As Lion said, we lost a parrot sometime in the night. She was the quieter noisemaker. She loved her sound effects. Doorbells, ringing phones, game show sounds, she loved them all. She could talk. She just chose sounds over speaking although she always asked the dog if she wanted to go out (in my voice) and she greeted me with “hi cutie” in Lion’s voice. It will definitely be a much quieter house with her gone. The other parrot talks less and makes less general noise but when he squawks you can hear him down the driveway.

I guess the parrot’s death is just icing on the cake given how horrible we’ve been feeling. I know it’s coincidence but it seems like things like this always happen at the end of the year. We did get sick a little early this year. For the past few years we got sick at Christmas or at New Year’s. We’re coming up on the fifteenth anniversary of my father’s death in a few days. No wonder I talk about hibernating every year.

I’m sorry we’ve been such downers lately. I’m sure it’s less fun to read about our problems than it is to live through them. Things will pick up soon. We have to feel better at some point. Sex will resume shortly after that.


  1. Excuse my language but in my area of England the usual saying when having a bad run is ‘shit happens’. It happens to us all at some point. You will come out stronger and keen to make up for lost time. My own personal ‘shit’ pales into insignificance compared to the troubles of the world.

  2. I, personally, enjoy your “normal / whiny” posts, because it tells the rest of us, that not every day is gonna include something sexual (even as simple as cuddling) and it helps us get to know y’all a bit better! I’m sorry about your bird, it sounds like she was good at brightening your day.

    1. Thanks for your good wishes.

  3. Ebbs and flows… life, sex, health, etc. Sorry about your pet. But things will get better soon. All the best!

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