Red Buns and Waxed Nuts

I waxed the front half of Lion yesterday. Parts of him were very furry. All in all, though, it went surprisingly quickly. There were only a few spots where the hair hung on for dear life. Eventually I won. I left some bruising on his upper thighs. It’s difficult to stretch the skin there and pull. Today I’ll hit a few places I missed and I’ll wax the moon side.

We also played our football game. I don’t know how many penalties there were but I started out on a fairly high setting. In his post the other day, he said he thought I’d been taking it easy on him. Challenge accepted! He also said he thought I wasn’t swatting as hard as I should be. I decided I could fix that, but after the first score I found myself wondering if he should get whomped so hard right out of the gate. When it’s play, I start out slow with my hands and then progress to harder swats with paddles. Punishment starts out with rapid fire easy swats and progresses to harder swats, all with a paddle. Why would the football swats be hard with a paddle? It’s not a punishment. I kept going because he wasn’t complaining.

I’m still not sure it’s the right tactic. If it’s play it should start out slow. But we don’t know how many points will be scored ahead of time. What if the final score is 3-0? Six swats is all he’ll get. There’s no time to warm up. And if there’s a lot of time between scores, his butt will cool back down. Since he didn’t say anything when I started off with hard swats, I guess all is well in the Lion world. Who am I to argue?

I was able to edge him last night too. It was a very eventful day for someone who hasn’t had much sexual excitement in a while. He was plucked, whomped and edged. What more could a Lion as for?