Not Faking It

There’s a famous scene in “When Harry Met Sally” in which Sally fakes an orgasm in the middle of a restaurant. It all stems from a conversation about women faking orgasms and men not knowing. I don’t pretend to be the worldwide authority on orgasms and whether or not all women have faked them at one time or another. I’m not a fan of faking them. If the world didn’t move then it didn’t move. I do believe sex can feel really good without actually having an orgasm. I’m not talking about intentionally keeping someone from having an orgasm, as in edging. I mean sometimes it just doesn’t happen.

I haven’t been interested in sex for a long time. I haven’t figured out why. I know the mechanics of it still work. I can have orgasms. I just don’t get turned on enough to pursue them. There have been times that I’ve given Lion “real” sex so he can come inside me but I don’t have an orgasm. Should I fake it when I ride him? Would that make him feel better? Would he know I faked it? I guess he’d suspect now that I’ve wondered about it.

For the record, I love having Lion inside me. I don’t care if I have an orgasm or not. I should do it for him more often, whether I’m planning on giving him an orgasm or not. I’ve never tried to edge him vaginally but I assume it can be done. It just takes practice. Sounds like a plan to me!

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