milking methods
There is always more to learn about milking
Mrs. Lion’s hand provides over 99% of my sexual activity. When she gives me orgasms, she uses her hand 75% of the time.  I think I am well qualified to offer some handjob ideas you might be able to use. Here are a few mlking techniques she uses that might interest you.

He won’t be able to come
This technique will never result in an orgasm no matter how long she does it. This works best with some lube, though Mrs. Lion is able to do it dry. The idea is to move up the shaft and head hand over hand. There is no downward motion at all. This is exciting but will never trigger an orgasm.

Male sexual programming is designed to trigger orgasm only on the downward stroke when, during intercourse, it presses deeper into the vagina. This assures the semen will be deposited as close as possible to the cervix. This improves the chances of impregnation. The brain doesn’t distinguish between penetrative sex and masturbation. So, when my lioness uses continued upward strokes, I will stay aroused but never get over the top. Be careful. With a male at the very edge of orgasm, even the slightest downward motion will result in ejaculation.

Start. Stop.
This is how Mrs. Lion generally edges me. She masturbates me until I am clearly preparing to come. At the first sign of approaching orgasm, she stops. She waits a few seconds and begins again. She likes to get me even closer. This activity doesn’t have to be done when I’m close to orgasm. It can start almost as soon as I get hard. Ten or twenty seconds of masturbation followed by a ten or twenty second pause builds up tension. If started just after getting hard, it takes a few cycles before I start reacting. Then, I start trying to hump her hand. Of course it does no good, but I can’t help trying.

This also happens to be a great way to get a ruined orgasm. As he gets more excited, reduce the number of strokes before pausing. Be sure to wait at least 15 seconds to give his ruined orgasm time to erupt. This technique works 100% of the time. Persevere!

Hand Humping
One of my favorite activities is when Mrs. Lion lets me hump her hand. She calls this “bucking.” She hold my penis in the masturbating position and doesn’t move. That’s the signal for me to start humping. There’s no need for lube. I control my motion to avoid going so far that friction would hurt. Mrs. Lion will let me work myself up and then open her hand. I find myself humping air. Very frustrating!

After I calm down a bit, she closes her hand around my cock and I get moving again. This goes on and on. When I finally get ready for the final moment,  she will open her hand just before I can come. She waits a bit, and closes her hand again. Off I go, humping faster and faster until she opens her hand again. It doesn’t matter how many times she does this. I can’t help but hump when she closes her hand. I’m like Charlie brown always falling for it when Lucy pulls away the football before he can kick it.  Like him, I’m know I won’t make it, but I can’t help myself.

“Ruined” Orgasm
Mrs. Lion has done this very infrequently, usually by accident. A ruined orgasm is really an orgasm; just a different kind. This occurs when she masturbates me to the point of no return and then stops and removes her hand. I’m over the edge and ejaculate. It’s very frustrating. There are a couple of types of ruined orgasms. Until now, Mrs. Lion does the type that has me just starting to come when she removes her hand. The sensation is not the same as an orgasm when she keeps stimulating me. I don’t like it; well I’m surprised by it. I’m sure I could learn to like it.

This type of ruined orgasm leaves me the same way as I am after a full orgasm. The semen drips out and I get soft and uninterested in more sex. The second type is the intentional ruined orgasm This type has stimulation removed as early as possible; just as it is too late for the male to avoid ejaculating. It can take ten or fifteen seconds after stimulation is stopped for semen to drip out.

This kind of ruined orgasm doesn’t release much semen and the male is immediately ready for more sexual activity. Most men can have repeated ruined orgasms of this type within the space of ten or fifteen minutes. This is the only way a male can experience multiple orgasms. The trick is for the male to learn to enjoy the different sensations created by this type of orgasm. I suspect the reason I don’t like it when my orgasm is ruined, is that I’m surprised and expected something else. I wonder if I know ruined orgasms are coming, could I start learning to enjoy them. It won’t happen the first time, but eventually I think I would learn.

That’s Post Orgasmic Torture. Mrs. Lion only did this to me once. I didn’t like it but I admit I would like to experience more often, maybe most of the time.  Doing it is very simple and requires no special equipment. All that you have to do is vigorously rub the head of the penis with your hand as soon as he starts coming. Keep it up. When Mrs. Lion does it, I try to escape, but she knows how to handle that. It’s intensely uncomfortable, but does no real harm. The pain can go on for a minute or more.

All of these activities are fun for me. Some are very frustrating, but in a different way I like them too. I like that Mrs. Lion takes the time to tease me and give me orgasms. After all, it’s the only sexual activity I can have.