Wax On, Wax Off

We tried waxing yesterday afternoon. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I envisioned wax dripping everywhere. The worst part was sitting on the edge of the bed, bending and twisting to reach the wax and then Lion. That part was as bad as shaving/light zapping/epilating him.

The part I hadn’t thought of was the remnants of wax that hung on for dear life after I yanked the hair out. In all fairness, I forgot to clean his backside and slather him with mineral oil first. That accounts for those little wax bastards on his butt. However, there were still quite a few on his balls and I know I mineral oiled his balls very well.

All in all I guess it went well. There were only two spots with tiny spots of blood. Obviously I need to work on my technique. I didn’t hold the skin as taut as I should have. And I’m not at all sure I pulled the wax off in the correct direction. As far as I can see I only missed one giant hair on his balls. Everywhere else, even his butt crack, that I applied the wax, is clear of hair. If my back wasn’t bugging me I might have tried the strip wax and gotten him as clean as a baby’s butt.

[Lion — To make things easier, we’ve ordered a massage table and a special stool for Mrs. Lion. This should eliminate any back issues for her.]

I used the mineral oil to get those pesky spots of wax off. I’m trying to figure out if Lion’s skin feels softer solely because he’s hairless or if the mineral oil did it. He took a shower afterwards so that should have washed the oil off. I guess if he starts to feel less soft I could rub some mineral oil on him as an experiment.

Normally, when I’ve shaved him or light zapped him, I don’t play with his balls. They’re just too sensitive. Since he said he wasn’t in pain, I decided to use some plastic clothespins. I grabbed four from the bag and saw no reason to grab any more. They are pretty nasty. I got Lion all revved up before I applied them. I can distract him from the pain via a hand job. Similarly, I can distract him from the hand job by tugging on a clothespin.

By the time I was done Lion was very frustrated. Actually, he was frustrated before I started. I just made it worse.