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Lion's spanked buttt
We played our NFL spanking game yesterday. Mrs. Lion read this post, which I wrote before the game. As you can see, she took my spanking comment to heart. Ouch!
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 It”s the day before Christmas. We are enjoying our time together. I’m still recovering from my cold. Mrs. Lion is on the mend too. The locking cock ring came off on Saturday night for some teasing. It felt nice to be wild. Mrs. Lion let me stay wild all night.

Yesterday, she began waxing me. As you may have read, she’s reduced the territory that gets de-furred. I’m fine with that. She did my front side. The back will follow later today or tomorrow.

I’m not completely back sexually. I couldn’t get to the edge on Saturday. I know that I’m not broken. It seems to be a new pattern. I’m sure that I will ejaculate when Mrs. Lion wants.

The locking cock ring from Mature Metal is interesting to wear. It feels exactly the same as the Jail Bird chastity device. Of course, if I reach down or go to pee, the absence of a cage is obvious. Otherwise, the sensation is identical. This may have possibilities going forward. The Jailbird is now front and center on my dresser. Mrs. Lion has two options when she relocks me. It adds an element of surprise.

The locking cock ring has a double base ring. The Jailbird has a single ring. The double ring feels much more stable. The Jail Bird tends to rotate left or right. The locking cock ring keeps the security screw exactly where Mrs. Lion put it. I think that if I were going to buy the Jail Bird again, I would order it with a double base ring.

I have no idea if Mrs. Lion will choose to alternate between the cock ring and chastity device. It’s an interesting option.

My sag in libido may be due to the lack of BDSM or disciplinary activity. Mrs. Lion has proven that there is a direct connection between her weenie and painful play. She’s been taking it easy on me lately. I’m glad. I’ve been sick and in no mood for more discomfort.

That may be wrong. Maybe I really need more. When we play our NFL game, perhaps the shocks need to be stronger and the spanks harder. I know I’ll yelp and possibly complain, but her weenie is the sure indicator of what I really need.

Discipline has also been suspended. Again, I’m grateful, but maybe it is misplaced kindness. Mrs. Lion has often said she plays because it is something I want. So, she reasons, if I’m not interested, she shouldn’t do it. Maybe it’s less what I want and more what I need. Whether or not I want it may be much less relevant that we both thought.

We played our NFL football spanking game yesterday. She uses the heavy tenderizer. As the image shows, she didn’t hold back. The score was 28 to 27 (the Giants lost). That meant I got 110 hard swats (2 per point), plus two more with the rough side of the tenderizer for an interception. The little red spots are from the points on the paddle. I also got well over a dozen zaps from the shock collar. I get one for each penalty,

I asked for it. Happy Christmas Eve!


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      Thank you! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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