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Yesterday, I had my first waxing session with Mrs. Lion. This was the first time she used wax and the first time I was ever waxed. It was an amazing success! It took her a few minutes to zero in on technique, As you can see (NSFW image), she got all the hair. We’re both very happy with the results and the process for getting them. There was no blood and the pain was minimal. Now we’ll have to see how often we have to repeat the process. We’ll be more prepared next time. We’ve ordered a massage table and stool to make things easier on Mrs. Lion’s back.

For the time being, Mrs. Lion is leaving me wild. I’ve had considerable difficulty peeing. I’ve had the same issues in the past and I know how to live with them, but at this point I would prefer to be wild. It also gives us a chance to see if the cage affects how long I have to wait for an orgasm. As of Today, it’s been a week. Now that I am wild, I wonder if I’ll get more frequent orgasms.

I don’t think that more frequent ejaculations are a problem for me. Of course I like them. That’s not the point. The fact that my only opportunities to ejaculate are provided by Mrs. Lion is the only thing that’s relevant.  We both know that very well.

I’m not exactly sure why, but I’m having more nocturnal erections lately. At least, I’m aware of more. For all I know,I’ve been having them all along. With the cage on, they were still powerful. I could feel my penis straining against the cage. Saturday night, my first opportunity to sleep while wild, the erections felt amazing. I suspect they are an effect of the boner pills I’ve been taking. The effects of the drug are supposed to wear off about five hours after taking it. These very late night erections are at least ten hours after taking the pills.

Yesterday, while Mrs. Lion was waxing me, her very nonsexual touch got me hard. The erection lasted through most of her activities on my cock and balls; another nice surprise. This can also be one of those periods when I am hornier than usual. I do have my arousal cycles. Whatever it is, I like it and I hope it lasts. Meanwhile, Mrs. Lion will be conducting her experiments. So far, they’re fun.


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  1. Very impressive result. If I lived closer I’d book a session with Mrs Lion!

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