I can remember I’ve never had a sex injury. I guess, if you stretch it a lot, childbirth could be considered a sex injury. Although, if you stretch it a lot, you probably would be limber enough not to get a sex injury. (Sorry. I’ve been listening to an audio book by George Carlin. He tweaks my warped mind.)

This idea came about the other day as I was edging Lion. The muscle on top of my forearm started to ache. Don’t ask me which muscle. Thankfully my anatomy training ended at major muscles. I realized that this muscle has been sore for a long time. Not constantly, of course. It just hurts when I move a certain way. And I’ve been wondering what I did to it. Asked and answered. Sex injury.

I’m left wondering what I can do to strengthen this muscle. First, I guess, I’d have to figure out which muscle it is and then I can look for exercises. Lion, of course, will say I can continue to give him hand jobs. That exercise helps with grip and arm strength. What a guy! Sacrificing his body like that so I can exercise.

In addition to strengthening my forearm and grip, Lion would be willing to assist me with neck strengthening exercises. He says my weenie is available at all times. At the moment, however, it’s locked away for safe keeping. But he knows who has the key.

It’s also possible that my arm is sore from spanking. I still consider this a sex injury even though it didn’t directly come from sex, but perhaps it should be a different class of injury altogether. Punishment swats are decidedly not sex. But then we get into the hazy area of home offices. How much of your computer’s depreciation can you deduct if you play solitaire five hours a week? How much of my forearm injury was caused by hand jobs and how much was caused by spanking? What if it’s from spanking but hand jobs exacerbate the situation?

Damn. Maybe it’s not really a sex injury after all.