Lion thinks my grip has changed when I jerk him off. I’ve tried to remain constant. I think he’s the one who’s changed. When I agreed to his insane (my thinking at the time) idea of male chastity, I decided I needed to know how best to masturbate him. I’d been doing it for years, but I wanted expert guidance. Who better to ask than the guy who’s been masturbating him since he realized masturbation was a thing? I had Lion jerk off for me one last time. I watched carefully. Fingers there, got it. Speed of stroke, got it. I’ll never be as expert as he is, but I figured I could do it pretty well. And I think I did until very recently.

I have not been good to my body. I have a bum knee from a soccer injury that probably should have been looked at by a doctor, but we didn’t do doctors when I was growing up unless it was something major. I could still hobble around on it so I was good to go. I have many non-descript injuries suffered while building a house with my ex. Of course, I can lift fifty pounds while standing on the top rung of a ladder and hanging out over a roofline. My right shoulder is still sore from heaving softballs to home plate from the outfield during my son’s field day twenty-five years ago. The left shoulder and right knee probably gave out trying to compensate for their injured counterparts. Luckily, none of these things hurts constantly. The problems often occur from overexertion.

When we snuggle, and I start to play with my weenie, I make sure I grip him the same way he showed me. I won’t say I consistently grip him that way. If I’m distracted or tired, I don’t always do it correctly. From the picture on his post, you can see his fingers are just below the head. A week or so ago, he told me that grip was incorrect. Excuse me? He said he needs me to expand my grip to cover more territory. Um. Okay. Sure. So I started doing that and he seemed happy. And then he wrote that my grip now tends to cover more of his cock and he thinks that’s because my shoulders hurt. Huh?

Sometimes it feels like I’m trying to hit a moving target. Maybe he needs my grip to be all over with special consideration given to the spot just below the head. I’ve never asked if my tongue manages to hit all the right spots when I suck him. I wonder if I’m inconsistent there too. Maybe he doesn’t mind because I’m sucking him and that just feels good no matter what I do.

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