Show And Tell

Wednesday night was a bit of a surprise for me. Mrs. Lion came over and we had our usual snuggle. She rubbed my tummy and then gradually moved her hand until she was stimulating my cock and balls. Of course, I responded quickly. She began masturbating me. When I was fully erect, she moved. I expected her to sit at my side ready to tease me. Boy, was I surprised.

Instead, she got up from the bed walked over to where we keep the Magic Wand vibrator. She returned to my side and took her usual position across from my penis. Deliberately, she turned on the vibrator and applied it to me. She put one hand under my penis in the vibrator pressing the other side; the sensitive one.

She brought me very close to orgasm a couple of times. The third time, I was ready to explode. The vibrator came off. Then to my surprise, she immediately returned it to my penis and vibrated me through a very nice orgasm. It had been eight days since my last ejaculation and this one felt amazingly good.

The vibrator is a reliable way to arouse me. I won’t say is my favorite, but it does work. After I calmed down, I asked Mrs. Lion if she intended to give me an orgasm. She said that she thought she had given me a ruined orgasm, and wanted to make it a full one. I told her that I was very close but I did not go over the edge. Still, it was very nice.

Now I am in my refractory period. That’s not entirely accurate. I woke up this morning with a nice erection and my interest in sex is actually pretty high. Unlike what others report, I don’t feel “down”. Quite the contrary, I’m bouncy and in a very good mood.

Blog stuff
I go through regular periods of worry about the images I put with my posts. The first image in any post shows up on Twitter with the beginning of the text each time one publishes. I don’t want to violate any obscenity policy there. However, so far it appears that my choices meet their standards.

Today, for example, I wanted to put the picture of me being stimulated by the Magic Wand. (Click here to see the image). I just don’t know whether something this explicit would be appropriate. Even though this is a sex blog, I don’t want to offend our readers. On the other hand, I like to share more than just words.

Is sharing a link to an explicit image better than just posting it? I know that many people don’t like clicking on links. They prefer text and pictures to remain together. You can see why I’m torn. Personally, I like including images with the post. The Twitter reposting makes me worry about being too sexual. Truthfully, nobody’s ever objected to pictures of my penis or butt. We are all grown-ups. Presumably, you’ve seen lots of penises — both flaccid and erect — and naked bottoms before. I would hate to think that I shock you.

The underlying philosophy of our blog is to provide accurate, factual information about our lives and how they incorporate enforced male chastity and a Female Led Relationship With Discipline. Both Mrs. Lion and I stick to the facts and show you everything, both good and bad, in our journey.

I think that’s true of pictures as well. Not every image we publish is of me. Some are stock images that better illustrate the point of the post. By this time, I’m sure you can recognize my naughty bits without me telling you who modeled for a particular picture. If you’d like to contribute your opinion on our use of Lion naked pictures, please add a comment to this post.

I’ve gone through phases in regards to this. In the beginning, I needed to show penis pictures in relation to wearing a chastity device. I wanted to soften the blow, if you can call it that, of my genitals right in front of you, by converting the images to black and white. After a while, I decided that was silly. So, I went to color when I could. I also decided that I should only show you my flaccid penis. I don’t know, I guess I figured it was more clinical.

Over time, I decided that if I’m writing about erections and ejaculation, shouldn’t I feel free to publish images of me having them. They are always in context with what I’m writing (or what Mrs. Lion is writing), so I don’t consider them gratuitous porn. Actually, I don’t think I’ve posted an ejaculation image. To keep from being a liar, here’s one taken a long time ago of Mrs. Lion jerking me off. I had a penis piercing then. Part of me enjoys exposing myself to you. For a while, I worried that my pleasure at exposing myself meant that the images I publish are for my sexual pleasure rather than expanding our sharing.

Our blog gets less comment traffic than many others. So, feedback is almost nonexistent. Of course, that’s just the nature of our relationship with many of our readers. I don’t think it has any meaning beyond that. Possibly, what we post is more for reading than starting a conversation. in the case of the images we publish, I would like a conversation. I like some idea about how you react to what I show. Here is a gallery of my cock and ball images, most published with posts.

By the way, you can communicate with us privately. Click on the “Contact Us” link at the top of the page and you can send us a private message. I don’t always respond by email to general questions about chastity devices and fitting them. I do reply about other more personal subjects. Please feel free to use this to start a conversation. I look forward to learning how you feel about my “show and tell”.


  1. I might just use hubby like that today!

  2. Dear Lion, I love to read about your adventures and to see pictures illustrating them. That includes your penis, whether flaccid, erect, caged, free, ejaculating, etc.

    1. Author

      Thank you! It feels good to know you like the images. I do worry about offending. Click here for a little gallery of my cock and ball shots from the blog.

    1. Author

      Thanks. I agree. Just concerned that it looks like a dick pic show.

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