CPR for a Weenie

When we finally snuggled last night, Lion said he might need a little help getting hard. I asked if he had a preference of helpers. He did not. I did.

I always tease him about mouth to cock resuscitation. I love to bring my weenie back to life with my mouth. He starts off soft and small, and grows hard and tall. It didn’t take long. It would have taken a lot longer with just my hand. And I’m not sure he would have made it at all.

This way, with some creative tongue work, he was excited and well on his way to an orgasm. Or he would have been if I hadn’t stopped short. Again and again. And again. Lion was frustrated when I stopped. I don’t think he’s all that horny or he wouldn’t have needed the help, but I left him horny.

I think I’ll keep him that way for a while. At least for the next few days. He might get an orgasm sometime over the weekend. I guess it all depends on him. From a horniness point of view and a behavior point of view. If he annoys me, I might add a few days on to his wait. Of course, I’ll still spank him if he misbehaves. I’ll just add on a day or two to his wait. So let’s assume he’ll have an orgasm Sunday night and go from there.

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