Confessions Of A Naked Sex Blogger

It’s true. I write completely naked. I’m always naked at home. I don’t know if anyone else also writes bare assed. I like to think that the air circulating around my junks adds a certain flavor to my prose.

I’m told that the new “big thing” is to blog on tumblr. I have found a blog or two there, but at least to me, the medium is more for photo sharing. Blogging websites offer a more disciplined forum for discussion. Maybe I’m just getting old. I shake my head at millennials who ride elevators, walk down the street, and eat while deeply buried in their phones.

it appears that their reality is the two-dimensional, small-screen world the phone reveals. Apparently, life isn’t experienced until it is photographed and tweeted or facebooked. I wonder how this phone-cenric reality plays out sexually. Are orgasms only truly experienced after tweeting about having sex? Maybe the smart phone will turn out to be the first truly effective form of birth control.

It’s ironic that when Mosaic, the first web browser was released, people wondered where all the content would come from. Pundits posited that there would be nothing to read. No one guessed that so many people want to tell their own stories. Even more surprising, lots of people actually want to read what they write.

Our marriage is profoundly affected by the Web. Our blog has become a central form of relationship communication for us. The fact that it is public with many people contributing thoughts doesn’t make it less intimate for me at least. And intimate it is!

naked at my desk
Sometimes when it’s a bit chilly, I’m allowed to wear a t-shirt. Click to enlarge.

Every blog develops its own voice. Some are a mix of fantasy and fact. Others try to sell books and services. Some, like ours, are living journals of our sex lives. Every single orgasm either of us has had in the last five years is recorded here. Think of it; every single sexual activity we have experienced is open and available for you to read about and comment on.

Mrs. Lion and I are private people. We don’t socialize a great deal. We never discuss our kinks and other activities with others. Nevertheless, we faithfully report it all to you in this blog. Maybe we’re in our own millennial world. Have I really ejaculated if I haven’t written about it here? What I fail to mention, Mrs. Lion reports in detail.

We’ve never exaggerated or fabricated activities. We have never left anything out. It’s all here; the good, bad, and my dick pics. We’ve written over a million words about our intimate lives. That must be some kind of record.

Even at times when nothing hot or different is happening, we submit our daily reports. There are times I really don’t want to write. Occasionally, I will skip a day. But I always come back; so does my lioness. We’re addicted to reporting. So far, it’s proven to be healthy for us and our readers. I learn from what Mrs. Lion writes. I profit from comments you leave. Clearly, we find value in continuing the story. I hope you do too. And yes, I remain stark naked.


  1. For a peculiar reason(?) I am unable to like your posts anymore. I try but have no success. Rest assured I am still reading every post as I try and get around this strange blockage. Oh and while notvalways naked at home, I am sometimes naked when I blog! It really depends on when I have the chance to blog and when the ideas hit me!!

    1. Author

      I’m sorry that you aren’t enjoying my posts. I encourage you to use Contact Us to tell me what I can do to improve.

      1. I think he meant like as in the like button – I have had the same issue

        1. Author

          Thanks Drew. I’ll try to figure out why. When I just tested it, two likes worked and so did mine. Maybe you need to log in to WordPress. I hate stuff like this messing up the site. I just “liked” my own post LOL.

          1. Author

            [Preen] Who me?

  2. To Caged Lion: Seattle is not very warm at the best of times. So I wonder how you manage to survive naked in your love nest, unless you have central heating on most of the time (which I imagine is expensive). Me, I am always fully clothed, except when playing in my Queen’s dungeon, but she always keeps the heater on so I don’t shiver too much! slave-robert

    1. Author

      We’re famous for our cool (not cold) weather. We have central heat/air conditioning. It’s easy to keep the house at 74 deg F. People from here typically run AC in the daytime and heat at night during the “summer”. A typical summer day here is 75-80 deg F daytime and 55 deg F at night. Winters are steady at 40-50 deg F. When I get a little cold at home, I’m allowed to wear a t-shirt. It’s a bit chilly this morning so I’m in a t-shirt. (NSFW image)

  3. what a great blog. I had not seen this until Drew’s post yesterday calling you out but I can see why he did. Congrats to you on keeping this up.

    1. Author

      Thank you so much for your kind comment. Welcome to our little (kinky) world!

  4. I thing you guys are great. I’ve been following and trying to get a 24/7 whear but the nights have been difficult to get threw.
    I went to mature metal and am on cage #2. fitment is not as the fantasy’s suggest.
    I’m still pulgging along though and glad to see you two are also

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