A Stimulating Time

Mrs. Lion was under the weather Thursday night. We spent the evening watching TV. I received an estim device that I learned about during physical therapy. This gadget is similar to a TENS machine, in fact, it can function as one. It uses pads that you apply to the area that needs treatment and then it sends low-frequency voltage in pulses that stimulate the muscle. In my case, I am trying to stimulate the deltoid muscle in my left arm. This is the arm with the torn rotator cuff.

According to the physical therapist, by stimulating the deltoid in that arm, I will alleviate a lot of the pain I am feeling. Right now, I am enjoying the benefits of a steroid shot in my left shoulder. This should relieve pain for three or four months. The problem is these shots destroy the joint. I can only get a very small number safely. The idea is that during this “vacation” from pain provided by the steroid, I can do things that will permanently make it feel better. It does seem to help. I’m putting ice on the arm at the same time as the stimulation. I think it’s working enough to let me sleep more comfortably.

Needless to say, there was no sex in the Lions den Thursday night. I’m still not feeling particularly horny. This is a bit disturbing to both of us because Mrs. Lion has been trying diligently to get me to the edge. There have been a number of theories offered by some of our readers that suggest the combination of my physical problems and the frustration using the paratransit are temporarily killing my libido. I hope that’s it. By the way, I called and growled at the Metro transit people about the 2 1/2 hour ride that should’ve taken 20 minutes. They were sympathetic and will be investigating what happened.

Speaking of estim, those gadgets are interesting for play as well. A long time ago, the play partner used one of these devices for an unorthodox application. She applied the two pads to my balls. I didn’t think anything would happen. After all, I didn’t think the balls had any particular ability to move. I was wrong. It turns out that the scrotum is composed of a thin layer of muscle. It’s that layer of muscle that causes your balls to pull in tightly or relax and flop around.

Each time the machine sent a burst of energy to my scrotum, it contracted. It was an odd feeling as my sack shrunk and grew under the control of my play partner. There’s another toy I own called the Folsom Box. This is an electro-stimulating device especially designed for BDSM. I’ve attempted to use it to cause me to ejaculate without being touched. With just the right settings and with one conductive band around the base of the penis and a second little bit higher. The pulses can be extremely pleasurable. They can also be quite painful.

On the pleasurable side, my partner and I tried to get me off using this. The problem for me was that as my penis grew, it became more conductive. That was caused by the expanding skin pressing against the conductive collar around it. So, the more excited I got the lower the voltage needed to be. It was impossible to keep up with it and do the right thing. There were a few seconds when it felt exactly like my penis was inside a wonderfully slippery vagina. I couldn’t believe how realistic it was. Boy would I like that to last longer! So far, I don’t have any idea how to do that.

The Folsom Box did not go unused. I worked out a way to drive women crazy with it. The method is quite simple, but I strongly recommend that you not try it without a qualified person instructing you. In any case it involves two hypodermic needles. One is inserted on the left side of the abdomen about 6 inches away from the vagina level with the clitoris. The second is inserted 6 inches to the right. They don’t get stuck straight in. I use a long (1 1/2 inch) 27gauge needle. I pinch the skin and insert the needle through so that the sharp side comes out the other side. Then I connect Folsom Box to each of the needles using alligator clips.

You need to maintain a sterile field where the needles are being placed. I rub the skin with Betadine prior to inserting the brand-new, sterile needle. When I remove the needles I first clean the part where the alligator clip was connected without the hall and then gently remove the needle.

I’m sure you’re wondering why I did this. Most women will be able to enjoy an incredible orgasm simply by using the correct settings on the box which is connected to those who needles. It feels to them like they are being fucked. The fun part is that as I slowly increase the voltage and, with that their arousal, I can control just how excited they get. Female sexual arousal looks like a mountain with a slow rise. As the voltage and frequency are increased on the box, the woman moves up that mountain. It’s fairly easy for me to bring them almost to the top, just inches from a full orgasm. It’s like edging me. The big difference is I can hold them at that point as long as I want. My victims love it. I don’t hold them there more than a couple of minutes. I don’t want them to go into muscle spasm and get cramps.

When I’ve demonstrated this at various large meetings, at the after party I invariably have a line of women waiting for me to do this to them. What fun! Placement of the needles is critical and doesn’t always work. My experience is that it works about 90% of the time. The reason I can do this is because the nerves that provide sexual arousal and orgasm pass through this area of her body. The needles aren’t directly contacting any of those nerves. However blood and other fluids under the skin are good conductors. They allow the very low current to flow between the needles. Since the needles are placed level with the clitoris, the current passes through some very interesting areas.

I don’t know anyone who is been successful at reliably doing this to males. I really wish someone would figure that out. The reason, by the way, for needles as opposed to just putting clips on the skin, is that just like my penis, skin will change conductivity if it begins to sweat. The needles being subcutaneous provide a very reliable path. Over the years, I’ve made some very good friends doing this little trick.

A TENS machine creates similar currents. I’ve never tried one for any of these experiments. I’m not sure whether or not you can make that same result with one. There are a lot of much more sophisticated machines out than the Folsom Box. These newer versions provide preprogrammed patterns of stimulation. Some are designed to be painful in BDSM scenes, and others to create waves of pleasure. They are expensive. My old standby, the Folsom Box Max cost $300 twenty years ago. This sort of stuff can’t be done very well or safely with the cheap TENS machines you can find on Amazon. Places like the Stockroom or Extreme Restraints stock the high-quality estim machines. The kind I bought for my shoulder isn’t suitable for play. The reason is that it is preprogrammed with routines designed for working muscles. It’s unlikely one of those routines will provide the kind of stimulation needed for the orgasmic or (big smile) almost orgasm activities I like. I believe I tried this on Mrs. Lion many years ago and it wasn’t effective. She must be part of that 10% who don’t respond orgasmic. Oh well, I have two things that work just fine.


  1. Great description about the e-stim scenes you did with women! I’ll have to try that with my wife (I already have an Erostek ET-312, as well as several other devices). I wonder, would conductive adhesive pads have the same reliability? Especially using conductive adhesive, these should provide pretty close and consistent coupling. Have you tried these?

    1. Author

      I don’t think the pads would work. They are dependent on the galvanic response of the skin. The needles avoid that sort of variation. I’m not sure about any of those machines you have. You need to be able to vary the voltage and the frequency of the signal to make this work. You don’t want any automatic pattern from the machine. This is a very touchy operation. Everyone I know who does this only uses needles. A 24 or 26gauge 1 1/2 inch or two inch needle does the job. All you do is pinch the skin and push the needle through the way you would if you were sewing. No one complains that it hurts.

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