Mrs. Lion’s Little Helper

It seems to me that people read about enforced male chastity when they are horny and are looking for titillation, not information. I get that. I have to say that most of my early reading on the subject was fodder for my masturbation fantasies. I certainly don’t object when I read something that gets me hard. Of course, it’s been years since I’ve been allowed to do anything about it when I do. Oh well.

Mrs. Lion and I aren’t inclined to write erection-producing posts. One of our primary purposes is to provide accurate information for people who are interested in the subjects we discuss. I’m not saying that what we do doesn’t usually make me hard; it does. Even when I’m writing factual posts, Mrs. Lion’s weenie pokes up from under my desk.

There’s nothing wrong with being aroused when reading a sexual topic. It’s natural. I know I’m not offended if you get a boner reading about my adventures. I sometimes get one when I write about them.

In her post yesterday, Mrs. Lion discussed what may become a necessary step in teaching me to accept sufficiently large doses of discipline. She noted that I wasn’t doing a good job staying in position when the spanking got tough. She went on to say that she could cure this by tying me to the bed. Mrs. Lion isn’t sure that’s a good idea. After all, I get turned on by being tied up. I have to remind her that I also get turned on thinking about being spanked.

It’s the fact that it’s a turn on to be spanked that brings me meekly to the foot of the bed and into position to receive a beating. I’ve noted that other bloggers are similarly motivated. That initial arousal disappears pretty quickly. I’d suggest that I might get turned on as she puts the restraints on me and fastens me to the bed. I’m pretty sure that arousal would disappear quickly as the pain of her spanking reached my addled brain.

We’ve always contended with activities that can be fun in one context, and sheer hell in another. Spanking, of course, is the prime example of this. I’ve always been turned on by spanking. I now have well over five years experience where spanking is anything but a turn on. As I see it, there’s absolutely no reason why bondage can’t be a utilitarian part of punishment even though in another context it gives me a boner.

In fact, perverting things that are normally arousing into unpleasant experiences could be a sort of sadistic game. Since we have years of experience with spanking, we know that no matter how many painful spankings I get, the turn on doesn’t go away even though virtually all my recent experience with it has been very unpleasant. Sometimes, thinking about a punishment spanking turns me on. This has to be the very definition of perversion.

Is Mrs. Lion suggesting that if I can become aroused by a punishment, after the fact, the punishment is actually fun? I’m sure it isn’t. It’s that very odd twisting of a painful experience into an arousing memory that keeps me docile.

You would think that if my memory of a punishment spanking gets me hard, I would want another. After all, it’s arousing. No, that’s not true. I also remember how miserable I was each time that paddle landed on my bottom. Each swat felt like a tongue of fire burning into my ass. At the time I wanted nothing more than for it to stop.

I understand what brought me all that pain: I interrupted my lioness. I’m going to do my very best to avoid repeating it. I don’t want another spanking. Even if I knew that next time I break a rule she will tie me to the bed spread eagle, I may get hot thinking about how that feels, but I promise you I don’t think it’s worth it. I know that within a few seconds of her paddle starting to land on my butt, I’m a very unhappy lion.

lion's balls on rough punishment stool.
The rough, coconut fibers of the punishment stool dig into Lion’s tender, burning balls.
(Click image to view larger)

Mrs. Lion has actually been playing with this concept. About a week ago, because she had a sore arm, she punished me by slathering maximum-strength Icy Hot on my balls. She then made me sit on my punishment stool. I got no relief and was not allowed to clean myself off. I absolutely hated the experience.

But wait! Doesn’t Mrs. Lion use the same Icy Hot on my balls for play? She does. She is a little bit more willing to let me wash it off if it gets too painful. Most of the time though, I have to endure the total burn. The only difference is that during play she keeps me hard and very aroused. The arousal masks most of the pain.

The difference between punishment and play can be as simple as context. The same activities that produce identical sensations, can in one context be arousing and fun. In a different context, they can be sheer agony. I suppose that just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, punishment is in the mind of the victim.

The real difference is that in the context of play I get to decide when I’ve had enough. When I’m being punished, on the other hand, I have no vote. The painful sensations will go on until Mrs. Lion decides I’ve learned my lesson. So, when punishment begins I may perceive it as exciting fun. As it goes on, I learn unmistakably that what’s happening isn’t for my entertainment.

That initial boner is Mrs. Lion’s helper, keeping me a cooperative lamb to the slaughter. She knows that when it’s too late I will discover the error of my erection.