Not Even Close

Lion was lamenting the fact that he hasn’t had any full hand jobs in a while. No, he wasn’t exactly lamenting because he gets more than his share of blow jobs, but he is correct in that I haven’t been able to get him much further than an erection by hand. I set out to try and change that last night.

I can usually get him hard. Sometimes I can get him very hard. It all depends on how horny he is and if I’m doing it “correctly”. There never used to be a problem, but now, unless I hold him a certain way, we don’t get very far. I assume it also depends on whether I’ve tied him up or used clothespins or some other torture device. The more turned on he is, the better shot I have at getting him hard. Duh!

I won’t say a blow job guarantees victory. He’s remained stubbornly soft quite a few times. It’s not that he does it on purpose. It’s probably the same reasons he doesn’t get hard for hand jobs. The difference is after he gets an erection. Then a blow job has a higher degree of success.

When I suck him, I tend to close my eyes. I think I can concentrate more on his noises and if he changes motion or hardness. Plus, the scenery isn’t the most exciting. When I give him a hand job, I either close my eyes for the same reason or I stare off into space. I’m still concentrating but the scenery is different. The problem with doing this when I’m jerking him off is that I sometimes change my grip without realizing it. Plus, Lion can see me and it may look like I’m bored. Not bored. Concentrating.

Neither of those tactics worked last night. I don’t know if I’ve just lost my touch giving him a hand job or if I’ve spoiled him too much with blow jobs. What guy would want a hand job instead of a blow job? Now I’m left with a dilemma. Do I continue to see if I can regain the ability to edge him manually or do I go back to the tried and true blow jobs? I know he’s been conditioned to only having sex on his back. Have I conditioned him to only want blow jobs?

On the other hand, last night was just four days after his last orgasm. Is that enough time for an experiment? Can he possibly be horny enough to make the assumption that hand jobs don’t work? Well, he can be horny enough. He has been in the past. However, I don’t think I’m ready to throw in the towel just yet. I’ll keep trying hand jobs. I may mix some blow jobs in, but I’ll stick to hand jobs to continue the experiment.

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  1. Probably, we should give him a little time to accumulate strength.

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