Almost As Effective For Me

Mrs. Lion’s enthusiastic NFL swats did the trick. Later Sunday night, she managed to edge me within an inch  of my life. Whew! As shown in  yesterday’s post, she really marked my butt. The new, heavier tenderizer is a mean paddle.

I’m starting to think that paddling is paddling. Mrs. Lion went full force for our game and while it hurt a lot, it flipped that inner switch. Perhaps the difference between play spanking and punishment is duration, not force. I know that seems odd, but apparently I do better when paddling has only one meaning to me. It’s always painful and marks me. Just some are much longer than others. What do you think Mrs. Lion?

Jai9l B9rd vs locking cock ring
My locking cock ring and Jail Bird. Obviously, the Jail Bird prevents my penis from growing. But is it really that different from the locking cock ring?
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It’s interesting that I got a comment yesterday on a subject that I’ve been thinking about a lot. Slave Robert wrote:

“I think you should abandon the locking device and revert to the Jailbird. I am proud to wear my Queen’s Keep for my Queen and, for me, the idea of wearing a locking device would feel decidedly ‘fake’.”

I had the same thought. Is a locking cock ring that makes my penis accessible even a little like wearing a chastity device? Obviously, the Jail Bird makes it close to impossible for me to play with my penis. The locking cock ring poses no challenge at all. That makes the answer seem obvious.

If all I think about is having the ability to play with my penis, obviously I need the Jail Bird for security.  But it’s not that simple. I’ve been trained not to play with my penis. Even when wild, I didn’t masturbate. I don’t need a chastity device to assure that my only source of sexual pleasure is Mrs. Lion.

I discovered that I do need something. When wild, I missed feeling a device attached to me that I can’t remove. I ordered the locking cock ring to provide a non-removable device that feels like my Jail Bird. Well then, why not the Jail Bird itself? It’s effective and I’ve worn it for years.

I was getting tired of dealing with the difficulty aligning my penis for peeing and the little pinches it gives me during the day. I wanted to see if there might be another option. So, I ordered the cock ring.

In my case, I’m trained not to touch my penis for fun. As a result, the cock ring is just as effective as the Jail Bird. I’m too well trained to cheat. The cage isn’t really necessary. I agree that the cage is cool. It definitely feels more like bondage. But the locking cock ring attaches the same way as the Jail Bird. It’s there and I can’t remove it. So, for me at least, it’s a fair substitute.


  1. First time commenter, but i have been reading it for a few posts.

    My opinion on chastity and cages is, that you don’t really need a cage if you want to truly play with chastity and orgasm denial. In the end you can always cheat if you really want to. Every device can be broken. So it’s just a mind-thing or maybe a fetish-thing.
    The point is, if you truly play the game of chastity and orgasm denial with the goal, that your dominant partner is the one who decides when and how you orgasm, then there is no real need to rely on a cage. As you yourself mentioned it, you are well trained to only orgasm no matter how horny you are.
    Otherwise it’s just an addendum because you are to weak willed to hold your hands off of your penis because you don’t truly want to play the game or need the fetish-element.

    1. Author

      A lot of guys (me included) like how it feels to be locked up.

  2. For a while, since I have a viable PA piercing, I was considering getting a simple (purpose-made for piercings) padlock that I could wear and for which my wife would have the key. I’m pretty sure that would be small enough that I’d have no need to remove it even for airport security (just as I never have any issues with a captive segment ring, even though – at 00-gauge or 3/8″ – it’s a pretty chunky piece of metal).

    However, I ended up with the same feeling that I enjoy being locked in a true chastity device, not just a reminder.

    1. Author

      When I think back, I realized that I never Needed to be locked up in order to submit to orgasm control. Like you, I want to feel locked up. The locking cock ring seems to be doing the trick for now, at least.

  3. My keyholder enjoys seeing it on me and I love feeling it me through the day. We have never worn wedding rings but a year and a half caged has helped us both be closer. She even orders the special made mens panties that hold the cage quite comfortably.

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