I didn’t get a lot done yesterday but, as they say, it is what it is. We snoozed a bit, watched a movie and went to the casino. Lion has been wanting to go for a while. My plan was not to stay too long but hours have a way of zipping by.

Once we got home we needed showers. The casino spews some perfume-y air freshener that hangs on to clothes and people. To save time, Lion took his own shower so there was no opportunity for weenie washing. I got the dog settled in with her ice cream and let her out. By the time Lion was done, I was ready for my shower.

As promised, I locked Lion back into the Jail Bird. He may be spraying pee all over the place but my weenie is safely off limits. I’ll need to unlock him so we can play Zapardy! tonight. He’s charging the shock collar in anticipation.

When we ate lunch yesterday, Lion was looking at his shirt and hurriedly brushing something off it. I waited to see if he would confess to getting food on it. He did not. He waited till I asked. Silly boy. He should know by now that I notice things like that.

This morning, he reminded me that today is punishment day. He asked if I would be doing the multiple day spanking fiesta. It’s funny that he would call it a fiesta. Last week at work we had at least four Mondays in a row again and I said we needed a piñata filled with mini airplane bottles of booze. We could take our frustrations out on the piñata and have booze to numb our pain. I told Lion he’s my piñata. I suppose the fiesta reference would have been even better if it was chips and salsa that got him in trouble. Oh well.

This will be the first time I try a multiple day punishment on him. How many days should it be? How many swats each day? Which paddle? How hard? To be determined. It will be more than two days and probably more than 150 swats each day. I’m sure I’ll find just the right paddle at the time. And if I’m trying to prove a point, I think they need to be fairly hard swats. I don’t think I’ll try to bruise him but by day three, who knows what his buns will look and feel like? (I bet he’s trying to get hard as he reads this.)

[Lion — No I am not! I imagined that each day of a multi-day punishment, the number of swats per group would increase in the total number of swats for that spanking would also get larger. I need to learn to keep my mouth shut.]

I waxed the front half of Lion yesterday. Parts of him were very furry. All in all, though, it went surprisingly quickly. There were only a few spots where the hair hung on for dear life. Eventually I won. I left some bruising on his upper thighs. It’s difficult to stretch the skin there and pull. Today I’ll hit a few places I missed and I’ll wax the moon side.

We also played our football game. I don’t know how many penalties there were but I started out on a fairly high setting. In his post the other day, he said he thought I’d been taking it easy on him. Challenge accepted! He also said he thought I wasn’t swatting as hard as I should be. I decided I could fix that, but after the first score I found myself wondering if he should get whomped so hard right out of the gate. When it’s play, I start out slow with my hands and then progress to harder swats with paddles. Punishment starts out with rapid fire easy swats and progresses to harder swats, all with a paddle. Why would the football swats be hard with a paddle? It’s not a punishment. I kept going because he wasn’t complaining.

I’m still not sure it’s the right tactic. If it’s play it should start out slow. But we don’t know how many points will be scored ahead of time. What if the final score is 3-0? Six swats is all he’ll get. There’s no time to warm up. And if there’s a lot of time between scores, his butt will cool back down. Since he didn’t say anything when I started off with hard swats, I guess all is well in the Lion world. Who am I to argue?

I was able to edge him last night too. It was a very eventful day for someone who hasn’t had much sexual excitement in a while. He was plucked, whomped and edged. What more could a Lion as for?

I unlocked Lion last night for some fun. He got hard almost immediately. He seemed ready for fun. Until he wasn’t. I thought maybe it was because I hadn’t started out with any clothespins or spanking. I’m not sure that was it. He said he just didn’t think he could get any more excited. Fair enough. I told him I’d snuggle with him and keep fondling my weenie. He thought that was a nice idea until he started coughing again and needed to sit up.

I planned on locking him back up before bed. I forgot to tell him to remind me and I only remembered in the middle of the night. When he reminded me in the morning that he was still wild, I told him about my nighttime realization. He wondered why I hadn’t awakened him up to put the cock ring back then. I suppose I could have, but that seemed silly to me. He probably wouldn’t have been able to go back to sleep and then I would have been awake.

No thank you.

Besides, I’d have to unlock him again today when I wax him. I plan to do one chunk of Lion today and another chunk on another day, rinse and repeat, until he’s hair-free where we want him hair-free. It may seem ridiculous to parse it out like that but being bent over, applying wax and then yanking said wax off is murder on my back and legs. I’ve found that smaller sessions work best. Since no one sees a naked Lion but me, and the occasional pictures he posts here, it’s not a problem if he’s half furry and half bald. He’ll be a walking before and after picture for a day or so.

We also have a football game to watch. Lion is charging the shock collar and I’ll bring out the larger tenderizer paddle. It just occurred to me that I’ll have to come up with a super version of our football game for the Super Bowl. I could test out some concepts during the playoffs to get ready for the big game. It’s sad that football season is almost over. But that just means I have to find different ways to play Zap the Lion.

tenderizer paddle
My scorekeeper. Lion got to meet it over 100 times during the game.

Lion’s buns were unhappy with him last night. He suggested two swats for each point scored in the football game. He had over 100 swats. It’s true that they were in bursts of six or fourteen and they weren’t really that close together, but it’s still over 100 swats with no warm up. And that’s in addition to the zaps that launched Lion off the bed despite the fact that I kept turning the “volume” down. The best part about the whole thing is that the Giants actually won. I know! I’m shocked too.

I did something different yesterday. I forgot to have Lion pick from the Box O’Fun on Sunday night so I took four pieces of paper and wrote things on them like butt plug, clothespins, etc. along with the numbers one through four. When Lion sent me an email, I told him to pick a number between one and four without telling him why. He obediently chose number three. Lucky Lion picked a play spanking. Since we were doing the football swats last night and I’m off to a work function tonight, he’ll have to wait until Wednesday for his play spanking anyway but it’s the thought that counts. It also gives Lion something nice to look forward to.

I’m very proud of Lion for just picking a number without asking why he was picking. It’s not like I spring things on him, but he does like to know what’s going on. It’s impressive that he would go with the flow. Good job, my pet!