The plan was to get to the airport with two hours to spare, get through security and relax a little at the gate. Getting to the airport was no problem. However, finding parking was another matter. The garage was packed. Getting through security was no problem. However, getting to the gate within the airport took some time. Walk, walk, walk, take a tram, take another tram, walk some more. I still had plenty of time, but there was no relaxing at the gate.

Lion and the dog are lonely back home. I’m lonely on the plane. I’ll get to spend some time with two of my kids before I head home again. My older son, who can’t make it to my daughter’s graduation, is in school to become a physician’s assistant. My daughter will continue on for a master’s degree to become a counselor. When my body craps out, he’s got me covered. When my mind goes, she’s got me covered.

It will be late when I get home Saturday. I’ll have to get the dog calmed down and then I can snuggle with Lion. I won’t promise to look for the missing piece to the restraint on Sunday, but I am thinking about it. By Monday, I hope to have found it. If not, I think I can find at least one of the old restraints and we can go from there. It may be possible to tie Lion down across the bed, in a position similar to his oral sex position. We’ll have to test it out. His head or feet may dangle off the edge. I should be able to figure something out that will work.

He mentioned his shock collar. I think it’s fully charged. I just have to strap him in and we can play Zapardy. At one point, I was thinking I could have him wear it during the day even if we’re together. I could give him random love zaps from time to time. Bzzzt. I’m thinking about you. Bzzzt. I love you. I don’t think he’d mind if I interrupted him that way.

We were both tired last night. My shoulders have been hurting. I assume that’s from wrestling with the dog. They’ve hurt for a long time, but she definitely aggravates them. Tonight, I have to lift her onto the grooming table to cut her nails. I can’t imagine that will do my shoulders any good. However, I want to take a stab at playing with Lion.

We’ve been putting the dog on the leash today. She argued at first, but now she’s resigned to the fact that she’s not going very far. I can try that tonight when I attempt to get Lion all riled up. It’s only been a few days since his orgasm, but we need to get things going if we’re going to keep up with our four orgasms a month goal. If we are lax now, we’ll be skidding into the end of the year trying to have three orgasms a day. And you know that ain’t happening.

I keep forgetting to mention that when I went into work a few weeks ago, I was going to make Lion wear some pretty panties. I wanted him to think of me even though I wasn’t around. Of course, I can make him wear panties any time I want. The point was to do it on a day I was gone. I don’t usually remind him who’s in charge. The panties would have done it for me.

The dog’s shock collar was delivered this morning. I have it charging. We needed something to snap her out of her craziness when she’s jumping on Lion. He mentioned that now they both have shock collars. Maybe he could wear his during the day and I could give him little love zaps throughout the day. I wonder if he’d rather have the panties or the shock collar remind him who’s in charge? The panties are definitely more subtle.

Lion wearing his shock collar for Zapardy.

Our puppy is a lot of work. Puppies generally are, but this one is a lot more than most. We have to teach her not to be afraid of going into her crate. I have to clean up all her toys and only allow her one or two at a time. She has to be tethered to one of us at all times, so she learns who’s in charge. It sounds like she’s grounded and can’t go out to play until she learns not to break curfew. Of course, this is a big change for us too, but we’re spending a lot of money to have our lives turned upside down, so we better do what we’re told.

[Lion — To be fair, the reason for all this fuss isn’t that the dog is being difficult. We hired a professional dog trainer to help us. All the toy removal and tethering is part of the training boot camp she needs. We haven’t started that yet. Until next Wednesday, we will be helping her learn to accept her crate and our authority. She is doing very well. We are both impressed with her changed behavior.]

I won’t say working from home is more distracting than being in the office. I think there are different kinds of distractions, and I have to learn to ignore them like I learned to ignore distractions at work. However, none of my coworkers nudged my arm for me to pet them. The biggest problem is that I have a backlog of work, and there’s no one to help me. That would have been true no matter where my desk happens to be, but it is pretty stressful. Perhaps training the dog when I have a lot to do at work was a bad idea, but we had to do something with her.

I didn’t write a post yesterday because the dog trainer was here, and that just sucked even more time away from my day. What I would have told you is that not only did Lion get his buns whomped Tuesday night, but he also got his balls zapped. We played Zapardy. It’s been such a long time since we played, I forgot how few zaps he can get. If he doesn’t answer a question correctly, he gets a shock. The problem is that he has the option to skip answering questions he’s not sure about. It’s conceivable that he could escape the entire game without getting zapped. While it is fair, I don’t think it really follows the spirit of the game. I’ll have to fiddle with the rules to ensure he gets the shocks he needs. More correctly, the shocks I need him to get.

His spanking was a success. He was yelping, but he managed to stay still. One of his straps started to slide down and almost went down his legs. That’s what happens when you have no butt to keep it up. It’s also why his pants fall down without suspenders. As much as he hates them, he either has to have butt augmentation surgery or wear suspenders. A Kardashian, he is not.

When I played with my weenie last night, Lion didn’t seem interested. As a matter of fact, he fell asleep. I can take a hint. I stayed snuggled close, so I didn’t wake him, but I gave up trying to arouse him. We’ll try again tonight, hopefully with better results. I know he thinks he’s horny, and he may very well be, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to an erection. It’s a good thing I like to keep trying.

Lion mentioned that I haven’t had him wear his shock collar in a while.

There’s a flaw in my weekend plans. Lion pointed out that I have to wax his buns before I spank them. If I spank him first, he will be sore for days, and the skin may even be broken. I can’t wax him in that state. Therefore, I have to wax his moon side before I spank him. That makes sense. I hadn’t thought of that. It doesn’t necessarily alter my plans. It just changes them around a bit.

I shoved everything into the pantry when I “cleaned” the house for the dog trainer’s visit. The waxing table is under a mound of stuff. I have to do some excavating before I can wax Lion. While the wax is melting, I can dig my way down to the table and get things ready. I should wax at least part of him today. Otherwise, it will be Sunday all of a sudden, and I’ll be scrambling to get things done. The question is, which side of Lion to wax first.

Despite my intentions of doing something earlier in the day yesterday, we did not. After dinner, Lion snoozed a bit and then wasn’t interested in sex. Do I try again tonight and then wax his front tomorrow? Or do wax the front today and try to get him interested when he’s oiled up? If I wax the backside today, I can spank him later on. Maybe that will jump-start things. The bottom line, pun intended, is that I have to figure out how to get him interested again. It’s been a few days, and I know he wants to do something. We were talking about getting the dog a shock collar, and he mentioned that I hadn’t used his shock collar in a long time. If he wants his balls zapped, he must be interested on some level.

I was thinking about the shock collar last week. While I’m working from home and he’s in his office, I could either vibrate or shock him to let him know I’m thinking about him. A love tap of sorts. [Lion — A love zap.]