Away We Go

There was no joy in Lionville, mighty Lioness has struck out. Lion wasn’t feeling very frisky last night. I think he was too itchy. I told him I was good with just snuggling. He said there was no “just” snuggling. Snuggling is wonderful all by itself. I agree.

We had a sort of a do-nothing day yesterday. I did laundry and Lion cooked dinner, but other than that we just lazed around watching TV. I’m realizing today that we should have done something to get the camper ready for our trip that’s fast approaching. We don’t really have too much to do actually. We tend to eat out most of the time so it’s just breakfast things and clothes that need to go out. Tonight we’ll take some stuff out and strip the bed so I can wash the sheets. Clothes will wait till Wednesday night probably. We just need to get organized.

This will be our third and final trip of the year. Next year I hope we can do a few more trips. Maybe we can find a new place or two. I like the places we go but I also like finding new places to explore.

We don’t tend to spend a lot of time outdoors on our trips. This time we’ll walk down the path to the beach but it will only be in the 60s. Too cold for swimming. It’s really only the dog who goes swimming anyway. She likes rolling in the sand and doesn’t understand that the wave that went out will eventually come back in and douse her.

Our time in the camper won’t be wasted. I’ll make sure Lion is in diapers or we’re playing part of the time. I don’t think I’ll bring the Box O’Fun but there are enough toys in the bag of tricks to keep him occupied. And we’ll have two punishment days while we’re gone. We might not have the punishment stool with us but I still have a rough spot for him to sit on a dining chair. Lion can’t hide even when he’s on vacation.