Ruined Orgasm Myth

Pretty much everywhere I read about enforced chastity, I see ruined orgasm as an activity for keyholders to use on their caged males. A ruined orgasm is when a man is masturbated just to the point that ejaculation can’t be avoided and then stopping. The result is semen dripping out and a frustrated male (video). The hype is that the ruined orgasm serves to make the male hornier as some sort of super cock tease.

It’s true that it is frustrating. To me it feels like I am just about to have an orgasm and a wall drops between me and the sensation I crave. I’m not too fond of that. The main reason I dislike it is that a ruined orgasm is, in fact, an orgasm albeit without the fun. That means my body reacts the same way it does  when the orgasm is allowed to complete. My desire for coming decreases. The next day it feels just the way it does after a regular orgasm. Over time, it dulls the value of waiting for an orgasm.

Let me explain. Guys will say ruined orgasms are different because after having one they are capable of arousal and orgasm again. Sometimes that is true. Let’s look at the physiology. A male orgasm is a series of events that causes semen to be forcibly ejected from the penis. Semen is actual a soup of secretions that come from different locations. Most of the fluid volume comes from the prostate gland. If the man is stimulated carefully (as in the video), and the stimulation stops just as his body is triggered to ejaculate, not all of the signals needed to fully empty the prostate and other locations are completed. Depending on the skill of the masturbator,  there is just enough stimulation to empty the prostate, but not enough to cause the muscle contractions that cause the semen to be ejected. The result is that the semen “leaks” out slowly over time. If she stops a bit sooner, only a portion of the fluid in the prostate empties.

It is the presence of seminal fluid in the prostate that signals to the male he can come again. So if he is not fully drained, he will feel able to have another orgasm, ruined or otherwise. Physically, ejaculation was triggered. That information is how the male brain understands orgasm. So, to a large extent, that ruined orgasm isn’t a tease, it’s the main event.

For me, at least, that ruined orgasm isn’t as much fun as one allowed to complete. I still get the massive arousal that males feel in the two or three seconds just prior to ejaculation. I love that. We all do. I miss out on the final peaks as I ejaculate. I love those peaks even more. But whether or not I get the whipped cream on my sexual sundae, I still ejaculated.

One of the key tenets of enforced male chastity is to keep the male aroused and very interested in release throughout the enforced wait. Teasing, verbal or physical, helps keep that interest alive and growing. Edging, bringing the male to the brink of orgasm is a very potent way to keep him desperate to come. A ruined orgasm, however, has the reverse effect.

There is a place for ruined orgasms. Some keyholders give their caged males a ruined orgasm instead of full release when they have completed their wait. So, if my wait has been 16 days, on the 16th day instead of a full orgasm, I get a ruined one, I will be very frustrated. Psychologically, my next wait will be very difficult. Physically, it will be no different than if I had a full orgasm.

As a keyholder, if and when you use ruined orgasms depends on the way you want to play. I just think it is a mistake to assume a ruined orgasm is a desire-enhancing activity like edging. It isn’t.


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    Good article but I think we are a little different. After a long T & D session my gf let go just before orgasm. At first I thought nothing was going to happen, but after maybe 15 seconds, yes that long, I began what I can only call an involuntary leaking. After it I was still completely aroused which was really frustrating.

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