Cherry Keeper Update

new custom cherry keeper chastity device
This is a rendering of my custom Cherry Keeper. Notice the sharp taper. Also notice the wide headlock that will keep the head of my penis “locked” inside the cage.

Yesterday was my first day returning to work. Fortunately, I can work from home. My custom Cherry Keeper is due here on Saturday. I’ll be interested to see if the custom design is a better fit than the stock cage. I’ve been wearing the small Cherry Keeper with a medium headlock for about three weeks. It’s comfortable and effective. I’ve noticed one issue that I hope the custom cage will solve: Too much of my penis extends behind the cage.

The headlock feature is a shelf at the bottom of the cage that the head of my penis rests on. Essentially, only the head is inside the cage. It’s designer says that the space behind the cage should be sufficient to completely cover the rest of my penis. I understand the calculations. The total length from my abdomen all the way to the tip of the new cage is about 2 inches. This is the approximate length of my flaccid penis. However, with the stock cage which is only slightly shorter, considerable skin is bulging out behind the cage.

The custom cage is a little longer than the stock short model. The designer’s theory is that the entire head of my penis is not making it in front of the shelf of the stock cage. That may be so. I guess we’ll find out Saturday. My thinking is that the shelf should be inside the cage and about half an inch or so should extend below the shelf to accommodate the skin that is now bulging out.

my penis head
The head of my penis is more cone shaped than the stock cage. The custom cage takes this into account. You can see how the head is larger than the shaft. The headlock takes advantage of this.

As you know, I am an advocate of short cages. My reasoning has been that by compressing the penis inside a 1 inch cage, the head is forced into continuous contact with the top of the cage. Since there is no barrier to the shaft entering the cage, my theory works pretty well. With the headlock (shelf) inside the cage, the shaft of my penis is effectively blocked from entering.

It’s true that the stock small cage is too short for the head of my penis. When Mrs. Lion removes the cage, there are deep grill marks in the head of my cock. I don’t consider that a problem. In fact, my urethra stays nicely centered as long as I’m wearing chastity device. I love that feature.

The new design is considerably narrower than the stock cage. That’s because it’s being made to the dimensions of the head of my penis. The shape is distinctly conical. As you can see in the picture (right) so is the head of my penis. The custom cage is even narrower then the head of my penis. The concept is that a narrow, long taper will best hold the head in position and keep my urethra centered in the cage. Penis head shape varies widely between men. Goes all the way from a flat mushroom shape to a fairly sharp cone like mine.

This is the first time I’ve had to supply measurements for the head of my penis. To get the custom design, I had to supply diameter, length, and circumference of the head, plus diameter of the shaft below it. I also had to measure the top of my penis to get the length. All other cage makers want the distance from the scrotum to the end of the penis on the underside.

The cage designer believes that with more space for the head above the shelf, the rest of my penis will indeed fit between the base ring and the cage. We’ll see. In one sense it doesn’t matter. As long as the shelf that holds the head inside the cage is the correct distance from the tip, my urethra will be pressed against the opening in the cage. In a very real sense, the only reason to be concerned about how well the shaft fits is the aesthetic of seeing that extra skin leaking out.

This is an entirely new idea. Theoretically, if the cage is only containing the head of the penis, the sensitive underside of the shaft just behind the head could be more accessible. I haven’t found that to be the case with the stock Cherry Keeper. However, I suspect that an enterprising male can find a way to stimulate himself if that skin isn’t well protected. I think it might be better if that sensitive area was also inside the protection of the cage.

There’s one other significant difference between the custom cage and the one I’m wearing now: The headlock (shelf) is considerably larger than the one I have now. The new one is barely big enough to contain the shaft of my penis. It should be a bit of project to work the head through the opening left by the headlock. I think that’s great. The more the head is immobilized, the more likely it is to remain centered and make urination easy. The designer also believes that the headlock will make pull out much more difficult.

I’m a little surprised that it’s taken this many years for someone to consider trapping the penis head as an important aspect`of chastity device design. Most of the attention focused on chastity devices has been to build a penis container that is secure and prevents any sexual activity. I have to agree that those are primary requirements. The need to provide a way to maintain sanitation has never been considered very important. The longer I wear a chastity device the more important the ability to urinate with no mess becomes.

I know that some guys have been working on a new, at least to me, way to beat their chastity devices: Instead of trying to pull out or otherwise escape, they manage to make themselves ejaculate while still in the cage. It’s absolutely possible to ejaculate and have an orgasm without an erection. I’m not sure that any device is going to be secure from in-cage masturbation. After all, a strong enough vibrator can penetrate the thickest steel. The Cherry Keeper is certainly vulnerable to in-cage orgasms. I don’t think security is that important. After all, I’m the one who asked to be locked up.

It would surprise me if the first version of the custom cage is perfect for me. I think I’m going to need more cage behind headlock. However, I may be completely wrong. Stay tuned for the next installment.



  1. We have some very powerful vibrators. But I don’t think I’ll ever be able to cum while in the cage. I suppose it’s theoretically possible, but whenever my Queen has used a vibrator on me (while Angus is caged) I feel very little pleasure.

    1. Author

      My experiences like yours. However, quite a few guys say that they experienced orgasms while locked in a chastity device. I absolutely believe them. Some men can experience orgasm and ejaculation simply by playing with her nipples. Bear in mind, that male and female orgasms originate in the brain. Genital stimulation is the usual way things happen, but it isn’t the only way. I don’t think I could ever get off while in the chastity device. I shouldn’t say ever because a consistent, concerted effort over many weeks might yield ejaculation. I’m just not interested.

  2. Hi Mr Lion, I’ve been following you a short time. My wife and I just officially started Memorial Day on a 6 month trial. I’ve started reading your blog from the beginning and have been sharing with her.

    I’m curious about this headlock ring. You say it would be painful to remove to get out of the device, but is it painful when it is removed for fun?

    Would you recommend this new one to someone like me over another brand or style?

    Thank you

    1. Author

      I’ll be publishing a review of the custom version on Sunday. If you do a search on the site for Cherry Keeper you’ll find quite a bit already there.

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