You’d think that being a male, I would know all about what works for men. I don’t. For example, it wasn’t many years ago that I learned about ruined orgasms. Yes, there had been times in the past when I had them. They were always accidents or miscalculations. I had no idea that women would deliver them just for fun.

It never occurred to me that there was more than one way I could come. Please! No, I’m not talking about hands, vaginas, mouths, or anuses. I’m talking about different sensations that can be delivered at will. The first surprise was ruined orgasms. I had read about women dominating men by doing this to them. Once Mrs. Lion learned to consistently deliver them, I had many opportunities to experience the frustration they induce.

Some males can be brought to a ruined orgasm more than once in a session. This ability is controlled by the amount of semen available for ejaculation. The more produced, the more times he will be able to experience ruined orgasms in a session. Apparently, our ability to reach orgasm depends on a supply of semen available for release. Most of the time, in a normal ejaculation, the entire supply comes out at one time. A male orgasm is a complex set of muscle activities that moves semen to the base of the penis and then out.

A ruined orgasm occurs when the penis is stimulated just enough to trigger the sequence. Once that happens, the supply of semen at the base of the penis is sent up and out. However, without continued stimulation, the sequence aborts. That sensation isn’t pleasant. Of course, you know that. After a brief (only a few seconds) rest, stimulation can be resumed, and excitement will build again. Rinse and repeat.

Many women don’t fully understand when they create a ruined vs. full orgasm. A ruined orgasm occurs when penis stimulation stops, and then nothing happens for up to 15 seconds. Then the semen oozes out. Some guys will squirt. I don’t. The key is that after you move your hand away, the penis may twitch a bit, and then some semen emerges. Resuming stimulation once the semen starts to flow won’t rescue the orgasm. It’s too late. Some women whose partners can have more than one ruined orgasm will take mercy and keep rubbing for the last one. That way, he finally gets to enjoy what every man desires.

A second odd male sexual ability is edging. Female orgasms build slowly. Excitement increases until the orgasm occurs. Males are completely different. We will get aroused, and then our arousal plateaus. It may increase a little, but we don’t feel a gradual buildup to our climax. Instead, when we are ready to come, our excitement builds rapidly, and then we ejaculate. That ramp-up can be as little as two or three seconds. Some men experience a slightly longer buildup.

Edging is first cousin to ruined orgasms. It takes some practice to successfully edge a man. Edging is stimulating the penis until just before ejaculation is triggered. Ruined orgasms require stimulation until just after that trigger point. There is fun on either side of that razor’s edge. The better you are at edging, the closer you get to that trigger point. If you get really close, it feels like ejaculation is on the way. When you suddenly stop, there is a huge buildup of arousal with nowhere to go. I may be sweating and panting. I will try to hump air in order to get over the top.

Unlike ruined orgasms, every man can be edged over and over. You can’t go on indefinitely. Eventually, he will “break.” He will get soft and be unable to be aroused. Mrs. Lion has done this to me a few times. It is super frustrating. Within an hour, most guys will be ready to go again. Do this for an evening, and you will have a sweaty guy with a sore cock.

Most women use their hands for either activity. Mrs. Lion can do it with her mouth. She can sense the level of my arousal and stop on either side of my trigger point. She is a very skilled lioness.

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  1. I know how you feel Lion! Been having ruined orgasms myself! When Mistress Pat edges me she always leaves me dripping cum! She will edge me to orgasm every 30 days and a whole lot of frustration in between! God help me I cum during and edging session! It usually ends in a cock spanking!

  2. I think that her experience is gained through constant training.

  3. Thank you for the tips. David has never explained all this as clearly. I feel “better armed”!

    1. Author

      Male sexuality is something most of us don’t discuss or even think about. A ruined orgasm or edging comes as a surprise when it happens. I guess that’s what we get for having hair triggers.

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