Ruined Orgasm: Yoga For The Penis

(Monday, May 5 2014) Last night lioness asked if I was horny. I said that I certainly was. I had my last orgasm only the night before. I think that tease and deny and orgasm gave me an appetite the next day. To my surprise, lioness removed my cage and proceeded masturbating me. She pushed me right to the edge, actually just beyond the edge, and I had a small ruined orgasm. I thought I had just been brought to the edge, but a small blob of semen appeared. Lioness promptly fed it to me. It was thick, definitely not precum. Lioness began again and this time took me all the way through a nice orgasm.

I’ve had a couple of ruined orgasms in the past. They always felt like a heavy door crashed down on my arousal. This time it felt like I was just brought to the very brink, but not over it. I also realized that after the ruined orgasm, I was indeed ready for more. Instead of a complete orgasm, she certainly could have ruined another. This is amazing to me. I have never had multiple orgasms. Last night I effectively came twice.

My understanding of the underlying biology is that so long as there is a reasonable supply of available semen, a male can ejaculate more than once in rapid succession. A “normal” orgasm results in complete ejaculation; no semen remains. A ruined orgasm, on the other hand, aborts the ejaculation in mid stream. Depending on the male and just how close the keyholder gets to the full ejaculation trigger, it’s possible to have several ejaculations in a single session.

Ruined orgasm doesn’t provide any particular satisfaction to the male. It doesn’t feel like I actually came. It feels like a massive tease and deny. Ejaculation is clearly not the basis for male sexual satisfaction. Ruined orgasm proves that the male orgasm is far more than just arousal, ejaculation, and ejaculation. More is going on. Based purely on my experience, I can say that I need stimulation well beyond the point at which ejaculation is triggered in order to have a satisfying orgasm.

If I am trained to separate arousal from ejaculation and ejaculation from orgasm, my keyholder has many opportunities to control my sexual responses. This training is fairly simple: provide frequent tease and deny that goes right up to the ejaculation trigger, produce multiple ruined orgasms in a single session, and make both tease and deny and ruined orgasm part of any session that ends with a complete orgasm. The objective is to make it very easy to hit tease and deny or ruined orgasm by training the male to put more time between each of the three events.

The male orgasm is generally an involuntary sequence of events that goes from arousal to ejaculation to orgasm. In an untrained male, this takes two to three seconds. In a trained male, this sequence can take ten seconds or more. Does this have any particular use? It successfully demonstrates that a keyholder can train her male to make teasing and ruined orgasms very easy. It should also help the male learn to hold off orgasm until he is allowed to come.