I still owed Lion a punishment last night for the whole interrupting fiasco from a few days ago. I really didn’t feel like spanking him but I couldn’t do Icy Hot since I’d waxed his balls earlier in the day. The sensitive spots would have lit up like a Christmas tree with even the smallest amount of menthol. So, spanking it was.

I decided to use the paddle I’d used for our spanking experiment. It has a flat side and a tenderizer side. My goal was to get him nice and rosy-cheeked and then switch to the tenderizer side for a bit. Unfortunately, Lion’s buns were apparently still sensitive from his last punishment. Not too long into it, he was roaring. He rolled away and said it was definitely a yellow situation. I can’t tell you the last time Lion has done that. He may roll away but I think he’s said yellow only one other time.

I didn’t want to stop the punishment, but there was clearly an issue. I swatted less forcefully on the left cheek and then changed to hitting both cheeks with each swat. And then I wound things up. Obviously I didn’t do a lot of damage this time. And I didn’t think I did a lot of damage last time. But there was definitely something going on. You never want to hit on old bruising.

Now, here’s my problem: Lion has said punishment should be harsher than the experiment, but every time I try to ramp things up he can’t take it. When I first tried, I did harder swats in groups of ten. He did okay for the first four sets or so, and then he was trying to get away. If I maintain fifteen swats per group at roughly the same strength as the experiment, he can take more swats but he still rolls away. That’s what happened when I had to start over the other night.

I do know the answer. I need to tie him to the bed. But I have a problem with that. First, he likes to be tied up so that seems like a little bit of reward mixed into the punishment. Second, shouldn’t he be able to stay still for punishment? I mean, shouldn’t that be part of the punishment too? Having someone stand in the corner isn’t just about the isolation of being in a corner. It’s also about standing there, with your feet begging to move and your legs screaming to sit down. Yes, I know I deserve to be in the corner, but holy hell, my feet are asleep!

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  1. Mrs. Lion,

    From the position of a life-long sub, I can tell you that for me restraints serve purposes other than pleasure. They also work as a mercy to keep me from embarrassing myself when corporal punishment goes beyond what I think I can handle and I instinctually attempt to avoid further strokes. No matter how exciting it might be to get bound before a whipping or a spanking, after the first stroke or two I curse restraints for keeping me from getting away from the misery. Only after some time into the punishment do I find comfort – not so much from the restraints themselves, but from knowing P put them on me to keep me in place while she does her work. I do not conflate comfort with pleasure.

    If Lion is anything at all like me, he WANTS to endure his full measure of punishment. Always. Sometimes we need to be restrained to make it through. Perhaps it might help to think of restraints not as a gift of pleasure but as an offer of mercy – leniency if you will – from you to him. It surely is not a pass on punishment due!


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