Checking Up on Lion

We had a fairly quiet Sunday. Lion watched another James Bond movie. The only Bond movie I’ve ever liked is Skyfall. I’m not sure why that held my attention. The others all just seemed stupid.

Since Lion had an orgasm Saturday he wasn’t much in the mood Sunday. I manscaped him. There really wasn’t much to do. He got his balls and crack pretty well. He even did one cheek. When I swooped in all I had to do was his tummy and one cheek. Maybe I just need to slather him with hair remover once in a while. We’ll have to see when the hair grows back to determine the best method of hair removal.

I’m thinking, since I’m the play-by-play guy, I won’t have much to write about while I’m on my trip. Given how busy I’ll be, I may not have much time to write so I guess it all works out. We’ll see though. Sometimes things occur to me at strange times. I may encounter some interesting people. One never knows. Airports are excellent people-watching venues.

I’ll still be able to write about Lion’s cage and whether he’s successful in keeping it on. I don’t really doubt he will. However, I do think it will be fun to make him take pictures. There’s a difference between asking him if he’s still caged and having him send me a picture to prove it. I could even FaceTime with him and ask him to show me. I just want to make sure he’s being a good boy.

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