Male orgasm control is largely exercised by depriving the male of wanted orgasms. His keyholder or top only allows him to come when she wishes. Most of us who are under orgasm control, aside from waiting, are teased to the edge of orgasm. Sometime we get a ruined orgasm which is carrying edging just past the point of no return. Both practices are virtually the same thing. I decided to do some research on male arousal and orgasm to get a better handle on these orgasm control practices. Males and females have very different arousal patterns. Females slowly build excitement that climaxes with at least one orgasm. The buildup is steady. Males, on the other hand, have a very different pattern. We start to get aroused and become erect. Continued stimulation feels good but doesn’t necessarily build up excitement very much. Finally, we get very excited and ejaculate. The time it takes to go from hard to ejaculation is generally less than ten seconds. Once we ejaculate, we lose interest. That takes a minute or two at most.

When we are at the top of the curve, the brain initiates a sequence of events. Starting ejaculation takes about two seconds. In that time various glands begin releasing components of semen and they start mixing and moving toward the penis. Muscle spasms are triggered the next few seconds that moves the semen up and out. The ejaculatory phase can take from one to ten seconds or more. In some men like me, the initial ejaculation is followed with semen dripping out for some time. Occasionally, it looks like I am not producing any semen. I have an orgasm with no apparent ejaculate. However, as I calm down, semen starts dripping out. It’s probably a natural part of getting older.

Edging is fairly tricky. The idea is to get the male as far up that steep curve as possible without triggering ejaculation. When Mrs. Lion edges me, I feel a rapid buildup of excitement. I mentally prepare to ejaculate. I can’t help but thrust and try to get over the top. Of course, Mrs. Lion knows that and stops just before I can get that satisfaction. My arousal level will gradually go down. When it does, she starts stimulating me again right to the point I will come. And she stops. That’s the process. Grrrr! In order to do this, she needs to read me like a book. I think that I do some involuntary things just prior to orgasm. Even when I fight to remain perfectly still and breathing evenly, she can tell. As far as I can see, edging gives me all the work of sex without that final note. Each successive time she repeats it, the frustration grows. I never want to tell her to stop. Maybe this time she will take me over the top. When she finally stops, I gradually lose my erection. Oddly, I never feel compelled to finish on my own. I guess I am getting well trained. The more times you edge in  a session, the shorter the time becomes between almost ejaculating and the start of orgasm.

A ruined orgasm is edging that goes a bit too far. Just one stroke past the point of no return will trigger the brain to start the launch process. When stimulation suddenly stops, everything shuts down. I do feel muscles tensing and I can feel the PC muscles trying to ejaculate. Generally some semen will seep out. Depending on just how soon she stops stroking, the ruined orgasm can be almost as good as a full one. It’s very tricky to stop at exactly the right time. A few seconds after the ruined orgasm, I rapidly get soft. We haven’t really tried it, but I’ve been told that if Mrs. Lion keeps stimulating my penis, eventually I will get hard again and ready for more edging or another ruined orgasm.

There is a risk with ruined orgasms. Contrary to claims to the opposite, any ejaculation will have an effect on the cumulative frustration the male feels. I’ve heard tales it makes a guy hornier. In my case it doesn’t. The next day I either feel the same way I do after a full orgasm or no different than if I were edged the night before. Some keyholders provide only ruined orgasms as release after long waits. They never give their male the opportunity for a full one. They guys who live this way seem pretty happy with the situation. When I think about it, I realize that women are often in sexual situations that don’t result in an orgasm for them. Either their partners finish too soon or they have some other issue that keeps them from coming. However, they report still enjoying sex a lot. Of course the female orgasm builds in a linear manner, so a lot of arousal is fun too. Males can experience the same thing when edged. I, for example, know I’m not getting to really come, but I am getting a lot of the pleasure anyway. It’s both frustrating and enjoyable. It’s enough fun for me to want more. I think that is why many guys are content with just edging and ruined orgasms. They are fun and are certainly better than nothing. I’m grateful that Mrs. Lion teases me almost every night. Nevertheless I am counting the days until I can come again.