lion's penis in shorter cages
Left, is my original Jail Bird. After about a year, I had it shortened from 1-3/4 in to 1-1/4 in. A couple of years after that, I had it shortened to just 1 in. Note that my penis fits comfortably in the one-inch cage.
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Physics plays a big part in chastity device comfort. The penis is filled with special, spongy tissue. When the penis is sexually aroused, this tissue fills with blood and creates an erection. Blood, like water is incompressible. That’s what makes the penis hard.

The energy pushing the blood into that tissue comes from the heart. If you have low blood pressure, erections can be difficult and not as hard as you might want. High blood pressure, on the other hand, can make you bigger and harder. I’m not suggesting high blood pressure is worth having to support nicer erections. Oh no, health risks far outweigh the ego boost a super cock might give you.

When it comes to a chastity device, the hard cage (or tube) prevents blood from filling the spongy tissue and prevents an erection. That’s the theory. There’s another factor. The more room the penis has to grow inside the cage, the more force the budding erection will exert against its prison. That’s why many guys experience the base ring moving up their cocks when they try to get hard.

it’s all a matter of physics. The more blood that can get into your penis before it encounters the cage, the more force it can apply to the device. Think of it this way, if the device is very short the penis can grow only a tiny bit, and not enough blood gets into it exert enough pressure to force the base ring to climb the penis. Theoretically, and from my experience, I learned that the shorter the chastity device the less pressure the inflating penis puts onto the device and its base ring.

The penis is an amazing structure. Not only can it expand in size and get hard enough to penetrate the tightest orifice, when flaccid it can compress to a tiny nub. Anyone who has gone swimming in cold water is aware how tiny his penis can get.

It’s this property of the penis that makes it possible to wear a chastity device that seems impossibly short. When the penis expands as an erection forms, most of the expansion is to the length. The diameter of the cock grows a bit but nothing like the length. That’s why it’s important to get a chastity device that fits properly across the diameter of the penis. I found that if you measure the diameter of your soft penis and subtract one quarter of an inch, you will have a good size for the diameter of the cage.

A lot of guys try to solve “cage creep” by decreasing the diameter of the base ring. They reason that a smaller ring will grip harder. It will, but it is virtually guaranteed to cause pain and irritation.  Once you find a base ring size that won’t let your balls escape and is just tight enough so that you can get a finger between it and your skin, you probably have the right size. It’s a good idea to buy a set of measuring rings (Mature Metal has a nice set at a reasonable price). The ring needs to move a bit as you do. Too tight a ring will chafe you as it tries to flex with your body. Some guys use lube to allow a tight ring to slip. That’s not good long term. It’s much better to have the right fit.

Collared Michael wrote a post in his blog yesterday (read it here) about his hardware. That post reminded me that I meant to write about device sizing. Thanks Michael! He mentioned that he has base ring creep when he attempts an erection. My advice to him and to you is to consider a drastically shorter cage.

I know, it’s expensive to have a custom cage shortened. I did it twice. My original Jail Bird was sized based on my average flaccid length. Over a bunch of measurements, my soft penis measures an average of 2 inches. The longest cage (far left in the image at the top of the page), is 1 3/4 inches long. As you can see in the picture, there are times when tip of my penis did not touch the end of the cage. Other times, it looked like a very good fit.

My problem with this cage was that when the tip of my cock wasn’t pressed against the bars, more often than not when I peed, I would make a mess. Other guys experience base ring creep with the cage that supports so much of the cock.

Mrs. Lion measured the distance between the end of the cage and the tip of my penis when it wasn’t pressing. The average was about 1/4 inch. We decided to shorten the cage from one and three-quarter inches to 1 1/4 inches. The middle picture shows the 1 1/4 inch version.

This cage stayed nicely in contact with the head of my cock almost all the time. There were occasions when even this very short cage appeared to be slightly too long. I wondered what would happen if I further shortened it. Before investing in the cost of shortening my Jail Bird, I went shopping for an off-the-shelf cage of approximately the right size.

lion in chinese chastity device
Short Chinese cage from
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I found a cage about 1 inch long and 1 1/4 inches in diameter on (click here to go to the page for this product) It costs $25 and arrives about three weeks after ordering. It’s a nicely made chastity device. I began wearing it and discovered it was both comfortable and secure. After about two weeks testing this, I sent my Jail Bird back to Mature Metal and had them shorten it to just 1 inch in length. This is the shortest they can make this cage.

When we got it back, I put it on and it fit perfectly. Yes, my cock was compressed. The cage is just long enough for the head of my cock to be contained without squeezing. The photo top, right of this post is me wearing the 1 inch version.

I experienced absolutely no problems in this much-shorter cage. Attempted erections barely had a chance to get going. I still found “grill marks” on the head of my penis after an attempted erection. I think they’re cool. Accurately peeing is much easier in this shortest cage. It’s absolutely invisible under all of my clothing, including just my underwear.

The reason I didn’t just stay with the Chinese cage, is that it isn’t nearly as comfortable as the Jail Bird. The cost of shortening my cage was very reasonable. Mature Metal is very fair about pricing alterations. One thing that they cannot change is the diameter of the cage. Length is easy. Changing the diameter of the base ring is also inexpensive.

I strongly recommend very short cages. Aside from simplifying peeing and making the device more invisible, it also eliminates issues caused by attempted erections. I suggest you invest the 25 bucks and try a radically short cage. It does take a while to get used to, but it doesn’t hurt and ultimately solves some of the inconveniences wearing a chastity device creates.


  1. How much did MM charge to shorten your cage? And how long was the process? Flaccid I’m usually 3.5 inches. My cage is almost always in tough with the end of my penis, but not always… perhaps shortening it a bit might make it better.

    1. Author

      I think it was $100 to shorten. I got it back in about a week. Consider getting the tiny 1 inch cage. You might be surprised.

  2. Plan to do this with my hubby’s little four incher!

    1. Author

      Have fun!

  3. I was lucky that inexpensive chinese version fit perfect and is very comfortable. I have been in it over a year now with no trouble, at under 30 bucks!!

  4. I want to ask if shorter cage doesn’t make any dammmage for the long term? Is it make the penis shorter for long term? Like any other organ that not in use . What are the risk if any?

  5. I tried the DH Gate cage for my boi after reading one of your previous posts extolling the virtues of small cages. We have previously used a variety of CB and Holy Trainer models and we now enjoy a custom Steelwerks piece. The ultra short cage seemed to make sense (and was certainly humiliating) but it gave him a UTI! I make him sit down to pee. It eliminates the possibility of mess and reinforces our power exchange.

    1. Author

      Unless the device has a urethral tube, it is unlikely to cause an infection.

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