A Sexual Hobby For The Ladies

I must be feeling better. I’ve been thinking about ruined orgasms. No, Mrs. Lion, I don’t want one this time! But I digress. A ruined orgasm is a singularly male sexual event. It involves the emission of some semen and intense, often-painful sensations for the male. With practice, it’s fairly easy to provide this service to the male of your choice. However, it’s very easy to go past a ruined orgasm into a full one.

There is a lot of confusion about ruined orgasms. Many people think that an orgasm is ruined if the male ejaculates without further stimulation from his partner. To be clear, that stimulation is masturbating him. However, many so-called ruined orgasm are actually complete orgasms without the continuing stimulation from his partner.

Let me explain. It’s very easy to masturbate a man until he just starts to come and then stop touching him. He will ejaculate with full force and empty out his supply of semen. This isn’t a ruined orgasm. It’s just a fairly mean trick to play on him. He will feel frustrated and sexually satisfied.

A ruined orgasm takes place at an earlier part of the male ejaculatory process. He is stimulated until just before he climaxes. He will sound like he is beginning to come. However, it can take 10 seconds until there is any result. His penis will move as he tries to complete his orgasm. Semen will ooze out of his penis. There won’t be any squirting. He didn’t get to the point when his body makes him ejaculate.

The semen you see comes from a little storage area his erection creates at the base of his penis. The stimulation takes him just past his point of no return. Edging takes him just before that point. Both are very frustrating.

Once he is stimulated enough to cross that boundary, the rest is automatic. Since he didn’t get to the point of no return for ejaculation, but passed his ability to control events, he empties that storage area. That’s what oozes out. Because his body started his liftoff sequence, it executed the first step; pushing out the semen in his reservoir. The next step in the sequence are the muscle spasms that force the semen out with some force and refill his reservoir with more semen. That’s why it comes out in spurts.

Since the lack of stimulation aborts liftoff, he experiences some muscle contractions, but the reservoir doesn’t refill and he feels a strong sense of frustration as the semen slowly leaks out.

The longer the wait between stopping masturbating him and the emission of semen, the “better” the ruined orgasm. I don’t think I can accurately describe the feeling. My ruined orgasms are usually accidents. Mrs. Lion is edging me and goes just too far. She already intended to stop stimulating me. She sees me react and watches me. I try hard to come, but of course I can’t. Semen oozes out. If she doesn’t stimulate me further, I drip for some time after I get soft. That’s a true ruined orgasm. I hate them!

There is an advantage in giving a ruined orgasm. The male still has a supply of semen. So long as he has available semen, he will be able to get aroused and ejaculate. Some women wait a minute or so after a ruined orgasm and masturbate him again. They can frequently give him three or more ruined orgasms before he runs out of juice.

Mrs. Lion hasn’t tried that. But she knows that the next night I will be very interested in ejaculating. Normally, it takes a day or two before I am ready again.

If, instead of a ruined orgasm, the male just gets a frustrating full orgasm, he will have emptied his semen supply and will not be available for sex until he has gone through his refractory period. Ruining orgasms is frustrating to the male, but making that happen is a skill that many women enjoy developing. It does take practice and requires reading signals the male sends. It’s a female sexual hobby that is anything but focused on male pleasure.

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