Ambidextrous Spanking

new spanking position
Lion found this photo and thought it might be a better position for spanking him. We tried it last night.

Lion likes to try different spanking positions. Sometimes it’s because it turns him on. I assume this is the appeal of over the knee. Since I have a belly, over the knee doesn’t really work for us. The few times we’ve tried it, I had to lean back so far to accommodate him that it wasn’t at all comfortable to swat him.

The position he found recently has him with his upper body on the bed opposite my spanking hand. I usually use my left hand so he was on my right last night. It did seem to cause my arm less stress. The power is difficult to gauge. I was using the wooden spoon last night and that requires more force to achieve the same effect.

The problem I see is that I switch hands a lot. When one arm gets tired, I change. Then when that arm gets tired, I change back. Depending on how long the punishment is or how my arm feels to begin with, I can switch a few times. This wouldn’t be possible with him next to me. If I’m standing, I’d think I exert much more force. Here’s the windup… and the pitch. I have my whole arm to swing whereas sitting next to him I’m just using my forearm.

Oddly enough, when I’m facing him and his head is to my right, I tend to hit with my right arm. I come down over the top and hit the sweet spot. When I change to my left arm, I hit across his butt. It’s easier to hit where I intend to hit when I come over the top. I know. I’m weird.

Lion swore I raised welts on him. I think his buns are just crinkled by all the recent spankings. I don’t think I did any damage to him with the wooden spoon. In the past if I wanted to bruise him, I’d use the wooden spoon. Since then we’ve gotten meaner paddles. I’m just glad he can feel the spanking for any length of time after it’s over.