Don’t Show Me That!

naked lion outdoors
This is the only socially accepted view of a naked male body. Unlike the frontal view further into the post, this picture can appear almost anywhere without drawing negative comments, other than not liking my body.

There is a very clear double standard when it comes to nudity in the media, movies, television, and even services like Facebook and Twitter. Even digital or cable programming displays the same bias. I’m talking about the fact that all these media will show full frontal female bodies. They also show rear ends of both men and women. Still off-limits are frontal views of males.

I’m not complaining that there is a more liberal view toward showing pussies. It does seem odd that penises, even flaccid penises are off-limits. I don’t get it. This is a clear double standard. I could see avoiding erections because an erection represents sex. A flaccid penis is no more pornography than an external view of a vagina.

Since this blog is about enforced male chastity, specifically our experience with it, the only sex organs we’ve shown so far are male; almost always mine. These are pictures that usually accompany posts that I write, though Mrs. Lion’s posts frequently show my penis as well. Most of the views show me flaccid or locked in a chastity device.

I don’t consider this pornography. You might argue that the pictures including my erection border on being X-rated. They still don’t show sexual activity, just an alternate state of my penis.

Is there something threatening about the penis that makes it objectionable to reveal? I suspect that the bias against showing male reproductive organs is a throwback to the double standard of male sexual dominance. I don’t think it has anything to do with the fact that the penis is more sexually provocative than a vagina. I don’t get turned on seeing pictures of naked men, even close-ups of their penises. I definitely enjoy seeing naked women including close-ups of their sexual organ.

I imagine this is true of almost all heterosexual males. I’m pretty sure that modern women enjoy seeing a penis if the context is something they welcome. I know that few women enjoy random cock shots, but they are neutral or positive to penis pictures associated with something they are reading. For example, a picture of my penis in this post may not turn on our female readers, but it won’t shock them or feel unwelcome. This blog is mostly about my penis in one way or another.

It seems unfair that there is a visual bias against naked male frontal views. I can’t believe that many women consider penises threatening. They might have been in earlier, less liberal times. I hope that members of both sexes don’t find male genitals disgusting. That would be an antiquated perspective. It’s unlikely that anyone reading this would feel this way.

lion naked on his deck
Okay, so it isnt a work of art. But my flaccid penis is no more offensive than a similar shot of a naked female. Mrs. Lion prefers to see my erection.You can see her favorite view further down the post.

Still there is an obvious bias against male genitalia in the media. It even overflows into the social media. I’ll follow a bunch of people on twitter. Some show naked pictures, like people into nudism. At least 80% of the nude pictures that cross the feeds I monitor are of women. Of the 20% male images, at least 75% of them are rear views. Less than half the female nudes, way less than half are taken from the rear.

Apparently, since we all have them, naked butts are much more socially acceptable. R-rated movies can show extensive rear nudity, and show very brief frontal female nudity, but no penises.

I’m not on a crusade for penis equality in the media. Well, maybe I am. From my perspective, I am much happier seeing naked women than naked men. On the other hand, it does affect me that my reproductive organ is a social outcast and must remain hidden from view.

I don’t think it’s a matter of aesthetics. It could be partly due to the fact that the majority of the people who produce pictures, TV shows, and movies that we watch our men; heterosexual men. They would be much more inclined to show naked women of course. Nowadays, there are a lot of female content providers and they also tend to show female nudity.

I think that even I’m affected by this bias. I feel a little reluctance each time I publish a penis picture, even mine. I don’t feel any hesitation when on publishing a female image.

lion's erect penis
Here I am in all my glory. I’m lying on my back with a full erection. Mrs. Lion is particularly fond of this view. I can’t see why this is more offensive than a similar picture of a naked female.
(Click to view larger)

Perhaps, sex bloggers like us could make a point of showing male genitalia. We could begin a little movement to desensitize people about any negative bias they have when they see a penis. I’m not suggesting we publish gratuitous close-ups of naked cock, anymore than I think it is in good taste to publish gratuitous pussy pictures. Showing full frontal naked male pictures, flaccid or erect would be reasonable in many contexts.

It doesn’t matter whether or not I particularly like seeing penises, I think it’s important that we males feel good about revealing our junk. I know that Mrs. Lion likes to see my weenie as she calls it. She also said that she prefers seeing erect penises to flaccid ones. Okay, Mrs. Lion picture to the left is for you. For the record, it’s me.

We haven’t had energy to do anything sexual. I’m feeling the pressure more and more every day.  Wanting to come and having the energy to actually do it is my current situation. As of yesterday it’s been 10 days. I realize that’s not much to most guys who are into enforced male chastity. Go tell my penis! He is ready now.

We are still sleeping in our camper. Maybe we will get the bedroom unpacked enough to stay there tonight. It’s a good thing that camper is very large and well appointed. It feels like a hotel suite. Nevertheless, we can’t make full use of the bathroom because wastewater and sewage go into storage tanks under the camper. If we attempt to shower or use the toilet too much, we will have to take the trailer to a dump station to empty the tanks. That would be a bit much. I suspect we will have to do it regardless.