If You Don’t Have Selfies, Were You Really There?

Do sex bloggers have more sex? Do we at least think about sex more than other people? Does the act of articulating our deep involvement with genitalia add significance to what we do, at least in our own minds? Think about it. When Mrs. Lion sucks my cock am I thinking how good it feels or am I composing tomorrow’s post in my head?

This isn’t a problem unique to writers. There’s an entire generation who don’t believe something’s happened until they record it with a selfie, Facebook comment or tweet. A few years ago I was in Pisa, Italy attending a conference. My hotel was very close to the Leaning Tower. I made a point of people watching each afternoon.

Almost no one photographed the famous tower. They took pictures of each other with the tower. Europeans and Americans pretended to be holding the tower up in their pictures. Orientals showed themselves pushing it over. I’m not stereotyping. Over several days I couldn’t find a single exception. It must be something cultural. But what?

More importantly, it was further evidence that people can’t accept experiencing something unless they have it in a picture they’ve published to their friends. No wonder virtual reality is so exciting to them. It’s their first three-dimensional experience.

I’m not in that generation, but I’m not a whole lot better. Based on my digital photo collection and what I’ve published here in the blog, it looks like I don’t believe my penis exists unless it is memorialized in an image. I haven’t reached the point that I need to whip out my iPhone and show Mrs. Lion a dick pic before I believe we are going to have sex. That day may be coming.

I read that Tumblr is eliminating all explicit sexual images. This has hit the online community like an earthquake. Where are the non-bloggers going to publish their dick pics? Can a millennial male have a sex life without a URL pointing to his penis? Egads! The human race may be in danger of dying out!

As a male whose penis appears in many published posts, I understand the appeal of displaying it. There is a naughty sense of exhibitionism when revealing your junk. I’m pretty sure the opposite sex isn’t generally interested in random cock shots. The only ones I like are mine. I can fantasize that some of our female readers also enjoy seeing my average manhood.

Please note that I show great restraint by not publishing yet another view of my penis with this post. After all, it is a natural location for such a display.

The Web with easy, free access to the ability to create and publish content has created this monster. Of course, digital photography that doesn’t require taking film to the drugstore for processing is a key part of this too. Add in smartphones with their excellent cameras and free, unlimited storage of pictures they take and you have a perfect storm of a photographic nightmare. The cherry on top of this horror is the selfie. Phones have lenses on the screen side too so that you can conveniently take pictures of yourself.

If you go on vacation and you lose your phone, does it mean you never took the trip? If I have an orgasm and don’t publish it here, did I really have sex? You can breathe a sigh of relief. Every juicy orgasm since February 2014 has appeared in the blog. That means they really happened. Whew!


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