Stupid Ruined Orgasm

Lion isn’t broken, but I may be. Now, it did take quite a bit of effort to get him to the edge the first time. But this time I didn’t leave my weenie alone right after. And it still took quite a bit of effort to get him to the edge the second time. As a matter of fact, it took so much effort that he went right over the top almost before I realized it. I managed to stop but he didn’t. He had a ruined orgasm.

We decided some months ago that a ruined orgasm is not necessarily a bad thing. However, since Lion has been having trouble getting too the edge, I wanted to build up the suspense for him. I wasn’t going to give him an orgasm until tonight. I figured three days of teasing, culminating in an orgasm would be a nice way to end the weekend. Now I’m not even sure he’s going to feel like being teased tonight. Rats! [Lion — I think I will.]

Of course, it’s not the end of the world. Things happen all the time that are not to our liking. But I wanted Lion’s next orgasm to be a nice one. I wanted it to be a sort of reward for getting unstuck. I guess if I had just kept going last night I could have salvaged things but neither of us was sure it was actually a ruined orgasm at the time. And then slowly it became apparent.

Lion’s eye surgery is tomorrow. I’m not sure he would have been in the mood tonight anyway. He might be worrying. And he almost certainly will not be interested in sex tomorrow night. No matter what he feels like, I’ll be right beside him. If all he wants to do is hold hands, that’s what we’ll do. And, of course, I’ll take care of him.