“You Know That You Love To Be Teased”

sexually frustrated lien
Please, please don’t stop now!
“You know that you love it when I tease you.”

Friday night Mrs. Lion was feeling better and we had a really nice teasing session. She began orally and worked very hard to get me off. After a while she tired and moved over next to me and continued with her hand. Predictably, I reached the plateau in my arousal and stubbornly refused to continue toward orgasm. This time, Mrs. Lion kept going anyway. Sure enough, after a few more minutes I felt myself getting more and more excited. She noticed that my erection had grown even stiffer. I felt myself moving closer and closer to ejaculation.

It felt like she had decided to push me all the way over the top. My breathing quickened. I braced for orgasm.

She stopped.

I breathed a deep sigh. Her hand moved down and caressed my balls. I could feel my arousal and erection draining away. After a while, she went back to work on my penis. It took longer than I expected to get back to the edge, but she got me there. This time I wasn’t so sure she was going to let me come.

She didn’t.

Again she caressed my balls and my inner thighs waiting until my arousal had substantially receded. Again, she began masturbating me. Once again after a while, I felt myself getting closer and closer to orgasm. Maybe this time she’ll give me a break and let me come.

She stopped.

In an even tone she said, “This isn’t your night.”

She leaned down and briefly sucked my pulsing cock.

I was a little surprised that she didn’t push me all the way. But then again, why should she? After all, edging is the name of the game. Friday was my sixth day of waiting. My last orgasm was on April 27. I think she’s figured me out. It’s not so much that I’m stuck or broken, it’s just that for some reason it takes longer to get me to the edge. There is nothing either of us can do about that.

I also think she’s being conservative in terms of her edging. Along with the delay in reaching the edge, apparently I go from very aroused to ejaculation much more quickly than before. Friday night, Mrs. Lion didn’t push me as hard as she usually does. Most of the time after she gets me close to the edge, she won’t wait more than a few seconds before beginning pushing me again. Her pattern is very much like the one she uses when she wants to give me a ruined orgasm. She’ll give me a burst of rapid short strokes continuing until she sure I’m about to come. Then she’ll stop for just a few seconds and give me another short burst of strokes pushing me again.

This is a very difficult technique. In the past, a good deal of the time, the result of this kind of edging was a ruined orgasm. Since we have agreed that ruined orgasms are okay with me, she’s been willing to push me into that territory much more often. I think that at this point she doesn’t want to risk that since it’s been so difficult for me to get highly aroused.

I get it and in a way I agree. On the other hand, I think Mrs. Lion underestimates her talent at edging. I welcome her returning to the riskier, much-closer-to-ejaculation edging style. I’m confident that she can go considerably further without giving me a ruined orgasm. If she does, no big deal.

A while ago I proposed using lube when Mrs. Lion masturbates me. I had seen and shared with you a couple of videos that showed what looked like, very exciting hand job action. Mrs. Lion tried all this and it did feel good. However, her dry hand feels much better. She understands exactly how to arouse me and doesn’t need lubrication to help her along. Of course, if she wants to vary things and use some, I’m not going to complain.

I’m very glad that she decided to just edge me. While I certainly would love a chance to ejaculate, I also welcome a bunch of days being brought closer to the edge. I’m very fond of those teasing sessions. I get hard just thinking about them; like now. I’m very happy that Mrs. Lion has the perseverance to get me to the edge again. I think I’m starting to like that just about as much is finally getting to ejaculate.